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June - August vs. December

Columbus, Ohio
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June - August vs. December

Ok TA Members - I need some help:

We absolutely LOVE STT & STJ and have decided to share our love with our family. We are bringing the whole crew down next year (2011) - but, hubz and I always go in December the week before Christmas (nice wind down before the Holidays). Two members of our family are teachers, so we are restricted to travel between June 11 and August 13. We've never had any problems traveling the week before Christmas as far as dinner reservations, rental car, etc. - if anything was a "problem" I would say it's been too few people that week, and some of our plans were shifted a little bit when there weren't enough people for dive trips, or some restaurants have been closed.

What differences should I expect traveling in the summer vs. winter?

How difficult will it be to get two rental cars?

When would be the best time to travel between June, July or August?

Any other suggestions or helpful hints?

I've heard peak season is Dec - April, but as I've mentioned - the week before Christmas has never been a problem for us. If that is peak travel am I going to have a hard time booking excursions, etc?



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1. Re: June - August vs. December

We went to St. Thomas in June last year and, while some places were closed, there was still plenty to do. Unfortunately, my husband spent most of the trip on the phone dealing with work issues (their fiscal end of year is June 30) so this year we are going in July. I don't yet know how that will be, but there is a higher risk of storms the later you get into the summer. We went one year in Sept and it was more humid & rainy and lots of places were closed for renovation. June was pretty hot & humid but we didn't have a lot of rain. I'd recommend trying to book as early as you can in the summer because of the hurricane risk.

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2. Re: June - August vs. December

We own a place in St. Thomas and have gone at least once in virtually every month of the year. To us the only real difference is the weather you are escaping from, not the weather you are escaping to! No matter where you go on vacation it always seems better when you are escaping to nicer weather. If you live in the northern climates escaping the cold of winter to the warmth of St. Thomas seems to "feel" better than escaping the warmth of summer to the warmth of St. Thomas! That having been said, June -August are perfectly lovely in St. Thomas, as are the other 9 months of the year! The average monthly high temperature across the 12 months probably only varies less than 10 degrees so I don't think it is appreciably hotter in August vs. June, although the difference in the trade winds blowing may make it seem hotter and more humid. As for rental cars, we've never had an availability issue with Hertz at any time of the year, but if December-April is high season, it stands to reason that June-August should have better availability. As for businesses closing, I'm sure some Island businesses close in June-August, as even the permanent residents need a vacation from paradise! However, September and October are the really quiet months so I'm guessing many business owners vacation at that time.

In short, I think your family will have a wonderful time in June, July or August. Good luck.

Syosset, New York
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3. Re: June - August vs. December

My family also owns and we always go down to STT in June, July, and Aug (my dad is also a school teacher) and we love it. We use to go down during Easter but we find that the water is a little cooler then the summer so we returned going back during the summer (another reason was that we can have a 3 week vacation in the summer vs a 10 day vacation at Easter time). We live in NY (Long Island) so during the summer months we love it down in STT because there is less humidity that back in the states. Yes it will say it is in the upper 80s-low 90s but with the trade winds, it will not feel that way. It is low season so it will be less crowded on the beaches for the most part (look at the cruise ship schedule and avoid Magen's Bay and Coki Beach when there are multiple cruise ships in). When going shopping, go when there is at least 1 cruise ship in because most of the stores close in town as well in Havensight if there are none in...do the same thing if you are visiting Paradise Point. You will absolutely love it during the summer months. Do not worry about the hurricanes...just go and enjoy yourselves. My family went down last year last week in June-first 2 weeks in July and it was great. We normally go down Last 2 weeks in July-1st week in Aug. We have never had a problem and we love it!

central NJ
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4. Re: June - August vs. December

I am thinking of going to ST. Thomas in the beginning of December. How is the weather? Is it warm enough to go in the ocean? Are we better off going in November? Thank you.

St. Thomas
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5. Re: June - August vs. December

It's warm all year round here.

Columbus, Ohio
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6. Re: June - August vs. December

Thanks everyone!

As SandWitch said - it's always warm. We find December to be an excellent time to go (but we're usually leaving the OH cold behind!). We wake up most mornings to the usual Caribbean showers but have always had beautiful skies, bright sun, hot weather and warm water in December - have yet to be disappointed in anything STT has to offer. :)

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7. Re: June - August vs. December

Although the high season is December through April, we actually love the spring and early summer best. Funny, too, that the only time I've been to the islands and had a torrential downpour was in December!!

Our favorite month used to be May, but after heading down in June last year (had to juggle various schedules), we decided that June is our new favorite month. So in another couple weeks we'll be packing up for the islands!!

I'd opt for June over July and August. More places will likely be open, there's less chance of a major storm, and you still have that wonderful downtime when the larger horde of tourists have disappeared. If you're interested in shopping, you might check the calendar and actually go into town when the cruise ships are docked (something people often like to avoid) because the shops are always open to accommodate the ships.

Also...the water is warmer and calmer in summer and everything is in bloom. You can't go wrong. You may never go back in December!

Orange, California
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8. Re: June - August vs. December

Folks - thanks for sharing... I booked a vacation in St.Thomas (Ritz Carlton) for August 7-15th. Never been but heard great things. We have two little kids, so haven't been on a real vacation in a LONG time. I could take a rainy day here or there, but - honestly, with the hurricane season and all - should I look elsewhere for this time period?

Your honest advice would be much appreciated. We'll be coming from Southern California.

New York City, New...
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9. Re: June - August vs. December

Orange, you've heard it before -- there's nothing so changeable as the weather, nor anything so unpredictable. I wouldn't hesitate booking for STT any time of year that was available to me. August is pretty nice, since the days are long, that much I can assure you :-)

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10. Re: June - August vs. December

We went last year to the Ritz in August and it was perfectly fabulous. We're going again July 26. I don't worry about the weather, there are no guarantees. It's really humid here in MD, and the summer weather is way nicer in the Carribbean.