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Rumors are true...

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Rumors are true...

PBMZ does not have the morning happy hour any more, sniff...

free wireless internet working well bottom floor new wing

Paper towels in the room

Cell phone works good

Three ATM's at airport, two were out of order when we arrived about 4:30 pm Saturday, the other one would not accept BA or Wells Fargo. Had about 800 pesos from last trip so transportation no problema.

Shark tank pretty tame, maybe due to late arrival, or??

"They" fenced off the little bushy area between PBMZ and El Paraje so most of the land sharks are across the street. Speaking of the land sharks, the Little red rooster says Hola. Stumbled on to the best blow off line yet: "Cash before we'll get on the bus"

Ocean a little chilly.

Prices a little higher.

Almost no one in the GZ seems to have heard of the new currency laws.

One vendor stated "Governmento Loco" (arn't they all!)

More report in a couple of days


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1. Re: Rumors are true...

Thanks for the very informative and equally as concise introductory report. Darn I miss Mazatlan!

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2. Re: Rumors are true...

Great report Albroswift!!

Hope to see more!

Love LIVE reports!


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3. Re: Rumors are true...

One of my favorite things to do while in Maz. is watch the "little red rooster" working the street.

If you happen to stop to engage her in a little small talk, tell her all her fans here in the U.S. are looking forward to seeing her again soon.

Need trinkets? Walk across the street to Dolfinas Shop, I am sure she & her son could use the business.

We are always sure to take her Tillamook Cheese & her son a pair or two of Levis pays off big time in Real Mexican Food fresh from her kitchen.

Damn, now I'm homesick for my home away from home.

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4. Re: Rumors are true...

"Prices a little higher."

Really? The price of what? If anything, I know everyone's been slashing prices left and right trying to lure more people into.. whatever it is they're selling!

Forget about people actually making a profit... this year it's all about surviving!

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5. Re: Rumors are true...

Prices little higer at the nicer resturants, and beach vendors. Sorry, should have been a little more clear. Everything else very low, as you say.

Adding to the report, Sunday and Monday must have been off days for the land sharks, picked up a little during the week.

Went zip lining Wednesday, new place, Veraneando, 12 lines. FUN!!!

Went for a 6 hour boat ride yesterday, caught 2 Mahi mahi, lots of boats comming back empty this week. Used "Kings" out of the old marina, 42 foot "Blue Fin", Old boat, clean large head with toilet seat and paper, huge flybridge, $220 US. Great crew, Ramon and Manuel. Spotted us some Sea Turtles, Whales, Dolfin. Gave them each 500 peso tip.

Old marina getting fixed up a bit, finally.

Picked up a couple of rifle slings I had specially made at Constantinos, came out pretty nice! Also some belts, snake and leather, also good quality.

they now have a 3rd outlet across from PBMZ.

Tore my casting net up this morning, sewed it back together this afternoon. Getting lots of casting tips from the locals, try again soon.

Beach activity tomorrow, need to rest up for a while!

More in a couple of days


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6. Re: Rumors are true...

Still not sure weather to start another one or keep adding...

Three newer eateries worth mentioning;

Diegos, between PBMZ and Tony's:

World class chef, sauces and sides unlike anything in MZ, menu incredible. Not your fathers mexican restraunt. Prices between 100+ and 200+ per meal on the average. Burning barrels with mesquite moved to near your table. Great staff.

Fat Fish, down near El Cid (new to me anyway):

2 for one Steak, shrimp, rib dinners, 160 pesos. Great food, melt in your mouth ribs and steak. Sharks and vendors will pull up a chair and join you however.

Linda Lee's Garage, block behind the Scorpio II mini across from PBMZ:

All dinners 58 pesos UNO. American dishes, potatos and gravy, home made cake, apple, cherry, peach pie and ice cream! Word of mouth only advertizing. Reallly in a garage.

Other notable meals:

El Paraje cooked up my mahi mahi, enogh for 4 with a ton of leftovers, all the sides, cheese enchalidas, several drinks, etc, etc little over 200 pesos

Caught several yellow tail off the rocks behing bird island today, one over 10 lbs, chef at Celantros cooked it up 4 different ways, southern fried, beer batter, grilled, and butter and garlic. also a side of chavichi. Fed 3 of us, then took it down to the beach and fed half a dozen vendors. Will cook for tips. Life is good.

Been foggy off and on, rare for this time of year. Ocean temps have seemed to have warmed up, don't bother hitting me with any data, just seems warmer.

Probably forgot a bunch, tequila and sun affecting the brain cells. Heading back home sunday, update if anything new happens.


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7. Re: Rumors are true...

It always seems in Mexico if times are slow, they raise instead of lower the prices....does not make sense to me either, but that is what they seem to do.

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8. Re: Rumors are true...

Good report I also enjoy reports on what is happening as you are in Mazatlan one year I will have to do that myself!!! Please add more if you get time or add on when you get home!!

Wish It, Was A...
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9. Re: Rumors are true...

Great report Albroswift!!

Hope to see more as I Love LIVE reports!


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10. Re: Rumors are true...

Thanks for the reports, Mr. "Zimers"! Nice tuna, BTW.

Water might seem warmer due to the lower air temps.? Seems it's been cooler than average since way back in Oct.! Warm enough, though, certainly a WHIOLE lot better than places USA/Canada north and east of LA! Maps still show a band of warm Ocean/Sea along the Sinaloa area, not for long I fear, but will be OK.

Between shots and brain numbing, ;) please tell us more. :)

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