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My honeymoon itinerary for your review:

Boise, Idaho
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My honeymoon itinerary for your review:

Greetings all. I have been following the boards for a few months now and have come up with my itinerary for our 8 day trip. About us: We are 31 year old professionals that enjoy adventure, nightlife, and great food. We enjoy immersing ourselves in the local culture and do not partake in cruises or all-inclusives. Please review and critique at your leisure and let me know if I'm either missing anything or am stretching myself too thin. Thanks in advance, I look forward to your feedback.

Day 1, 25june

Land at SXM at 13:00 and pick up rental car at Avis:

Drive to Simpson Bay Villas and check in.

Head to Maho Beach and be a typical tourist. Car? Walk? Taxi?

head to Mullet Beach after watching planes land and depart

Return to Simpson Bay area for dinner. Suggestions?

find some nightlife in the Simpson Bay area: options include le shore, Crave, Skipjacks, Toppers, impulz,

Lee's Roadside Grill

Wednesday, Day 2:

Beach Hop all day

options include Happy bay, and Baie Rouge. Your suggestions are welcomed.

Dinner, Nightlife

Thursday. Day 3:

Pinel Island day for beach and snorkeling.

Leave on the early Ferry, return that evening.

Firday, Day 4:

Sensations Boat Tour? Came recommended but I need to find more info on it.

Karakters for dinner

Saturday, Day 5:

Day trip to Anguilla:

take the early ferry from Marigot and rent a Jeep from Andy. Hit Gerard's for Breakfast then on to Shoal Bay East, then possibly another beach, possibly Rendevous Bay, before turning the car in and catching the Ferry home.

Sunday, Day 6:

Orient Beach day. Eat, drink, find some chairs, do some sunbathing and people watching.

Monday, Day 7:

St Bar's day.

Fly from Grand Case and rent a car upon arrival. Tour the museum at Wall House, then head to Corossol for the local culture followed by a visit to Colombier for some beach time before heading back and touring Gustavia before turning in the car and catching our flight back to Grand Case.

Dinner in Grand Case. suggestions?

Tuesday, Day 8, relaxation/shopping day:

Marigot, Grand Case, Phillipsburg touring via car, or just stay on the beach all day.

Dinner: Something romantic, or something vibrant.

Wednesday, Day 9:

Go home day.

Check out of hotel, turn in car, check in bags, wait for our 1pm flight at Maho Beach or somewhere near.

Day 10, Missing SXM day:

Fall into a deep depression.

That is our itinerary. I am budgeting about $200 day, except for St Bart's day of course.

I look forward to your input.

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1. Re: My honeymoon itinerary for your review:

IMO, the last day on the island should be reserved as a day to redo your favorite activity from the week. There is always something that just seems like you didn't get enough of and want to do some more of. Granted, I cannot pick anything from your to-do list to cut, but I still feel that a day open to spend more time with your favorite is a good plan to have.

For me, doing St. Barths and Anguilla is too much travel time. Sure it is nice to be able to say you did both, but it is also a lot of time spent getting places rather than being somewhere.

Auburn Washington
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2. Re: My honeymoon itinerary for your review:

Once you check out of your place, return the car, check in to the flight and check bags you won't have much time to go anyplace else and give enough time to get back to airport, go through two security points that is sometimes slow and board the plane for a 1:00 flight.

Most large planes don't start arriving till around noon. So watching them for a while and then trying to get beach time in at Mullet would only give you a short time at the Mullet beach. Rent chairs at Maho and spend the day there and do Mullet on a different day.

First ferry to Pinel is at 10:00am and the last one to get you back is around 4:30-5:00.

San Diego
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3. Re: My honeymoon itinerary for your review:

I agree with SXMScubaman - when we were at Maho Beach a couple of weeks ago - most of the large jets came in between 11 am - 2 pm. Doesn't look like you'll get to Maho until after 2.

ANd R-n-P brings up an excellent point about the last day. We left open the last day and went back to Mullet Bay cause it was out favorite.

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4. Re: My honeymoon itinerary for your review:

Your itinerary sounds like a 10 day Carnival cruise schedule. My wife and I spend about 4 weeks a year on Saint Martin. Our idea of the perfect Saint Martin vacation is going to the beach early in the day and staying there till late in the day. That was how we spent our honeymoon on Exuma in the Bahamas many many years ago.

It would take us 10 years to get through your honeymoon itinerary.

Marshall, MN
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5. Re: My honeymoon itinerary for your review:

Your Sunday at the beach, you may like to check out Palm Beach to find chairs and enjoy a great meal and cocktails and then in the evening on Sunday, they usually have a beach party with a DJ.

Your evening in Grand Case for supper, there are so many great restaurants there, it is hard to choose. It would depend on what type of atmosphere you would like. Do you want a beach atmosphere or more of a romantic setting? Monday evenings there will be a little quieter. Tuesday evenings are Harmony nights, I think. Not sure about that time of the year.

Tuesday evening, if you want a really neat place, call and make a reservation at Daniel's by the Sea and ask for a table next to the beach to be reserved for you. Let hem know your on your honeymoon. They have great meals and it will be hard to find a more romantic setting, especially if the moon happen to be full or close to full. I am sure there are other places we maybe have not been at in Fifteen years of going there, but not many!

Enjoy you honeymoon, I hope some of the suggestions help!

Long Island, NY
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6. Re: My honeymoon itinerary for your review:

I dont think you need a lot of specifics but here are just a few thoughts:

Friars Beach w/ lunch at Friars Cafe (our favorite), dinner at Claudes in Marigot on Wed or Sat., Romantic dinner= Le Pressoir in Grand Case, Market in Marigot Wed or Sat early morning, Sunset Bar and Grill (Maho Beach) for live reggae...check schedule.

In general. you schedule seems a little high energy but not so relaxing. One beach per day is enough. While I dont personally see the need to leave the island twice...once is more than enough.

Have a great trip and honeymoon.

Austin, Texas
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7. Re: My honeymoon itinerary for your review:

Hi RockPilot! Congrats on the wedding! Your itinerary is very similar to the one I had. I just returned from 10 days on the island. I think what you have planned sounds very doable and adventurous. I, too, spent my days exploring every part of the island that I could! I think $200/day is a good amount for the budget. Here are my suggestions:

*Have you rented a car yet? I did a lot of research and finally booked with First Crown Car Rental. They charged me $190 cash for 10 days, including the insurance! And we picked up/dropped off the car at the airport. The process was so easy and the service was great. I will definitely use them again!

Day 1- go to Maho, but save Mullet Beach for another day. It was one of our favorite beaches so you might want to spend another day there. You might miss the planes at Maho. Be sure to check the schedule! My hubby and I just went one day to watch the planes and left right after. There are other beaches (like Mullet) that are better to spend the day at. For dinner in Simpson Bay-- try Lee's Roadside Grill, Jimbo's, and Pineapple Pete's. All good! Also, be sure to go to La Sucriere for breakfast in Simpson Bay!

Day 2- Make a stop by the Marigot Market to buy some souvenirs and gifts! I would spend the morning at one beach and the afternoon at another. Maybe go to Mullet this day? Eat lunch at one of the beach shacks at Mullet. Delicious chicken and ribs! I didn't find the beach at Baie Rouge to be all that great...But worth going!

Day 3- Pinel is great! It's one of my favorite places to snorkel on the island! You will love it. Bring extra cash with you. It's $20 to rent chairs and the food/drinks there is pricey.

Day 4- I don't know anything about that boat tour. However I have been to Prickly Pear with Aquamania two times and it is always one of the highlights of our trip! The snorkeling is great there and the beach is beautiful. The trip is so much fun!

Day 5- You will LOVE Anguilla! Your plans sound great. Gerard's is a must! Then head straight to Shoal Bay- rent chairs at Elodia's. During my day trip I wish I would have spent the whole day at SBE. However I am glad we at lunch at Blanchard's Beach Shack on Mead's Bay-- delicious!

Day 6- I love Orient Beach and it's a great place to spend the whole day. I would suggest eating lunch at Pedro's Beach bar or Chez Leandra's. Both have awesome food for cheap!

Day 7- I didn't get around to St. Barth's. I wish we would have, though! I will be waiting for your trip report :). For dinner options in Grand Case, I would suggest Calmos Cafe for more casual dining right on the beach. For "fancy" dining I would suggest L'Escapade or La Villa. You really can't go wrong!

Day 8- I agree with the other posts about keeping this day open to go back and enjoy something for a second time. Our favorite beaches were: Orient, Mullet, Friar's Bay, and Le Galion.

*Try to eat lunch at the Lolo's in Grand Case one day!

*Other favorite dinner options: Bamboo Bernie's in Maho, Chesterfield's in Philipsburg, Le Piment in Orient Village, Boat Bar in Maho

Enjoy your trip! Happy honeymoon!

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8. Re: My honeymoon itinerary for your review:

Congratulations & Best Wishes !

Enjoy your honeymoon and remember you're not at a business conference so don't feel "locked into" any formal schedule, if you find something you enjoy, a beach, a restaurant, a cafe, an event and you wish to stay longer - do so - relax and enjoy.

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9. Re: My honeymoon itinerary for your review:

You have an itinerary on your honeymoon? Why.

Henderson, Nevada
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10. Re: My honeymoon itinerary for your review:

First congrats. It sounds like you will be so busy you wont have the time or ENERGY for the honeymoon part of this trip unless you figure she will be doing all the work. LOL. st martin is so nice that you will be back so I would take it a little easier so I could take care of business. I would cut that schedule in half at least. do one of the water activities like a snorkeling trip on a boat for the day. oops i see you are already there for a week. OK let us know how it went.

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