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Driving in st thomas

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Driving in st thomas

I would like recommendations on renting a car in st thomas. It seems that Hertz will not allow cars on the st john ferry. I know budget has good rates and does allow cars on the ferry. Does anyone have any suggestions. Thanks so much - Lisa

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1. Re: Driving in st thomas

Hi Lisa,

We just got back on Saturday. We rented from Amalie Car rental. A local company in St.Thomas. They were excellent. We rented a two door jeep wrangler. It was in excellent condition and we were allowed to take it to St. Johns however we chose not to. The owners are such nice people and they met us at the airport with the jeep ready to go and then met us on Saturday at the drop off at the airport to pick up the vehicle. It was so convenient, no waiting, no hassles.Their website is amaliecar.com. Check them out for rates if you want to compare to others. I however would highly recommend them for thier service and convenience.

Charlotte Amalie...
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2. Re: Driving in st thomas

You received great information already about Amalie car rental.

I will encourage you to not take a car to St John, as you will spend all your time watching the road - as it is steep, twisty, turny, with goats, donkeys, and cows, plus people...you are on the "wrong" side, you won't know where you are going, they aren't marked well - now why do that , when you can enjoy the people ferry over for less, get a safari to take you any/every where...AND get to see the island, instead of the next 50 feet of pavement? Beats me why visitors do it!

If it is for the challenge, you will certainly get it! You will be exhausted and not get to see all you hoped to, possibly even had a good argument over a map! No fun, there.

When we islanders take our vehicles over, it is normally because we have a ton of stuff to deliver to someone, are in construction or some business...and we usually know where we are going. When we go for the beaches, the snorkeling, the fun of a day on StJ...we take the people ferry and a safari.

But, as always, each person does what they want and works it out their way...so, which ever approach you take...go cheerfully, be determined to make the best of it and enjoy the beauty! Just, "Think left!"


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3. Re: Driving in st thomas

we rented through dependable and had a great 4x4. brand new.

We took it over 2x to St john and never had a problem with steep hills etc...It gave us so much freedom to have our car over here to see different beaches and lunch spots, shopping etc...

If we hadn't taken our car we would have spent $$$$ going from place to place etc... and a few time we didn't know exactly where we wnated to go...we just drove and found a neat place to explore.

If you are "tour bus" people and like being shown where to go with 15 other popel then go the jitney route... if you are more adventurous and want to explore on your own...take the jeep.

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4. Re: Driving in st thomas

I recently rented through Budget, went on the ferry to St. John and had no problems at all.

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5. Re: Driving in st thomas

You could always take a taxi......

Just HANG on !

woo hoo..........


Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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6. Re: Driving in st thomas

We rented through hotwire.com and got a car from Avis. We had no problem with the car making it up the steep hills and around corners and I was used to driving on the left after about 15 minutes. Just those darn right turns you have to get used to! We got a tiny suzuki aerio that held 4 people plus 2 fairly large suitcases and 2 carry-ons through hotwire for $157/week (think that averages out to $14-16/day)!

Hope it helps