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100 dollars To much for passports

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100 dollars To much for passports

I cant see blowing 400 plus dollars for passports to take one trip to mexico or the carribean thats all my family can afford. I guess hawaii is my vacation spot .

Jackson, Michigan
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1. Re: 100 dollars To much for passports

Actually most hotels in Jamaica are reimburisng guests for the price of the passport. Also everything from airfare to food to souveniors is twice as high in Hawaii than they are Jamaica. If budget constraints are your families problem you may want to consider Florida.

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2. Re: 100 dollars To much for passports

you will need it sooner or later unless you are content with the USA. Hawaii will eat your $400 in airfare alone. Perhaps Florida is better suited to your travel experience. Enjoy

Cherry Hill, NJ
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3. Re: 100 dollars To much for passports

As I said in your other thread of the same name, they are good for 10 years, so only $10 per year. Good Deal!

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4. Re: 100 dollars To much for passports

It's really not "to" much when you consider you will have it for ten years and to renew it the cost won't be as high.

Hawaii is a VERY expensive place to travel, especially with kids.

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5. Re: 100 dollars To much for passports

$100 is cheap!!! For 10 years! Wow! I am surprised they haven't gone up. I got mine 5 1/2 years ago for $100!!! Having a passport is ALWAYS a good idea. You NEVER know when you might need it.

Hewlett, New York
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6. Re: 100 dollars To much for passports

In addition, all American citizens as part of a Homeland Security Act, will be required to travel with a passport anywhere in the US as well by the end of 2008 from what I understand so you'll need the passport for security just to get on a plane soon.

Long Island, NY
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7. Re: 100 dollars To much for passports

I don't understand why this person feels the need to have this same post twice. Ok, you want Hawaii, go to Hawaii! However, you in for one rude awakening! I lived in Hawaii for 4 years. One night out for dinner for your family of 4 at a decent restaurant is going to bust your budget if $400 for 4 passports is a lot of money for you. Not to mention the added airfare. Hawaii and the caribbean are two completely different experiences. They don't compare at all. They are both wonderful in their own way, but I'll take Jamaica over Hawaii any day! Like said above, maybe you should consider Florida if you are on a tight budget. Hawaii may seem like a great deal in the begining, but don't even bother putting your wallet away once you get there!

Burton Upon Trent UK
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8. Re: 100 dollars To much for passports

Sorry about this but I just can't believe there are so many Americans that have never left there own shores, come on guys wake up to the fact that the world doesn't end when you get to the sea, theres a whole world out there waiting to be explored that can really open your eyes, don't be so insular. We met a lovely couple at SATP, from Cicago, well in to there 70's, as well as the fact that they loved it, they were full of regret that they had never left the states before, $400 is nothing to the rewards you will gain, as said previously that will keep you in food for a week in Negril or one good night in Hawaii, your choice, but the 400 spent now will be there next time for anywhere else in the whole wide world, Jamaica, Mexico, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Australia, endless other places that really do exist, and a lot of them them nice, just choose the type of holiday you need, don't just put up with the states for the price of passport, the states is very far from being the only country on the planet, though some I've met think it is. Sorry for my little rant, I just feel some of you guys are very blind at times.

Negril, Jamaica
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9. Re: 100 dollars To much for passports


I personally got my passport because I considered it easier than fishing for my birthcertificate and driver's license at every turn. Please belive me Americans travel in record numbers, and the Sate of Tennessee oddly enough sends more people to Jamaica.....

If one could travel with birthcertificate and driver's license, than they did so, before this requirement. The fact that they did not have passports before does not preclude that fact that Americans greatly contribute to travel to these countries.

Philly burbs
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10. Re: 100 dollars To much for passports

We (family of 4) rec'd our passports in June of this year. The government (it seems) keeps changing the date as to when it will become a requirement to certain destinations. The bottom line is, you know you will need one in the very near future. I have to agree with others and say you could blow 400$ on a dinner and night out....or where I live; on a New Yea'rs Eve NFL game (not that my husband & son did :-) Hawaii is very beautiful, but I loose 2 days just on traveling back and forth, just something else to consider. Btw, my 14 yr old's passport is good for 5 years, but was only 70$, I believe.

Happy New Year to all,