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UPDATE Hurricane Maria

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UPDATE Hurricane Maria

Hi all,

It was a very scary night and day for all of us. Hurricane Maria crossed the entire island. Wind was strong and unrelentless. For us on the east, winds started at 2am, and I think the west was still under hurricane conditions in the late afternoon.

Remember when after Irma I said all is fine, come visit? Well, Maria is completely different. Every corner of the island was affected. I do not have and will not have updated info about every town or every hotel. Cell phone and internet reception is spotty. And I listen to the radio sporadically.

As for tourist areas. OSJ has trees down all over the place. No major flooding. Condado had flooding. Some condos lost their windows. For Isla Verde I have not seen any images.

Not sure when airport will open.

So what to do if you are coming on vacation:

From now to 2 weeks: do not even ask. Just cancel. Cruisers: pier 3 looks ok. Panam probably as well. Contact cruise line. If your flight comes in and cruise is departing, then you are ok. Road will be open.

2 weeks - 4 weeks: power should be more or less back for Condado, Isla Verde and OSJ. Check your hotel's FB page to see if they are open. Anywhere else in PR: cancel.

4 weeks-8 weeks: hopefully we will be able to have more things back yo normal. But in all honesty, I would just cancel. If you cannot cancel now free of penalty, just keep trying every week.

More than 8 weeks: too soon to tell. But I am sure we will be celebrating the holiday season. Stay tuned.

Again, remember cell phone and landlines have been affected. Do not call hotels now, there is no point. Rental owners will get back to you when they can.

I will try to keep you updated as I can. But please do not ask me about X,Y or Z hotel. They do not cover hotels in the news :)

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1. Re: UPDATE Hurricane Maria

Thank you for your update. Our prayers are with you and all of PR. We are supposed to cruise on the 30th, so we are hanging tight. It will, as you say depend on the flights....Susan

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2. Re: UPDATE Hurricane Maria

Thank you so much for taking the time to update all of us. It must have been awful for you & your family!. We/re scheduled to be in PR on Oct 6 which is approx two weeks out. We're staying in Rio Grande which, I'm not sure is included in your list of where things should be OK but my main question is: will tourism help or hurt the recovery effort. We don't want to cause more problems by using up precious resources but on the other hand, if my tourism dollars will help we'll definitely try to be there. I know posting on this fourm is probably low on your list of priorities with all your have to do to recover but any thoughts/insights would be appreciated.


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3. Re: UPDATE Hurricane Maria

Soooo happy to know you're ok! Thank you for the update.

I will provide an update as soon as I am able to speak to my family in the south.

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4. Re: UPDATE Hurricane Maria

thanks for the great info...my post was on a closed thread. Guess there was duplicate.

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5. Re: UPDATE Hurricane Maria

So sorry for all this destruction ...

We are changing our plans :( For us it seems like the right thing to do.

If people want to travel to PR for a get-a-way ...I really believe this will not happen for many many weeks. This storm has effected food, water, driving, electrical and much more. Getting back to any type of normal life there ..will be a very huge task .

Stay strong <3

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6. Re: UPDATE Hurricane Maria

I agree with paris7002, so glad to hear from you. Was very worried. I hope all the DE's everyone else on the island can check in and let us know they are Ok. Hoping Gwen and Ray are Ok up in the Rain Forest. Thoughts and Prayers. Bob

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7. Re: UPDATE Hurricane Maria

Hopefully your recovery will be quick, love your island and people

Stay well!

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8. Re: UPDATE Hurricane Maria

Thanks for posting. This is very helpful.

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9. Re: UPDATE Hurricane Maria

Staying glued to your posts, and thank you. Wondering if road from Ponce Airport to downtown Ponce is clear for driving by next Tues. Hoping!

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10. Re: UPDATE Hurricane Maria

Thank you for this update. It means a lot to receive your report in these early hours after Maria. We've been coming to Puerto Rico for 30 years at least twice a year, and travel and stay all over the island. If pictures and initial news reports are accurate, I'd encourage anyone who can reschedule trips to do so. Getting to, around, and through the areas and regions will take enormous resources and time. Praying for safety for all. In addition to your posts, which are so helpful, where would you suggest we look for ongoing news and updates about the status of our beloved island?


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