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Restaurants where the Guests tolerate Kids - Are there any??

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Arlington, Virginia
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Restaurants where the Guests tolerate Kids - Are there any??

I am really worried that my week's dinner itinerary has restaurants where the guests will not tolerate our little kids!

My first day here at the Somerset for our second visit to Provo and it was going absolutely fabulous until we were paying the check at dinner. Before I start venting/ranting, let me give a little background.

Before we got here, I emailed Eva, the concierge at the Somerset and together we planned our week's dinner itinery. I went through the Provo forums and chose restaurants that sounded good and from what I thought, would be okay to include kids.

I made it very clear that our total party has 6 adults and 5 children from age 2 to 7 years old. I agreed to add restaurants that we didn't get to eat at our last trip here. Eva added in o'soliel for our first dinner tonight where we would have 4 adults and 3 children: 2, 4 and 6 years old.

I understood her addition to the list - what good would a concierge be if they didn't recommend their hotel's own restaurant? And we ate at o'soliel our last visit here, and we enjoyed the food so adding it was okay by me.

Honestly, I was a little nervous about the other restaurants on our itinerary because the other restaurants look very fancy in the guidebooks, but Eva said that children are welcome at all the ones on our list.

So, here's where I'm really ticked off and now I want to redo our whole itinerary:

Dinner at o'soleil was at 6:30pm tonight - and it's a Wed night, mind you. I have no complaints against the staff and/or the food - everything was delicious and yummy.

Our server told us she would bring out the kids' meals early - and they did come out early. But you know how fast 2-6 year olds eat: FAST. Our friend made a comment about how slow our dinner was getting to us, but my husband and I joked and told him to get used to it - it's laid back here. And we joked, we're on vacation - take it easy!

The kids were done eating but our food still hadn't arrived. If any of you have eaten at o'soleil, you'll know that the croquet yard is off the restaurant's outdoor patio where we were dining. So, I thought, well, let's let the kids run around there in the dark - better than running around our tables.

And so they did. Well, every so often, one of them would come back to our table to tell us something, especially our 2 1/2 year old. Then we all ordered desserts and the kids sat and ate dessert. While we were waiting for our check, the kids ran back out to the croquet yard and played.

Now all this time from about when the kids first ran out to the croquet yard, I see a couple sitting next to our table and the lady keeps turning around and looking at us and/or in our direction. I didn't think anything about it. When my son came over to me one time, the lady looked at us and smiled, so I smiled back.

So now, we're paying for our check and it's about 9:15pm. Yes, we're there almost 3 hours - and not because we want to be, but that's long it took. The kids are back at our table, and I believe - this is from what I remember - the restaurant has a loud chatter going on - and suddenly, the guy and the lady at the next table are SSSSSSHHHHHHHH-ing! I look towards them to see what's going on and I'm so surprised because they are SSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHH-ing US!

To make a long story short, the guy yells over to us, "we're trying to have a quiet dinner..." and calls over the manager and who even knows what he's telling the manager, and then the lady starts SSSSSSSSSSHHHHHH-ing us again - but LOUDLY so now the rest of the patio looks over at her. By now, the husband says, "we're all trying to have dinner and your kids [I can't hear what he says] and can you [I couldn't hear what he said]?" Basically, he's pissed off that our kids have been running around and that they are loud. And he says something like, "I've got two kids! I've got two kids!" [Uh, O-kay.]

Here's the thing: I can understand wanting to have a nice quiet, child-free dinner, but it's hard to respond to something like that. Something like loud SSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHH-ing.

How about: Maybe call the manager over and have the manager come and ask us to get our kids to be quiet. Or maybe, come over to our table, and pull one of the parents aside and tell us. At least embarrass us or something.

But SSSSSHHHHHH-ing us and yelling at us about being loud??

My theory: he was drunk and wanted to get a free dinner from the restaurant. But that's just my theory.

Okay so I was embarrassed, but I was also ticked off - because (1) I was told we could bring our kids to this restaurant and (2) I thought my solution of having them run outside the restaurant would be more tolerable as we waited for our dinner.

on a side note: my husband ran into four adults at the IGA after dinner and they came up to my husband, and joked, "so did you drop off the loud kids?" My husband was about to punch the guy when they all four told him that the guy SSSSSHHHHH-ing us was a jacka** and didn't know where he was coming from.

Now while this makes me feel somewhat better about my analysis of the guy, this brings me to the whole point about my looooong post: I am nervous about the rest of our dinner itinery.

All you Provo experts please check out my itinery. If you believe that the restaurant OR the people eating there are NOT going to tolerate children, please recommend other places for me.

I persuaded my business partners to do our partner's meeting here and RAVED about Provo, the Somerset and the restaurants. We decided to bring our families so I don't want this trip to be a bust and have our kids get SSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHH-d again! (which btw, was the very first time we ever got SSSSSSHHHHHHH-d!)

Here's where we're going the rest of the week:

- Thurs: The Grill Rouge

- Fri: beach table at Bay Bistro (this is a safe bet for the kids since it will be only us on the beach)

- Sat: Coco Bistro

- Sun: Magnolia

- Mon: Bella Luna

what do you think? All kid-friendly?? HELP!!

Canandaigua, New...
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1. Re: Restaurants where the Guests tolerate Kids - Are there any??

WOW...is all I can say.

Leone the Manager at O'Soleil is very tack full. Personally, with the terrace facing the croquet lawn and the garden off of Pearl Lounge, there are plenty of seats for a family. IMO the inside dining venue is more suited for adults and a quiet evening. Perhaps the party that has the" shussing "issue, should have requested the more formal dining room.'

Was just there for a special birthday and it could NOT have been more special.

We love O'Soleil and it is oh so "special".


Atlanta, Georgia
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2. Re: Restaurants where the Guests tolerate Kids - Are there any??

We've taken our children to all except Bella Luna (never eaten there).

Honestly, we've never had a problem, anywhere. Our kids have basically grown up vacationing in the TCI, since they were ages 1 & 5.

Granted, it's much easier with just two children (less inter-action), and we've never allowed them to run / walk around while dining. However, everyone's kids and situations are different.

You might want to ask for a table in the back at Magnolia, as people enjoy watching the sunset from the porch -- lots of couples along the front.

It's also sometimes helpful to feed the kids before going out, then let them order desserts along with your entrees. Just tell the waiter to bring them all out at the same time.

Hope this helps.

Good luck.

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3. Re: Restaurants where the Guests tolerate Kids - Are there any??

I would take Bella Luna off your list. Not only does the food and service not measure up, the venue is not for children. You will have too many children to get down from a table and explore. It's sits up a set of stairs and the tables are close together. Just my opinion.

Casual and kid friendly where children could get down from a table and explore: Hemingways at The Sands and Mango Reef at Royal West Indies.

The Grille should be OK, as well, for children. It is located near the pool at Grace Bay Club. The Grille has a beautiful setting, the service could be really slow and the food is just OK.

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4. Re: Restaurants where the Guests tolerate Kids - Are there any??

Any restaurant worth patronizing would have told you if your kids were out of hand themselves. It is their job to do so. If the kids were that bad then the kitchen would have been told to put a rush on your orders. If they did not say anything to you about the behavior of your children then I would not worry about it.

The world is full of self-centered, self absorbed, the world revolves around me types. These two could probably benefited from a manners lesson from your two year old who probably could have taught them a thing or two.

Enjoy the rest of your dining out.

Atlanta, Georgia
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5. Re: Restaurants where the Guests tolerate Kids - Are there any??

"The world is full of self-centered, self absorbed, the world revolves around me types."


Kent, United Kingdom
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6. Re: Restaurants where the Guests tolerate Kids - Are there any??

I must admit when we go out for a quiet romantic dinner - we hate sitting near large groups - with noisy children who are allowed to run around and get under everyones feet

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7. Re: Restaurants where the Guests tolerate Kids - Are there any??

I would replace Baci's for Bella Luna. Ask for a table next to the water. They can look for turtles, and watch the boats come in.

Iguanas was very good also it's inside or outside seating, and they have a kids menu. The Filet Mignon was very tiny. It was enough for me. I wouldn't order that if anyone is very hungry, but any other steaks were a good size.

Mystic, CT
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8. Re: Restaurants where the Guests tolerate Kids - Are there any??

I think you should call Coco Bistro personally and explain the makeup of your group, and see if they can't put you in a corner somewhere (anyplace in Coco Bistro is beautiful). This is a restaurant where many couples go for their "special" night. Kudos to you for being sensitive to this issue.

Don't stress out, and enjoy the rest of your trip.

Atlanta, Georgia
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9. Re: Restaurants where the Guests tolerate Kids - Are there any??

lobomago hit the nail on the head!

With all the servers and managers running around, why did they not notice the obtrusive children Outside? Probably because they were not being bad and loud. The couple should have used their manners and asked the GM/manager to move them to another, quieter table, if they were that bothered. And if they were really that bothered, why did they wait until you were paying the bill to start Shushing you?

Stick with your plan and have FUN on your vacation!


Atlanta, Georgia
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10. Re: Restaurants where the Guests tolerate Kids - Are there any??

I can understand Barbexpat's not wanting to be surrounded by kids running rampant, if that was the case.

However, let's also keep in mind that O'Soleil does cater to families with children, and even offers a children's menu. In fact, one of the resort guest specials offered this summer is "children under 12 eat free with parents."

Anacaona is an adult's-only restaurant that would have been the better choice for couples who couldn't tolerate the sight or sound of children.

Of course, judging from the events described, the couple handled it poorly, and might have suffered from too tight "panties in a wad."

Just another opinion.