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Warning to anyone visiting Mazatlan Mexico

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Warning to anyone visiting Mazatlan Mexico

Beware: The timeshare people are everywhere. At the airport, in the resorts, in the restaurants and stores, on the beach, and on the streets- you cannot escape them.

Don't think this warning applies to you, because you are too smart to fall for a timeshare scam? That's what I would have thought too, but I was wrong. The fact is that most people who fall for these scams are well-educated and intelligent. Be aware of common scams and your legal rights, before you visit.

Make sure ALL promises are in writing. Also, you have a 5 day right to cancel without penalty. This is Mexican law, and there are NO exceptions, even if you signed a waiver to give up this right.

More information can be found at:



I was scammed by the El Cid Vacations Club, at El Cid Resorts in Mazatlan. My story can be found at:


Lewiston, California
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1. Re: Warning to anyone visiting Mazatlan Mexico

How about not attending their pitches or in fact ignoring them completely? It Works!

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2. Re: Warning to anyone visiting Mazatlan Mexico

I'm hoping that anyone who reads this stuff before going to Mexico WILL avoid them completely. God knows I wish I had.

Edmonton, Canada
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3. Re: Warning to anyone visiting Mazatlan Mexico

Can your creditcard company not reverse the deposit charge? We always say no or just simply ignore them. Nothing is for free!!

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4. Re: Warning to anyone visiting Mazatlan Mexico

We are still waiting to hear back from the credit card company. This was our first time in Mexico, and neither me or my husband have experience with travelling. Money limitations pretty much force us to do all of our vacationing around home. I know that the savvy traveller will know better than to fall for this crap, but I'm hoping to reach out to the people who are visiting Mexico for the 1st time, and don't know what to expect.

San Francisco...
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5. Re: Warning to anyone visiting Mazatlan Mexico

I would suggest you not travel to Hawaii as well because the time share salespeople are there, too. Oh, and Reno and Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe and anywhere else where there might be a resort.

This is not just exclusive to Mexico.

And sales tactics only work if you let them. No offense, but if I go to a restaurant I expect to eat. If I go to a sales seminar, I expect them to try and sell my something.

Hope you get out of whatever you got into. Good luck with that and with any future travels!

Carson City, Nevada
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6. Re: Warning to anyone visiting Mazatlan Mexico

I've been going to Mazatlan for tewnty-five years and have never had any problem with the time-share people. My parents(in their 80's) go to two or three presentations each trip down there and they are immigrant Spaniards. they still don't own a time-share and they love the cash!lol

Seattle, Washington
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7. Re: Warning to anyone visiting Mazatlan Mexico

Timeshare salesman are every where and just trying earn $ for thier families. We have always avoided them as tempting as it can be. We use the line most of the time "Sorry Our flight leaves today"

of course this will not work at the airport.

Also when we were on the beach with the peddlers selling there goods. They respected us when we told them "Siesta time" and then when we were ready we would honor our word and check out there goods.

Good Luck and Enjoy!

New York
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8. Re: Warning to anyone visiting Mazatlan Mexico

I am sorry to hear that you had a bad experience. I know what you mean about the constant annoyances. We would never attend a timeshare meeting simply because we know we cannot afford one despite that they think all of us tourist are "rich". Even though we did not go to a pitch, just the fact that we needed to spend our vacation avoiding these people does not make us want to return.

BC Okanagan
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9. Re: Warning to anyone visiting Mazatlan Mexico

This is a good post for first time travelers, thanks for sharing it here.

I learned how to deal with the timeshare folks from all the posters here at Trip Advisor. On our last trip, we just told everyone that we owned a condo, and they left us alone.

I can see how tempting it would be to go to the presentations, get the free goodies, and then, while wowed by resort, and Mazatlan in general, get carried away and find yourself in a situation you dont want to be in. Like another poster said nothing comes for free. While there are lots of people that make timeshare presentations a part of their trip and love it, there should be lots of research about timeshares before letting yourself go.....like for me, I know that I cannot go to Vegas...well, thats what hubby says....I think I would be fine....really..;D

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10. Re: Warning to anyone visiting Mazatlan Mexico

I have posted my opinion of time shares here many times so I will just summarize. They are very profitable for developers, but very hard to sell because they are a terrible investment. Therefore the developers must use high pressure psychological manipulation to sell them. The time share "sharks" are not selling anything, they are just steering qualified potential buyers to the sellers and get paid for each one they deliver. The key word is "qualified."

What exactly the sharks consider qualified is for them to know and you to find out. I have learned however that where you are staying and your marital status seem to be important. Therefore remember that no matter where you are really staying tell the sharks you are staying the condo that you own, or with friends who live in Mazatlan. And even though the woman you are walking with may have been married to you for 30 years she is now actually your mistress. If you aren't qualified the sharks will suddenly turn back into the pleasant Mazatlan folks that they are when work is through and wish you a good day before they set their sights on someone else.