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Bad weather--I can't figure out why so many want to stay in?

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Bad weather--I can't figure out why so many want to stay in?

After reading many threads on this forum about visitors being worried about the weather, i must say I am a bit puzzled??

I oftern read about those on vacation just staying indoors the whole time when it's not nice out and I can't seem to figure it out...

It seems to make no sense that you would spend a few grand (or more sometimes) of your hard earned money and then just stay in if its raining hard or otherwise not nice out. Seems like just money down the drain.

For less than 5% of the total cost of what most people spend on airfare, hotel, and other expenses in the Bahamas for a typical trip, one could buy good, if not excellent, rain gear from an outdoor store and with this, could tolerate (and maybe even enjoy) being out in all but the worst of conditions.

Granted if the weather is truly a safely issue (lightning nearby, high risk of flash flooding, etc) then by all means one should stay inside, but in ordinary windy and rainy conditions it certainly does not seem to make senes to just stay in..

While I am cerainly hardier than the average Joe when it comes to being out in the elements (i'm a weather buff none-the-less and like extreme conditions somethimes), i still can;t imagine why most travelers couldn't be out in all but the worst stuff.

Just seems silly to waste $$ and stay in.

Long Island
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1. Re: Bad weather--I can't figure out why so many want to stay in?

I'm with you. I've spent many, many days hiking the mountains of Colorado in rain and thunderstorm, and enjoyed every minute. I can't imagine living anyplace without weather - it makes life interesting. In areas of the Out Islands like where we live, the rain is our only source of household water. If enough doesn't run off our roof into the cistern to serve our needs, we have to call for the water truck. We have to anticipate at least 2 weeks ahead of actual need and pay through the nose for a couple thousand gallons.

When my wife and I were in Italy we had a few days of "bad" weather, meaning that we had some nasty thunderstorms, etc. We just sought shelter and hung out until it was over, enjoying Nature's fury. It certainly didn't do anything to damage our vacation.

On my first trip to the Caribbean back in December of 1989 to Roatan, we had the worst Arctic cold front ever recorded that far south. Flying through the storm from the mainland to the island in a 50 year old DC-3 was just short of terrifying, most of our luggage was left behind because the plane couldn't carry that much load in that weather, and that was the last plane to the island for 2 days. Our first morning we woke up to a temperature of 59°F, with 15 foot waves breaking on the reef. What did we do? We got up, had breakfast, and had a 3 dive day using rented equipment, on the lee side of the island - my first ocean dives and I had a blast. Weather wasn't even a consideration.

I guess I just don't understand people who schedule a vacation thinking that just because they've decided on those days that somehow the weather is going cooperate. I'm sure that doesn't happen where they come from, so why would they then expect that it was going to work out perfectly here? Embrace Mother Nature in all her glory and come prepared for whatever mood she may be in.

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2. Re: Bad weather--I can't figure out why so many want to stay in?

I agree. Though we hope for (and so far have gotten in the 12 times I have visited PI since 1989) great weather, somehow I do not think I would mind experiencing bad weather much on beautiful islands like PI/New Providence. I would, on the other hand, be unhappy to be spending my money to sit in a house or hotel on the Jersey shore and watch it rain, And THAT I HAVE done! I guess part of the difference to me is that it's so tropical in The Bahamas-even with the rain it's not cold. But in Jersey, even in the summer, the rain can really mess up your plans. Cold and windy-no fun with little children who just want to build sand castles in the sand. I don't think people realize that it is different when it rains so far south and into tropical weather. Still tropical and warm-just wet. But not cold. Just my opinion.

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3. Re: Bad weather--I can't figure out why so many want to stay in?

I love this post!

Our first trip with our boys to Cancun was in the 90's and in November (Thanksgiving week) They were young and weather forecast was perfect.

Ended up raining the entire time, however we had a BLAST!!!! We swam in the ocean, met another family and went bowling and did some shopping.

The weather was kind of a downer but we still had a good time.

There are some ppl that just frown on rain and humidity.

I've been to the Bahamas sooo many times and have never had to deal with either. ( And this was in the Summer months)

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4. Re: Bad weather--I can't figure out why so many want to stay in?

Agree with everything you guys have posted. Except the swimming when raining advice, because you never know when or where that first bolt of lightening is going to hit. But your on the money about the worried about the weather crowd. I really enjoy the "how's the weather, we'll be there next month" questions. Or the "we'll be there in a month, but the forecast calls for rain". Seriously? How can I tell you what the weather will be in four weeks. Three days in advance...no problem. General advice about the weather this time of year...no problem. But losing sleep and thinking of cancelling your vacation because of an extended weather forecast is just silly. If there is a tropical storm or hurricane in the region, that is cause for concern. But a forecast of scattered thunderstorms? No way.

Brampton, ON
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5. Re: Bad weather--I can't figure out why so many want to stay in?

I agree! Been to Jamaica the last few hurricane seasons and have enjoyed mostly good weather until that afternoon shower came - i always laughed as everyone ran for cover and i stayed out in the water enjoying it!

6. Re: Bad weather--I can't figure out why so many want to stay in?

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