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Renting a car versus taxis

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Renting a car versus taxis


Three of us (two adults and 1 3 yr old) will be vacationing in Provo for 9-10 days and are debating whether it makes more sense to rent a car or just use taxis.

1st, I would be doing all the driving, if we rent a car. However, I'm only familiar with driving according to US rules and regulations. Would this be a reason enough to not consider renting a car? The last thing I'd want to do is cause an accident while I'm on vacation.

2nd, we don't plan to leave the resort everyday, but we will need to step out to pick up groceries/toiletries every now and then ... and, while we understand a lot of shops are within reasonable walking distance of Grace Bay Club (where we are staying) - I'm not sure I'd want to walk back and forth with a case of bottled water every few days.

3rd, we do want to leave the resort on at least 1/2 of the nights to go out for dinner - and do some sightseeing ... my understanding is that taxis are expensive (i.e., are charged on a per person per ride basis, including for a 3-yr old) and that can add up. I heard that it is $15 per person from the airport, but are the rates lower going elsewhere around Provo/the island?

4th - I understand that the rental cars are generally older (i.e., more used) than you would typically find in the US, particularly at the local (i.e., not name brand) rental car vendors -- additionally, it sounds like break-ins are not uncommon ... while I'm sure the rental cars are functionally fine in general, I've heard stories of no A/C and less than clean cars, as well as that if you lock your car doors, you're more prone to a broken window or two that the renter is responsible for ... are these reasons to just spend the money on taxis?

Based on some quick research, a rental for the full time that we are in Provo for a Toyota Camry (or equivalent) is about $823 all-in -- that's just over $90 per day. For a Toyota Corolla (or other mid-size car equivalent), it's $640 all-in -- which is just over $70 per day.

Any thoughts/suggestions/personal experiences are greatly appreciated!

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1. Re: Renting a car versus taxis

1) same rules, except all left/right are reversed (driving, looking, directions of traffic. Except yielding at round about.)

2) so either take a cab, or rental car

3) taxis are expensive. you heard correct.

4) Many Rental companies offer newer cars. Some companies do not have rentals more than 3 years old. Others are 10-15 years old. Depends who you rent with.

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2. Re: Renting a car versus taxis

From what you have said, I would probably go with a taxi and maybe rent a car for a couple of days to do a few day trips to other beaches, Taylor Bay, Long Bay Beach, etc.

I would not be buying cases of water, get a couple of gallons of water, bring your own "personal water bottles" and fill them up before you hit the beach or go for a walk. You can refill the gallons at vending machines nearby (for example the Avis across from Grace Way Gourmet) for 60 cents vs a case of water for as much as $24 !!!

Grace Bay Car Rentals treated us very well, yes the cars are older, but, the A/C worked, no mechanical issues and they told us to call them if we had any issues, even the clerk t the airport gave us her cell phone and told us to call her directly if we had any problems.

Leave nothing in the car, leave it unlocked and the windows down a bit, we did that on both Provo and Middle and didnt have any issues.

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3. Re: Renting a car versus taxis

We had a similar dilemma and then decided to rent the car. The problem with taxis is that most of the times you have to call them and wait for them maybe 15 minutes and what about if we do not have a phone available?

We will stay in T&C only 5 days. In your case you could consider rent the car for a few days and go from there. You could always add extra days to the car rental once you realize how everything goes.

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4. Re: Renting a car versus taxis

The first time we traveled to Provo, we were there for 10 days we rented a car for 4 days. It was enough time to see and explore the island. The rest of the time, we walked or took a cab. We took a taxi from the airport to our hotel but made a stop at the grocery store to pick up water, milk and a few items. After a couple of days we rented a car, they came to the resort and picked us up, back to the rental office,filled out paper work and off we went.

Check out Majestic Taxi and Tours, I thought their taxi rates were reasonable. No prices on the website, I e-mailed them @ some of the places we wanted to go and they got back to me with rates.

Grace Bay Car rentals get good reviews on this forum.

Good Luck

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5. Re: Renting a car versus taxis

We are renting from Avis for 10 days. We will be locking our car. Our rental agreement with our credit card company will be void if theft or damage to the car occurs because we didn't. We also have not driven on the left. Round abouts are entered to the left unlike the US which are entered to the right of the round about.

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6. Re: Renting a car versus taxis

We just got back from a 2 week stay in Provo. We stayed in a condo directly behind Grace Bay Club. Walking to get groceries shouldn't be a problem. We would walk to the Avis parking lot across from IGA to fill up two 1 gallon water bottles - no more than a 5-6 minute walk at a decent pace. We rented a car for only 2 days, and didn't have a problem adapting to the left-hand driving and round-abouts. We kept our doors unlocked wherever we went, and didn't have any issues. We used Grace Bay Car Rentals - I wouldn't hesitate to use them again. If I were you I'd rent a vehicle for a few days and use taxis for the rest of your stay. Several nice restaurants are close to the GBC, so taxi fares shouldn't be too bad.

Clearwater, Florida
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7. Re: Renting a car versus taxis

We too thought long and hard about renting a vehicle. We ended up using Majestic Taxi and Tours. Best decision we ever made. It only cost us about $225.00 for the week and we went everywhere with them.

Mr. Leonard Missick, the owner, and his wife, Antionette, were at our beck and call. We sent them our basic itinerary (dinner reservations etc) and they had us written down and noted for pickup and then returned back to the resort. Miss Antionette met us at the airport, took us to IGA (the grocery store), waited for us and then shuttled us to the resort. Service extraordinaire. We were on vacation and didn't want to hassle with a vehicle, think about driving and loved being shuttled around and educated on those rides about the culture, people and TCI in general. Got great recommendations for restaurants too!

You can find them online at www.majestictaxisandtours.com. They have reviews on FB and even here on TA.

We are going back to Provo next year and already told them they will be our first call before arrival.

New York City
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8. Re: Renting a car versus taxis

Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and suggestions!

It certainly seems like a combo of using taxis and perhaps a couple of days renting a car makes the most sense. But, are reasonably priced rental cars (i.e., $50 to $90 all-in per day, depending on the car) readily available from the rental car companies with only 24 hours notice? If not, then it seems like we would need to plan our days well in advance.

Also, it seems like if we are just staying on and near the GBC grounds on the 1st and last day of our trip, using taxis to go to and from the airport seem to make the most sense. Can anyone provide pricing for the taxi ride to/and from the airport? I heard that it is a flat rate of $15 per person, not including any tip -- so, that would make it $45 for two adults and one 3-yr old kid ... is that right? Or, are there grop shuttle vans for a few dollars less that we can schedule ahead of time?

Finally, on an unrelated note, what are the general tipping guidelines in T&C? Is it the customary 15-20%, like in the US? For example, I'd like know how much cash to have on me to pay the taxi driver to/from the airport, or when we do use taxis to travel around the island ... I assume they do not take credit cards! Or, do they??? Any additional thoughts are greatly appreciated!

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9. Re: Renting a car versus taxis

If I might make a suggestion, how about this:

1) arrive and get a taxi to your resort. No worries, no hassles. Price will sting a bit but your on vacation.

2) call GBCR and tell them you want a car for a day. They will drop it off to your resort and you will not have to go to an office. Arrange this for the second day of your vacation. Small car is ~$65 incl tax. They will pick it up the next day at the resort. Just leave the keys at the reception.

3) do a little sightseeing, grocery shopping, and go somewhere(that is too far to walk) for dinner in the car.

By the end of of the second day you will know if you would rather taxi it or have a rental.

We rent a day or two a week. Get some groceries and go to dinner. Hope this helps.

Edited: 01 May 2013, 04:14
Toronto, Canada
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10. Re: Renting a car versus taxis

Almost forgot. 24 hours is usually plenty for GBCR. 15 to 20% seem to be the standard for tipping here too.