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Groceries, Restaurants, and Booze!!!!

Mobile, Alabama
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Groceries, Restaurants, and Booze!!!!

Several families are coming down in June and staying at London House. We will have 6 children with us. We plan on cooking at the condo several nites. Some questions

1. Where is a good place to shop for groceries?

2. Where are some kid friendly restaurants? I've been to some of the nicer ones, but don't want to take the kids to these.

3. Where is a good place to stock the bar. We plan on putting the blender through a workout!

Any other suggestions would be appreciated as well.

Grand Cayman
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1. Re: Groceries, Restaurants, and Booze!!!!

I would as much booze duty free as you are allowed, it will definitely be worth it. There are very good supermarkets. I imagine you are getting a car, otherwise you can always have a taxi wait while you stock up. You can find everything you can buy in the States and lots of goodies from the U.K. at Fosters. Clean, great assortment etc. I think they are closed on Sundays, so if you are going to arrive on Saturday, send someone out for basics. Most restaurants welcome children. Try Ragazzi, Coconut Joe's, lots of others. Have a great time.

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2. Re: Groceries, Restaurants, and Booze!!!!

I agree, Foster's is closer to London House and has everything you need. They close on Sunday and because of that Saturdays are very bussy, so I recommend, if you can , go some other day.

For Booze, bring what you can and once here you can go to Big daddy's. They close at 7, so stuck up

Another good place is close to town, Jaques Scott (next to Hammerheads)

In case you run out of beer, you can buy six packs at Lone Star, a but more expensive than the store but these are desperate measures.

\Restaurants: I truly recommend Senor Frog's for kids, the have a bouncing castle, Clown, Face Paint and a very funny DJ

They also told me if you want a nice dinner, at The Ritz the have a kiddy buffet, but probably very expensive.

And let me know if you need some ideas for those frozen drinks!!

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for Cruz Bay
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3. Re: Groceries, Restaurants, and Booze!!!!

Each adult is allowed to bring 1 liter of booze into GC. Buy it at the duty free store at your connecting flight airport. It's cheaper than buying it at home. The store will deliver it to your gate and you can carry it on.

To restock go to Big Daddy's or Blackbeards. The prices at the same. Just FYI, beer is $37.00/case in cans. Both close at 7:00pm aand are closed on Sundays.

Taking liquor home with you: Each adult is allowed to take 2 liters of booze home to the US. It's CHEAP at the duty free stores in the airport. FYI - You must put it into your checked baggage when you go through customs at your connecting airport, so pack accordingly.

Foster's is great for groceries. They are closed on Sunday, as are many places.

Coconut Joe's is the only kid friendly restaurant we went to. We made most of our own meals at our condo as it is so expensive to eat out and I love to cook. (my sister cleans up. that's the deal)

Have a great trip! We just got back on Saturday.

Phila, PA
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4. Re: Groceries, Restaurants, and Booze!!!!

Four of us have a condo on 7mb and go down for 2 weeks. I do a lot of cooking at home and pack the food in the vacumn seal boiling bags. Spaghetti and meatballs frozen and sealed for example, when I get to the Caymans I boil a pot of water and toss my boiling bag in until the sauce and meatballs are very hot, take the bag out and use the boiling water to cook the pasta. I also make beef stroganoff with the same idea. Beef and gravy in frozen boiling bag heat to desired temp and then use the boiling water to make the noodles to pour on top of or mix them together. This works very well for us. We bring a small cooler full of meats and small amounts of spices, mustard, mayo and ketchup with us. I sometimes use sm zip lock bags and cheap plastic containers. Food along with everything else is very expensive in the Caymans. We also take our liquors. Alcohol is also very expensive in the Caymans, so do buy at the duty free when you are leaving your airport. You can not buy from duty free when you arrive in the Caymans only when you are leaving. We then check in our cooler just like a piece of luggage and have never had a problem. Been doing this for years with great success.

San Antonio
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5. Re: Groceries, Restaurants, and Booze!!!!

As to the liqour purchases prior to arriving in GC... if its a connecting flight (say in Miami)...how would you be able to get the liquour in your bags?? - or am I missing something. Can you purchase at the airport in GC on your way into GC?

Thanks for the tips!! We're going in July and we're trying to go as prepared as possible!

Macomb, Illinois
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6. Re: Groceries, Restaurants, and Booze!!!!

The duty-free booze will be delivered to your plane in Miami. You can put the 2 bottles in a carry on or just carry them in the plastic bag provided by the duty-free store.

You cannot buy liquor at the GC airport on you way to the island, only in the departure area.

Tampa, FL
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7. Re: Groceries, Restaurants, and Booze!!!!

One other tip: If you intend to bring back any liquor from GC as we did, wait to purchase it in the duty-free shops prior to departure. The prices are a fraction of the cost versus the liquor stores.

Rhode Island
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8. Re: Groceries, Restaurants, and Booze!!!!

we have never found any restaurant to not be kid friendly as long as the kids are reasonably well behaved. When dining with our 2 year old grandchild this past March made reservations for 6 PM and never had a problem at Edouardo's, Casanova, Calypso Grille, Copper Falls...all excellent upscale spots. Hard Rock & Margarittaville (both in Georgetown) as well as Neptune (a bit north of Westin) also good choices. If you pay attention to your kid's general behaviors, schedules and eating habits, there is no place they won't be happy and fine:)

Foster's grocery at the Strand has anything and everything you would want/need and we have found Big Daddy's to be the best for on island liquor purchases.

You are all going to enjoy a wonderful time!!!

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9. Re: Groceries, Restaurants, and Booze!!!!

Put that grill to work at the pool! You are going to love London House and it's a great place for the kids! They have a great grill for BBQ. There is a fosters less than a mile from london house towards West Bay it's small but has all your needs.


Check with Sharon for charcoal..We left a big bag!

Houston, Texas
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10. Re: Groceries, Restaurants, and Booze!!!!

Here's a brief essay on duty-free liquor, for those who aren't familiar with this concept.

Most international airports have tax-free duty-free shops, where you can purchase liquor and/or other merchandise. These shops are always located in the secure departure areas, and they aren't accessible to you when you enter the country through that airport. On your departure, they're only accessible after you've checked your luggage and, in some countries, after you've cleared immigration.

Since the dury on liquor in the Cayman Islands is so high, most drinkers purchase their maximum duty free allowance (one liter of spirits, or four liters of wine, or approximately one case of beer at the duty free shop of the airport where they'll depart the USA. Be aware that Cayman customs doesn't care about the alcoholic content of "spirits." You can bring in one liter of 151 proof rum or one 30 proof liter of pre-mixed mudslides. They're both considered to be one liter for duty free purposes.

The concept is that since the item(s) will not be used/comsumed in the country in which it/tthey're purchased, that country charges neither duty nor taxes on the item(s). For instance, the duty on liquor in the Cayman Islands is extremely high. Purchasing a bottle of 151 Tortoga Rum while in the islands (taxes and duty have been paid on this item) costs somewhere around $40. If you purchase that same bottle of rum (now it's 140 proof) in the duty free shop at the airport, the cost is around $10 because those shops don't charge duty and taxes. When you make your purchase (at most airports), you'll be required to show a boarding pass on an outbound flight. You'll pay for your purchase and get a receipt. The item(s) will be delivered to you as you board your flight, as carryon items.

If your entry point into the USA is also your final destination, there's no problem. You just hold onto the items (liquor) as carryon items and show them when you're clearing customs. If you'll be boarding a connecting flight, you'll need to recheck your baggage after clearing customs. You'll need to place the liquor in your baggage before you recheck that baggage.

There's one caveat. The two liter duty free allowance allocated to each traveler returning to the USA from a Caribbean Basin country only applies if at least one liter of the liquor was poduced in one of those countries. If, for instance, you choose to bring back two liters of Grey Goose vodka, neither of the bottles qualifies for the duty free allowance. Will US customs be that picky? Who knows? I'm just citing the regulations.

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