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Safety for travelers in Mexico

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Safety for travelers in Mexico

Does anyone know how safe it is for travelers in Puerto Vallarta? I heard on the news recently that it may not be safe for Americans in Mexico? Does anyone have any experience or information on this?

Puerto Vallarta
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1. Re: Safety for travelers in Mexico

I live here year 'round and I am very much alive :)

Mexico is a HUGE country, just like the States, there will be cities with more crime than others especially the border cities.

For the most part, Vallarta is VERY safe especially in all of the tourist areas, actually ALL areas for the most part. The only problems we have had recently are people involved in drugs and that is pretty much far removed from where the tourist is or will be.

I am never fearful living here. I am not afraid when I here of a killing because I am not involved in drugs of any kind let alone the selling/mass distribution of them.

What people should be more concerned about is looking both ways before they cross the street. A big bus is more dangerous than anything else:)

Grand Junction...
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2. Re: Safety for travelers in Mexico

My mother travels by herself every year. She feels very safe walking around and shopping in PV. I spent a few days with her a couple years ago and we got up early and went to church on a Sunday morning. It was barely light out and although I was thinking about safety, Mom never looked too worried. I'm no expert on PV, but I figure if a 79 year old feels safe I should too.

Zihuatanejo, Mexico
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3. Re: Safety for travelers in Mexico

Here is the link to the travel alert...basically think about you in Wisconsin...and this advisory like out in New York...no where near Puerto Vallarta...read it so that you are aware...and so that you will have some idea of the geography of Mexico.


Penticton, Canada
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4. Re: Safety for travelers in Mexico

i have to agree with BZY1, after traveling all over mexico for over 30 years i have aways been comfortable, enjoy what this beautiful country has to offer.

Lewiston, California
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5. Re: Safety for travelers in Mexico

In over 25 years of Mexican travel often alone for months at a time via bus, foot, air, car 7 even train I have not only never been a victim of a crime I have NEVER felt in danger. I have done the enter West coast including all of Baja & much of the interior.

Nashville, Tennessee
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6. Re: Safety for travelers in Mexico

We were just there, and spent a few night walking around old town late at night after leaving bars. Never felt unsafe at all. Now if you asked if Tijuana was safe, I would have to say a resounding no. But Puerto Vallarta seemed to be safer than Los Angeles to me. And I live in LA.

Chapala, Mexico
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7. Re: Safety for travelers in Mexico

Agree with bzy1's post.

I too live here in Mexico and I am alive and well.

Common sense and good travel judgement and you should be fine. Tourist areas seem to be fine.

I know the news makes it all so scary....but I just returned from Mazatlan which was all over the news and well we felt very safe and had no troubles.

Remember one thing...everywhere has crime....be aware of your surroundings, do not get totally drunk and go roaming about, NO DRUGS, and stay in places you know of as tourist areas mostly.

Be polite and respectful, you are a guest in a foreign country.

I go all over Mexico with and without hubby...and still live the good life, so come on down.....actually I am more afraid in the states than here LOL.

Puerto Vallarta...
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8. Re: Safety for travelers in Mexico

i heard on the news lately that a crap load of people have simmilar questions

heres my answer!!

honestly , what a tremendous first post !

in answer to your question ...... yes i know how safe it is

a lot better than where im originally from

just incase your really paying attention to the responses thar arise from your question, we , that live here feel very " at home " shall i say!

and love to encourage all of the people who worry about the little things across the pond to come and enjoy the company we keep

with a whole bunch of mexican hospitality and love

San Francisco...
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9. Re: Safety for travelers in Mexico

Not sure what "status" (gender, traveling solo or with others, etc.) our new poster "concerntravels" is in, but I hope this helps:

I'm a single female of "the older generation" and regularly travel to the PV area by myself. That means totally "sola" without female friends or even my boyfriend.

As others have indicated, getting hit by a bus (watch out) or falling on the irregular surfaces of sidewalks or the "lovely deep curbs" are my greatest fears.

So far so good, but when wandering around alone, I do spend much of my time watching my feet. Also, if alone, I don't wander around in the dark alone ---- even though PV is a non-dangerous city.

Other than that, I feel totally safe in PV ambling alone. Nothing different from any other city, in that you have to watch yourself and be alert and don't lose track of your belongings --- shopping bags and stuff. It's not Northern Mexico and hopefully it never gets to that point but the recent reports are definitely scary.

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10. Re: Safety for travelers in Mexico

I just have to add as the above posters have said...I also feel very safe in PV. I have traveled to PV many times with my sisters, my friends, my hubby and mostly with my daughters...and would travel alone (if I could ever get away from everyone - haha) - in all my travels I have never been involved in or witnessed any crime of any kind. Oh...I will take that back, once we were walking on the Malecon and we saw someone leave a restaurant without paying their bill and the waiters came out of the restaurant chasing them and they caught him - the police were there within seconds.

I also feel safer there than where I live (Minneapolis)! Just follow some of the great advice given above and you will be just fine...I would hate for someone to miss out on PV for news that they have heard about in other parts of Mexico.