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Royal Demarcon Runaway Bay

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Royal Demarcon Runaway Bay

Has anyone stayed here who could tell me if this hotel has a 'library'- books left by other guests than can be borrowed????

Will save me taking the dozen books I have which weigh too much.


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1. Re: Royal Demarcon Runaway Bay

Hi karenWorcs

There is NO library.

Diane Fairchild the Guest Services Manager, is always reading books. You could e-mail her and ask if she could lend you some of hers. Remember that you might find her books are not the type you read. I would ask her what she reads, if I were you.

E-mail address:


Hope this is useful and relevant. Sorry if it ai'nt.

Happy RDCC holidaying.



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2. Re: Royal Demarcon Runaway Bay

In the Internet room there's a book case where books ard left by guests. The selection is obviously a bit hit and miss but I've usually found one or two to keep me entertained

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3. Re: Royal Demarcon Runaway Bay

As mentioned you can find some books in the internet room. Not my cup of tea though!! You may want to pick up one to read before you travel

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4. Re: Royal Demarcon Runaway Bay

I always bring my own books but I also remember there being tons of books on a bookcase in the internet room when we were there, which was several years ago.

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5. Re: Royal Demarcon Runaway Bay

not sure if there is a library, but when we were there last year my partner and i left about 10 books between us, what they do with them i'm not sure, but this year we have it sussed as we have bought each other "Kindles" (e-readers) so dont have to take/pack books anymore, so the luggage should be lighter.!!! as suggested maybe you could email them to find out what they do with the ones that are left.

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6. Re: Royal Demarcon Runaway Bay

Best purchase I EVER made was my Kindle - I am an avid reader - there are so many free books available to download, it's cut my costs significantly - plus, the luggage / weight issues - now you can get the Kindle for around $139

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7. Re: Royal Demarcon Runaway Bay

This will be my first trip with my Nook. Will cut down on amount of luggage. I have put about a dozen books on my Nook--I will have a vairiety of reads! I wouldn't risk having to choose from a few shelves of leftover paperbacks. Chances are that you won't find books that you love!

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8. Re: Royal Demarcon Runaway Bay

We got back from RDCC on Friday. I was surprised just how many guest had Kindle or similar e-books. The single tall bookcase in the Internet room was stuffed with paperbacks (we left 4 books). A reasonable selection, i'd suspect you'd find something to read.



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9. Re: Royal Demarcon Runaway Bay

I have a question for all of you E Book readers out there.

I have been thinking of getting one but can't quite get there for a few reasons.

How do they hold up to being dropped? I have some nerve damage in my arms/hands. At times I think I am holding things and the next second they are on the floor. Little concerned about this...

I really love reading on the beach. Once again my arms don't cooperate. I have to support the "book" on my tummy. Will sun lotion, sand, slight dampness bother it? Of course all precautions will be taken to avoid such but stuff happens.

Which is best for reading in sunlight to reduce glare?

DO you ever miss actually holding a real book and turning the pages?

Sorry for the slight hi-jack!!!


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10. Re: Royal Demarcon Runaway Bay

I purchased the Nook (not the Nook Color). I am told that the Nook Color is NOT good for reading outside in natural, bright sunlight. The only drawback with the regular Nook is that you must have a light source to read in the evening, i.e. a book light or table lamp. Sand, water, etc would not be good for any of the Nook products (can't speak for other e-readers). Barnes & Noble staff told me to keep it in a plastic back at the beach. This will be my first beach trip with it. I read this week while relaxing in a hammock in my backyard and had no glare issues. I absolutely miss holding a real book but I bought a cover for it which makes it more comfortable to hold and also makes it similar in feel to a book. Occasionally, I find myself trying to turn a page or putting my finger inside of it when I close the cover for a moment to hold my place. It makes me feel pretty silly. I love the feel of a real book but I love the convenience of purchasing and enjoying a new book within seconds of purchasing it while sitting in the comforts of my own home. I still plan to pick up a book occasionally and read, read, read!

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