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St. Croix - a few of my favorite things...

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St. Croix - a few of my favorite things...

We're almost to 2009 and time to really start the planning for St. Croix. This year, Hubs and I will be staying for a week plus and then he is returning home (poor guy) and three of my girlfriends are coming down to join me for a week. I am so lucky this year to be spending over two weeks there.

We are really looking forward to our return trip. This will be the third trip for Hubs and I and there is still so much island for us to experience.

I'm getting together with my girlfriends next week to celebrate the holidays and talk about our upcoming trip. Although they have traveled the Caribbean, this will be their first trip to St. Croix.

To those of you who love St. Croix (residents and travelers) - how about sharing some of your favorite things about it to help me really describe the island to them?

These are just a couple of my favorite things:

- Renting a villa on the east end and pretending for just a bit that we are lucky enough to live on this quiet island and awaken to this gorgeous scenery every morning

- Driving from the airport and catching my first glimpse of the open ocean and waves breaking over the reef

- Having a real dilemma on where to eat because there are so many good places to choose from but knowing that we will head to Lori's the first night because, whatever she is cooking, it's going to be really good...

Can't wait to read your favorite things!


- Margy

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1. Re: St. Croix - a few of my favorite things...

Hi Margy,

We been here for 20 years and there are still so many things that make me pause and and know how lucky I am to live in this beautiful place:

The many colors of the sea and how it sparkles

Incredible rainbows

The stars at night

If you don't know someone, you know someone who does; there are less than 3 degrees of seperation.

How easy it is to start a conversation with anyone here.

No snow

My herb garden produces year round.

We'll be wearing shorts to our Christmas parade tonight.

More later....

Thanks for starting this thread Margy.

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2. Re: St. Croix - a few of my favorite things...

1.) Talking to Norma at the Domino Club while I'm enjoying a mamawanna and she's enjoying a tiny-tini.

2.) Having butter dripping down my chin while I'm eating a pound and a half carribean lobster tail at one of the oceanfront restaurants on the north side.

3.) Watching a lightning storm that is ten miles out to sea.

4.) The sound of the waves from my villa at Carambola.

5.) Just being there.

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3. Re: St. Croix - a few of my favorite things...

Good afternoon,

I'm glad you started this thread, too! What a lovely idea after a lot of negativity.

After all my years here, the view of Green Cay Marina as I come over the hill by Miss Bea Road never fails to take my breath away. Same as I head east by Cotton Valley Shores. The water there is every shade of blue, green and every color in between...

I love watching a sunset from The Terrace at The Buccaneer. As the sun sets, the lights come on in C'sted... magical.

I can walk down the street in town and say good day to people I don't know and not be seen as a psychopath. There'll be a lot of people I do know, too. This is a small town!

I love walking my dog on the beach all year long.

Well, that's the (extremely) shortlist - there's so much more it's ridiculous!

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4. Re: St. Croix - a few of my favorite things...

I think my favorite thing is not so much an activity or a sight but an attitude.......relaxing, calm, slow. So different then my "normal" life.

The night sky is also amazing, the clear warm water and wonderful people.........I wish I was there now!!!!!

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5. Re: St. Croix - a few of my favorite things...

Great idea for a post MargyZ!

Here are some of mine:

The daytime view from the lobby/Terrace of the Buccaneer looking out over the ocean. Honestly, I tear up every time we first arrive each year as I look forward to that moment every year. And it never grows old.

The Buccaneer and its wonderful staff--too many to name but they all make us feel like family.

Rumrunner's Painkillers and lobster quesadillas

The beet salad at Bacchus!

Dining in the courtyard at Kendricks - you know you aren't in Kansas anymore when you sit there.

Flying in over Frederiksted from SJU -- you look down and see the gorgeous blue/green water and you remember how lucky you are to be able to visit St. Croix.

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6. Re: St. Croix - a few of my favorite things...

The boat parade was wonderful; started with 3 seaplanes flying over the boardwalk in unison with red and green strobe lights flashing—our version of The Blue Angels—followed by Santa in a small power boat then 21 beautifully decorated boats of all sizes and shapes.

Christmas carolers in shorts and Santa hats, Moko Jumbies and fireworks over the harbor.

A great night all around.

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7. Re: St. Croix - a few of my favorite things...

Running into a pack of Wahoo off the north shore while fishing with Captain Harold.

Eating Irish Lobster and drinking wine at Duggans while a thunderstorm rages offshore.

Diving the pier at night.

Breakfast at The Buc.

Sunset dinner on the beach at Sunset Grille.

Dinner in the patio at Savant.

Watching meteor showers on a moonless night from Scenic Road above Carambola.

Having Buck Island beach all to yourself with your family and Captain Heinz.

Letting the kids feed the tarpon at Rum Runners

Kids program at The Buc so wife and I can go explore.

Gentlemen like Hans Lawaetz. Interesting read about his father "The Bull of Annaly" and some history of St. Croix. amazon.com/Frits-E-Lawaetz-Bull-Annaly/dp/09…

Cold beer on the deck of the clubhouse after a round at Carambola Golf Club.

Realizing that it is okay to stop and chat with no real reason and no real objective in mind.

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8. Re: St. Croix - a few of my favorite things...

Wonderful positive topic!! I really got a kick reading what everyone has put so far because some of the things listed are some of the special St. Croix things for me! Such as:

1.Pretending I 'belong' on the island while I'm there, not just visiting.

2.Lori's cooking! droolll....

3.The blues and greens

4.Island rainbows. In 1975 my husband and I were driving around and looking at this beautiful rainbow and discovered the end on a hill. We actually walked in it. My very educated son in law tells me this is physically impossible--- but we did it. Guess St. Croix is the pot of gold!

5.So easy to start a conversation with people!

6.The sound of the waves.....

7.The sunset from the Terrace, and love having breakfast there,too. Sunny, breezy, hot coffee and great food.

8.I agree about attitude! I feel like I can take a deep breath the minute I'm walking down the steps of the plane and I'm "me" again! The island heals.

9.Dinner on the patio at Savant-- love the atmosphere!

New ones:

10. Sitting at Off the Wall on a cloudy day and watching the opaque waves roll in.... beautiful.

11. The clean smell of the island. I love the way my clothes smell when i get home!

13. Lizard buddies and yellow bird buddies where we stay. I never knew you could make a pet out of a lizard until St. Croix!

14. Riding the south shore road, then going up by Grapetree and looking at the houses, wishing I owned one and had that view.

15. Having lunch at Rumrunners and feeding the fish and crabs most of my sandwich!

16. Tropical landscaping. Love the Botanical Gardens.

17.Driving slowly through the Rain Forest with windows down to catch the sounds and smells.

18. Carambola. Have never stayed there, but it's just so tropical! I remember it from the 70's when nothing was there--- but that beautiful beach. We always find ourselves heading back there for lunch and a walk around the grounds.

19. Hot sunning, then a run for that cool, clear water!

20. The beauty of the old architecture downtown and at the forts.

21.How much better I look down there-- is it the tan or what?!

22. Riding the road from Fredericksted up north, the stunning homes to the right, and the stunning views of the ocean to the left.

Well, I know this is too long. I guess you can tell I'm homesick for the island. I'll end this with what IWant2Go said:

"Just being there"


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9. Re: St. Croix - a few of my favorite things...

Hi Margy,

Just a few,

my first beer at the brewpub when I get on island.

morning coffee watching the waves roll in.

lobster springrolls.

the pool,

the ocean!

Just being there so I can stop missing it from NY.

can't wait, coming back new years eve.


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10. Re: St. Croix - a few of my favorite things...

Wow what a great thing to think about on a cold wet day in the northeast!

How about...

Going to Cheeseburgers on Friday night for food and live music

Driving over to the West End and spending the day

on the beautiful beach at the Sunset Grill the drinks are great and you can bring them on the beach!