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Anyone have info on Breezes, Runaway Bay status?

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Anyone have info on Breezes, Runaway Bay status?

It's been awfully quiet on the boards lately regarding Breezes, Runaway Bay. I was wondering if anyone out there might have an inside scoop on how the renovations are coming along?

I know they've bumped the reopening date a few times and I was just wondering what's up!!!

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1. Re: Anyone have info on Breezes, Runaway Bay status?

I am also wondering what the status of BRB is. We are scheduled to arrive Feb 15th (2 months after their initial reopening date). My searches on all things BRB indicate that the clothing optional beach may be no more and that Ivan's jerk chicken shack is also gone (moved??). The GBP experience makes me nervous, obviously even multinational companies have difficulty meeting deadlines in Jamaica. I am hopeful that if BRB can retain most of their staff they will be able to make most people happy. Our main reason for choosing BRB is the golf course, and that is not being renovated so hopefully all will be well. Maybe someone in the area could comment on the progress?

I wonder what effect the increased number of tourists associated with GBP (when complete they will have 2000 rooms which should mean another 4000 people) will have on the Runaway Bay area infrastructure. I would hazard a guess that prices for many excursions and tours will rise and availability will decline. I would hazard a guess that GBP will double the number of tourists in the area. Think about another 4000 people going back and forth to MoBay airport each week (most people spend a week on vacation). Thats almost 600 people per day. The cattle cars (oops! I mean buses) will need to arrive every hour just to supply the resort with patrons.

These mega resorts are not for me, I would much rather be in a smaller more intimate place.

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2. Re: Anyone have info on Breezes, Runaway Bay status?

i have contacted the VP of Breezes Resorts for an update and will post info as soon as I get any.

Blessings and respect to all.


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3. Re: Anyone have info on Breezes, Runaway Bay status?

thanks jamaica steve! you're the best!

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4. Re: Anyone have info on Breezes, Runaway Bay status?

Contacted the resort yesterday and I was told they would be open as of the 20th so lets keep our fingures crossed.

My TA contacted the head of Superclubs Canada and she was also told the same. The new rooms will not be ready but the restaurants and everytihing else should be good to go so we'll have to wait and see for sure I guess

We're there on the 28th so I hope so!

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5. Re: Anyone have info on Breezes, Runaway Bay status?

I have my fingers crossed that we will be going on Feb 3rd as planned. It's been awhile since they changed the opening date so I'm hopeful!!!!


Thanks for any info you can find out. You're always been so hopeful!!! Thanks

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6. Re: Anyone have info on Breezes, Runaway Bay status?

I believe Cjam contacted them and the opening date is now suppose to be the 30th?

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7. Re: Anyone have info on Breezes, Runaway Bay status?

We are also going to BRB this Jan/28 and I am hearing the 20th so lets cross our fingers and anything else we can cross!!! So to you Marco9 I hope I get to meet you there this Jan. I am taking a group of 30 with me from WISCONSIN.................

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8. Re: Anyone have info on Breezes, Runaway Bay status?

There are a couple of posters that are going to be staying just a couple of properties away (at a villa) between now and the end of the month... I've asked them (& they said they gladly would) to stroll down the beach and take some photos of Breezes... so perhaps within the next 2 weeks there will be some updated photos of what the construction zone is looking like... I hear the weather has been beautiful, so this will only help them get things together better... I cannot imagine the amount of revenue being lost at that hotel through the holidays at this point.

When we were in Runaway Bay in Oct./Nov. I was talking with a concrete artist... he was explaining to me the problems that many were facing at that time with regards to low quality concrete and how some company's were "watering" it down (so to speak) with mall/mull or is it marl? and thus not very strong when you make it up... this could be one of the problems that Breezes has been facing...

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9. Re: Anyone have info on Breezes, Runaway Bay status?

I got on the shuttle yesterday morning at GBP to return to the airport.

I sat right up front next to the driver & across from me was a young man who is a sales coord at Breezes. We chatted away for quite a while on a pile of things, very nice guy.

I only knew of their renovations because I'd just looked around and the golf had my attention. He confirmed their schedule for the 20th.

I don't have any details other than that for you. He was very mellow, has been with the group two and a half years, and asked us to look at coming to Breezes next time we're there. Enjoy.

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10. Re: Anyone have info on Breezes, Runaway Bay status?

we will also be at BRB jan 28. we are from Wisconsin to. Talked to funjet and they said it will be open on the 20th.

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