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Cocoa Beach, Florida
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I was planning on stuffing my face with a variety of food while visiting PV soon.

Looking at previous forums (finally figuring out all the benefits to this site!), I came across one that asked the same question about lobsters, but it was asked back in 2005.

JR responded by saying ..."it's flown in frozen from Mexico's east coast. For fresh you'll need to go to some of the small coastal villages south of Bahia Banderas".

Is this still the case (Jr and other folks that know)?

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1. Re: Lobster?

From what I have been told and have seen, lobster is not a native product of the PV area. The few times that we have had it have been outdoor firepit grills at the Hotel for New Years, and they were a different variety for sure. They referred to them as spiny tail things... Not what we are accustomed to.

There are places in PV that provide lobster... really nice fresh frozen ones flown in from Maine and I'm sure other places. TeatroLimon is one of those places.. You pay the price if it has to be imported.

Shrimp on the other hand we have had our fill of. We love nothing better than to go to the local fish market and buy a couple of kilos of fresh large shrimp, and then ask the cook at the hotel (with a nice tip of course) to prepare them for us on at least one evening.

That's the best answer I can give you. As it is a weekend hopefully someone more knowledgeable (like JR, Jennybean, or Bruce) will respond.

Puerto Vallarta
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2. Re: Lobster?

We have lobster here but it is warm water lobster, so no claws to speak of meat wise, just the tail and they are not in abundance. My husband and his friend were supposed to go "lobster hunting" last week but the weather was not good for going out in the ocean at night.

Teatro Limon imports in cold water lobster as well as Sam's Club and a few other places, so you can find Maine/or Atlantic lobsters here on menus but you will pay much more due to the importation costs.

If you go south, down to Tehuamixtle, which is far off the beaten path, you can get a warm water lobster at a decent price but again, not cheap.

Instead, eat shrimp and fish :) and...the shrimp is not local either, it is brought in from San Blas, Mazatlan and the Gulf of Mexico. Shrimping is not allowed in the Bay.

So Cal
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3. Re: Lobster?

I wish I had the picture on my computer of the lobster we bought from some guys one day. It was so big we had a hard time finding a pan big enough to cook it in. So they are in the area, you just have to be at the right place at the right time to get them when the guys find them diving. Shrimp is not local in PV it is flown in from north of PV, usually from San Blas to Mazatlan. We used to buy it too out at Punta de Mita when the shrimp boats brought it back from their trips north but that was when PDM was a fishing village, before they built the Four Seasons and kicked all the people out of the area.

Cocoa Beach, Florida
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4. Re: Lobster?

thank you SO much for the info!

guess I will save my lobster meal if/when I'm in Maine.

Best to enjoy what foods (various towns/cities) do best,... in my opinion.


Twin Bridges...
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5. Re: Lobster?

I still order lobster when dining out in PV. It's still tasty. I have found the lobster at Oscars on the rio Cuale to be very good and they let you pick your own serving size.

Near Lake Tahoe
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6. Re: Lobster?

I have seen a few small ones snorkling at Lindo Mar. Look like the ones here in CA. I actually prefer the claw-less ones!

Puerto Vallarta...
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7. Re: Lobster?

The bay is very deep, not a place where shrimp boats can operate or a place where shrimp like to live.

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8. Re: Lobster?

You're right, save the lobster for Maine. Or enjoy one of the little spiny ones that are often in mixed seafood dishes.

What's really fresh in PV is the fish. Most every restaurant will have a "catch of the day" simple fillet of something either grilled or in garlic butter, side of rice and steamed vegetables. I've never had that meal anywhere, that wasn't delicious.

Calgary, Canada
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9. Re: Lobster?

The snapper and the mahi mahi are always fresh and delicious everywhere.

And yep, even though the shrimp is flown in from elsewhere it still beats anything I've had anywhere in the landlocked regions hands down. Yum.

Lobster in PV if it's local is *normally* small spiny warm water with no claw meat - very different than what people are normally used to. It can be good if prepared right, but if you want the big clawed lobsters in PV they will be imports and you'll pay a price for them.

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10. Re: Lobster?

That's my beef (no pun intended) with most of the lobster I've had in PV is the preparation, it has either been improperly defrosted or over cooked and comes out with a mushy texture. I'm sure there are others besides Bruce who can do it right, but I got tired of being disappointed and stick to red snapper, shrimp, dorado (mahi-mahi) and other seafood that is well prepared in and around PV.