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Louie`s Chip Shop.

Never been so disgusted by the standard of a chip shop until I purchased a chicken nugget supper from Louie`s chipper,firstly the small portion of chips served where from the day before hard and full of fat well overdone this was due to reheating the burnt chips from the day before,we then looked at the chicken nuggets 6 small pieces of mechanically processed waste was served up utterly disgusting total cost for this trash was £5.10,phoned the shop to complain and the male who took the call gave the phone to a female as he did I heard him say "he is moaning"great customer care then spoke to the other person no joy there either so I visited the shop what a joke customer relations was learned at the zoo total washout,will never ever use this chip shop again ,STAY CLEAR GO TO THE FRYINN INSTEAD VERY CLEAN CHIPPER with good staff that are well trained.