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For the confusion that has been created by some of the postings about Tobago, I am off there at the end of Feb for what I thought was going to be the holiday of a life time, that was b4 i started to read some of the postings of which i have read a great deal, it was only when my son pointed out to me that if every person that had a neg point about Tobago looked at their own area, where ever it be in the world, i am sure that they all have their own problems, be it rape, murder,mugging or any other crime. The only other place in this location that I have visited is The Cayman islands many years ago, the only way to get there was by boat and now there is a busy Airport and shipping port, and a busy police force, when i was there it was two british police officers and that was it, we came along and changed it all, so just remember when you visit the island like am, what your worried about is just what we have created ourselfs.

I am still going, and I am going to enjoy meeting the poeple, seeing the island and all the sights it has to offer, and chilling out in what I am sure is such a lovely island. Any one heading out there 23rd Feb or that will be there around that time and would like to exchange points, plz feel free to contact us at robroy241@hotmail.com.

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Robroy..very well said,but visitors also has to be warned about places they know nothing of.The guide books will not give you the up to date information,Englishman bay was safe just a cpl years ago.The government has to be blamed also,they know where the popular tourist areas are and all they have to do is put some security in those areas,they prefer to have the police officers playing cards,drinking at the local rumshop(sometimes in uniform)or just sitting on their a** doing nothing.Islands that depends on tourism and does nothing about the crime situation,needs to be boycotted,thats the only way for them to wake up.you have to hit them where it hurts the most... in the pocket $$$$$$$$.

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Robroy, you will have a fabulous time in Tobago. As with any holiday anywhere in this world, you must use common sense and discretion. We've just had 2 wonderful weeks there, in the Crown Point area, staying right on Store Bay. The locals we met were very helpful and friendly, but you must treat them with respect and courtesy, friendliness and a big smile. Do not be afraid to say "good Morning" even when passing on the street. If vendors press you to buy and you are not interested, a polite reply is all that's needed. No need to rebuff these people unkindly ; they are trying to make a living and they will not pester you if you speak kindly to explain you are not looking for souvenirs just now. Compliment the waitresses and maids, and any others in the service business, and you will have friends for life. They do not forget kindness and respect.We found the people so honest and fair; e.g. the maid who looked after doing our laundry one day returned $30.00 US to us , which had been in someone pocket! I was blown away! No one should go out flashing big wads of cash or huge collections of pricey jewells ; nor should you anywhere else. One day I misunderstood the price of food I bought, thinking the lady said $50.00. She laughed and said slowly and clearly, "No, Darling... I said $15.00" We even had a vendor trust us to come back with 20 dollars TT that we were short, for a beach wrap. I was amazed! You will get out of Tobago exactly what you put in. The only unpleasant experience any of our group had was in the airport leaving to go back home, when several of us were treated rather coldly and grumpily, by a customs officer there. But I honestly think the poor woman had just about enough of tourists and their troubles for one day! Or maybe it was "the uniform"!! Otherwise, use common sense, be outgoing and friendly without looking like a "Flousey", and I gaurantee you'll go back again! (was my 5th trip!!) Novie (who adores Tobago!!!)

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