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Caicos Wheels Rentals

Toronto, Canada
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Caicos Wheels Rentals

Has anybody else been ripped off by these Guys? I am still trying to resolve and get a refund back though Scotia Bank which is taking a lot of time but it's about the principal now!

They charged me $25 for gas when I brought it back with the same amount ( and I heard after that they have done this to other Customers).

The car was received an hour late and even though my paper work indicated there was no Airport pick up/drop off charge , they tried to charge me for it, the Lady kept arguing with me that there must have been an error or a glitch in their web system and when when I asked to speak to the Manager the Lady said She was the Owner! Wow!

Their office called me to see when the car would be returned and said that it was $10 an hour for rate return and that they may charge me for an extra day, when I said that "If you charge me for an extra day then I'd like to keep it for that extra day" ...they said no I couldn't as they have pre-rented it out. I returned it 2.5 hours late and found out that they charged me for the full day rental anyway instead of the additional $25...they really don't get it!!! I hate that!

Mullica Hill, New...
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1. Re: Caicos Wheels Rentals

Many of us have learned to rent from Grace Bay Car Rentals or Avis through some trial and error.

Sorry to hear of the issues you had.

New York
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2. Re: Caicos Wheels Rentals

Your note is one of the reasons for this forumn.

Thank you for the heads up

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3. Re: Caicos Wheels Rentals

stay away, very far away from these guys. we just got back from provo and had a very bad experience with them. the first car they gave us, the brakes failed and i'm lucky to be alive. they took their time driving out to the rural road we were stuck on to pick us up and drive us back to their office. after protesting, we were given another car and a free day. the second car was a pos but at least the brakes didn't fail. they failed to take responsibility for what happened, telling my girlfriend that the first car was fine and we were trying to scam them. very upset to now check my bank statement and find $125 in charges for a $52 a day car that we rented for a day with a *free* day thrown in.

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4. Re: Caicos Wheels Rentals

Thanks for posting your experience. We've rented from Tropical Rentals and Grace Bay Car Rentals and have had positive experiences.

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5. Re: Caicos Wheels Rentals

I just used them this past week and I've been checking to see if any additional charges are added. Fortunately nothing yet, but the car I got was older and very, very high mileage...I would have preferred something I had more faith in while driving around somewhere so foreign to me.

Brick NJ
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6. Re: Caicos Wheels Rentals


Wish we had read this before renting. We had a terrible experience with this company. We started with a Kia sportage type vehicle. WE emailed them that it was running rough, but got no response. It finally broke down, fortunately in a more inhabited spot (near Smokey's on da Bay), but after hours and there was no "emergency contact" provided. Eventually a good samaritan helped us diagnose the wiring problem and get the battery reconnected (for which we thanked him profusely both verbally and with some money for "a drink" at the nearby bar to which he and his friends were headed when they helped us. Our rescuer suggested the vehicle was unreliable and that we should head home rather than to our planned visit to the glow worms at the rather isolated Sapodilla Bay so we did. The next day a "replacement" vehicle was provided (a 4 door car) and their defective vehicle removed, but when we got home we found they had charged us for the fact that the DEAD vehicle had not been refueled before they reclaimed it. Like we were going to tow it to the GAS STATION before returning it? Seriously? Instead of providing us with a CREDIT for our time and inconvenience, this company CHARGED us for the gas (and the damn thing wasn't even that empty- I think it was almost exactly where it was when we received it, since it wasn't full when we got it). When I asked about this their answer and I quote was "You had the soft top jeep for 6 days before you had issue with it. As you alluded to in a prior email when the vehicle had its issue, a gentleman assisted you by simply touching the battery cable [NOTE: THIS IS NOT ACTUALLY WHAT HAPPENED. THE GUY KNEW WHAT HE WAS DOING AND TINKERED WITH THE CABLE UNTIL THE CAR STARTED]. After our mechanic checked the jeep it was found that the battery cable became disconnected from the battery. As all of the roads are not paved in the on the island this can happen because of the rugged terrain that is travelled and the Company cannot take full responsibility for this."

My best advice is to STAY AWAY from Caicos Wheels. I certainly will not be using them again when next I visit the island

Kalamazoo, Michigan
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7. Re: Caicos Wheels Rentals

We have always used Grace Bay car rentals, like the airport pickup and dropoff.

That said, the last trip we were on i topped off the gas tank at a station not a mile from the airport, and we were charged some extra gas fee( at work, forget how much it was, but like 20-30 bucks) and the tank was flat out completely full.

Probably use Avis next trip, just as cheap and newer cars.

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8. Re: Caicos Wheels Rentals

I used them in early January 2013 and true, the car was older and had high mileage (next time I will ask for something alot newer and go elsewhere if they don't have) but I found them to be pleasant, helpful and had no difficulties at all with them.

Their offices are in the Ports of Call Plaza (near Jimmys Dive Bar and the Ports of Call Hotel) and thus, because they have no office at the airport, they told me up front, there would be a $10 charge to leave the car in the airport parking lot and the keys with the parking lot attendant. I filled the tank about 1-2 miles from the airport and parked it as instructed without difficulty.

Yes, one should shop around but there is no reason to not have Caicos Wheels as one of your choices (at least in my opinion).

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9. Re: Caicos Wheels Rentals

BEWARE of this company. If you use them, you are putting your life in their hands. Their vehicles are unsafe and unreliable. The manager is the owner. They seem to know about their faulty vehicles yet do nothing about repairing them. Do your research and due diligence. Look at the other posts and check with you hotel forst. After our bad experience we heard from our hotel staff countless stories of problems from other guests because of the unsafe vehicles.Scooters and 4 wheelers are not necessary on the island. DO NOT USE Caicos on Wheels!

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10. Re: Caicos Wheels Rentals

Dear Sir –

First off I would like to thank you for choosing Caicos Wheels Rent-A-Car/Scooter.

Please do accept my apologies in regards to your scooter incident – it’s good to know that you walked away without a scratch and your okay.

With that said – I am somewhat confused about the posted comments of the company having unsafe vehicles (Scooter) – all of the scooters within the fleet are only 1-2 months of age (which makes it pretty brand new). Before renting a scooter the team always ensures not only that the guests are comfortable riding – but most importantly that the scooter is functioning correctly and that guests are aware and comfortable with all functions.

Your scooter rental was for a total of seven (7) days – on the third day you called to extend for an additional 4 hours on day seven – during the telephone conversation we asked how was your rental experience and you replied “all is going well – see you in a few days’’. On day five you came to the office – to advise that there was an incident and if there would be a cost associated with the damages – we were not in a position to answer immediately due to the mechanic being on his off day. You agreed to wait until your return for the quotation – and took another scooter for the duration of your rental.

Once we advised you on the cost associated with the damages done – it was at this time you pointed out that the scooter was not breaking for the past five days. We asked why did you not returned the scooter on the first day when you noticed the issue – you did not reply. You firmly pointed out that you will not be paying for the damages done – even though the mechanic confirmed that the fairly brand new scooter was operating correctly.

We take our customer safety very seriously – which is the reason for the company taking on a Scooter Specialist (mechanic) with over 20 years experience within the international market – to ensure that all vehicles are up to standard.

Sir – I would like to personally apologize for the incident during your rental experience – and we did and will continue to do everything within our power to ensure that our guests have a safe and memorable experience.


Ramon Andrews