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Trip Report March 4 -11

Lakewood, Colorado
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Trip Report March 4 -11

Left at 4am for airport. We arrived in Mazatlan at noon. Travelscape (old king david vans) was right outside of security to pick us up. We had about 3 other groups, to deliver to other resorts. We were at Pueblo Bonito Maz. by 1pm = not bad! People we met in the van were staying at Inn at Maz. (for the 20th time) and they highly recommend it, so we checked it out and will stay there next time.

Well for PBM, we arrived and checked into our first room. View was bad, they stuck us on back section with a quarter view of the ocean, overlooking maintenance yard. Well after staying here last year, this room didnt fly with me. We asked to move and the resort was full. They arranged for us to move the next day. With in 5 min (hadnt even unpacked), they called and told us that they have a new room in the older section overlooking the pool w/ocean view. Now all was good. The resort has definetly aged in the rooms (beds were warned and could be replaced). Our a/c was blowing warm air, so they came and fixed it, then it was blowing semi-cool air and it was manageable. If weather was any hotter it would not been comfortable in the room. I ask many guests and the a/c thing was the big complaint on the rooms. For the rest of the room, all was great!

Now for the service at PBM = EXCELLENT! Everthing was topnotch and they were very much into making sure we were well taken care of at all times.

We tipped maids 20-30 pesos a day and they went above and beyond in their cleaning of our room. I finely talked to the maid torwards the end of our stay and she said surprisingly enough, that only 15-20% of people tip them daily and only 50% tip at the end. She said, she was happy to have her job and doesnt critisize the non tippers.

Over all, I would stay here again.

Well for eating out. Los Zarapes and Carlos 'n Lucia was one of our favorites this year. Fatfish was good and the price for 2 people was unbelievably cheap. Georges tacos was a great place and was always busy.

We seemed to always end the night at Gus Gus (or goose goose for what they like to call it), the bands were always great and the place was always packed.

Went to the market and bought 4 pounds of shrimp (biggest ones) and cooked it in the room. We brought our own cocktail sauce and crab/shrimp boil. Oh my God, it was great! Ended up going back to the shrimp market and buying 8 more pounds to bring home (in my handy cooler I brought). All was still frozen when I got home. Next time I will bring a bigger cooler and stock the freezer.

Checked out other resorts 1 day and to be honest, I will never stay at el cid moro or castilla. 9 out of 10 people (older people) complained heavely about the out dated rooms and the not so friendly services. All said, they would not recommend it or ever stay there again. Talked to 3 other couples at dinner 1 night staying at el cid marina and they love it there, but said dont stay at moro or castilla. Now for the 1 out of the 10, were college kids and they loved the all inclusive, but they said they could eat anything and they would be happy.

For Inn at Mazatlan met others at our resort and everybody only had great things to say about it.

For resorts, to each there own. Whats good for 1, might not be good for another.

Safety - Well was unsure what to expect in Mexico this year. Took half a day outside the resort to judge any concerns. I never and I MEAN NEVER was in fear for my safety or my life. We walked the golden zone (at night, during the day etc.) I spent sat. night down by the cathedral (el centro) walking around with me and better half. There was a few dark streets we went down and were never bothered or harassed, this was about 11 pm. I wouldnt take the chance being alone, but was safe and then ended up at panamas for a late tortilla soup. Out of all the comfort zones this is the only place to be alittle more concerned at late night (NEVER during the day or early evening hours). Walked from gus gus to PBM at 1 - 2 am several times and was amazed of all the tourists walkin around at these hours. In this area, you could be walking alone and still be safer than ever.

Over all Mazatlan was very full of tourists, more so than last june. And my only complaint was I should of made it a 2 week trip.

The pools loungers and palapas are a struggle and damn the ones who put their towels down to never return. I watched almost 1 fight over the palapas. Someone put their towels down at 7am and by 1pm no one was there. A group came and moved the towels and low and behold someone came out of the blue and started yelling. There was about 8 of us who stood behind the late comers and after security came and resolved the issue (made the reservers leave the palapa). We saw the people (reservers) the next day and they apologized saying they felt they did nothing wrong. Well for taking up something you are not ever planning on using, is rude, greedy and deserves an @ss kicking (if you ask me). There are signs all over saying no reserving, but happened everyday and most didnt say anything. I feel you should have to rent the damn things by the hour (only palapas), that way there wouldnt be no problems and you would have em as long as you pay for them. Pool wasnt as bad, plenty of chairs and people were alittle more respectful.

Well thats it in the nutshell and by April next year I will be back and like I said min. 2 weeks. If all is good in business, I hope to be there by fall.

BC Okanagan
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1. Re: Trip Report March 4 -11

Great report! I love that you checked out other hotels and did a bit of a survey! Great idea. And I totally agree with you about the rude people that reserve with a towel and then dont have the decency to show up for hours! Laying your towels and books out, then going to grab a drink to bring back to your chair is one thing, but anything longer than that is just rude and greedy.

San Francisco...
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2. Re: Trip Report March 4 -11

Great report, and I also agree about the towel-year-olds and their selfish, inconsiderate ways.

Thanks for writing.

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for Mazatlan
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3. Re: Trip Report March 4 -11

Very informative report, however I have not heard of anyplace in Mazatlan where there are not the snarkey people that reserve chairs with towels for hours--and sometimes never use them.

Portland, Oregon
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4. Re: Trip Report March 4 -11

grat report and agree two weeks is a must

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5. Re: Trip Report March 4 -11

Something I prepared for another purpose, but you might find it entertaining....or not!

"Early in our stay, we were exposed to the “great chair reservation caper”, when people will place hotel towels on the chairs early in the morning, so they can occupy them some time later in the day.

Often extremely later in the day.

Sometimes never later in the day.

Personally, I find this behaviour quite anti-social. First come first served for me, and indeed many hotels will actively post in the pool rules not to do this thing.

But it is apparently so important for people to have a lounge chair to relax in round a pool with sun and a beverage, the rules will get ignored. Until someone comes along with a “holier than thou” mission! Then it can get decidedly nasty.

We were astounded to see two or three “gentlemen” creeping out in the evening after dark armed with the hotel towels, and draping them on their chosen tract of paradise round the pool for the following day.

Now this is really pushing it!

My mind started working through this. Do I really care? And if so, what to do?

On the other hand there are enormous possibilities for having a bit of fun……

One could creep out and move the towels around to the less desirable spots. Or even remove them all together and pile them together in the wading pool?

Or even simply steal them!

However sober second thought removed that last option, as we have a towel card, which we exchange for a towel, getting the card back when we return the towel. So, no card AND no towel would mean a fairly hefty surcharge for a lost towel.

And if I am correctly reading the reaction of a guy who would creep out late at night to reserve a lounge chair for the next day, losing both his chair and a towel deposit, that would almost certainly lead to violence, which is not the sort of fun I look for on vacation.

So I checked the pool rules – no chair reservations por fabor – then walked slowly and deliberately behind each be-toweled chair, gazing at each one.

Of course I was well aware that I was being closely studied from several balconies, which was all part of the fun.

The next evening, no-one came out at night with towels, which was interesting in itself, but my experiment came to naught when the hotel staff rearranged all the chairs for a major photo shoot for a new brochure, and removed the towels."

Mazatlan, Mexico
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6. Re: Trip Report March 4 -11

Neil only you could describe it so well! lmao Can see it all! People ready to pounce!

Washington State USA
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7. Re: Trip Report March 4 -11

So far as we can tell, this is the only threat of violence about Mazaatlan, the repercussions of one's unwelcome surcharge! Good story. Lar

Lakewood, Colorado
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8. Re: Trip Report March 4 -11

I couldnt agree more nesslar, the only threat there was, was amongst ourselves. Other than the chair saving tensions (which was everyday), all was wonderful!

Lakewood, Colorado
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9. Re: Trip Report March 4 -11

Forgot to add, timeshare people were not half as aggressive as last june when I was there. I did watch quite a few people sign up for timeshare presentations, maybe business was good and they werent so desperate to hit me up, everytime I walk past them. Didnt encounter any dinner sharks either.

Lake Minnewawa, mn
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10. Re: Trip Report March 4 -11

A couple of weeks ago we found the sharks to be far less aggressive than in previous years.