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Playa Los Arcos & her "sisters" - LOVED it but not for all -

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Playa Los Arcos & her "sisters" - LOVED it but not for all -

Allow me to explain - You can't beat the location of PLA, that's for sure!

The staff was wonderful - very accommodating - we called a week prior to my arrival to request a mini-fridge & a room with a balcony (not oceanfront) - i didn't have a fridge the first night, they apologized & promised one the next day - without my having to ask twice, there was my fridge when i got back from breakfast or from the beach (don't remember which) - the room itself faced north & from the terrace i was able to sit & see the bay - if i stood up near the railing, i got a little piece of the sunset - two mornings i even got to spot some whales on the patch of bay i was able to see -

Now - to qualify my "subject - but not for all" - i say this because my room was very basic - tiny bathroom - bathtub/shower really teeny but they did have hanging hair dryer to use - i'm not saying i didn't like PLA - far from it - personally, i LOVE feeling like i'm in Mexico when i am in Mexico & i don't think i would get that feel at one of the big hotels in the Hotel Zone (maybe i'm wrong) - as a solo traveler this trip, i can tell you that PLA was perfect for me!! Middle of night hunger?? Fine - walk out for a taco at Takos Panchos - no fears - I didn't have to cab or bus it anywhere for the entire 8 days!! But if i was traveling with my husband, i would have felt somewhat cramped there & i don't know if there are rooms larger than the one i had -

The pool at PLA is a heated one & it is really great but not really my thing to sit by a pool so my time was spent mostly on the beach (see future post for Amapa Sunset) - I was so enjoying myself at the beach that i didn't even go to the rooftop pool at Casa Dona Susana until the 5th day of my trip - what a great escape!! Also heated, gorgeous view, really comfortable loungers & a shaded area with tables & chairs -

A two thumbs up for PLA & the visitors that i spoke with that were staying there loved it!

Estevan, Canada
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1. Re: Playa Los Arcos & her "sisters" - LOVED it but not for all -

We stayed in the Los Arcos Suites two years ago because we wanted kitchen and fridge and it was back a half block on a very quiet dead end street (1 1/2 block from beach)...we had a little 2 year old daughter with us and the use of the playa Los arcos with the heated pools etc was

wonderful, we found the staff to be very


The rooms at the Los arcos suites were very roomy for us anyways and I think was a little cheaper than staying right on

beach at PLA..,I would stay at the LAS

again in a heartbeat!!!

Just wanted to add...my inlaws were booked at the PLA same time we were at LAS ...when we arrived they came over to visit us...when they saw our room they asked to be moved to LAS even though they paid more for the room at PLA...if being right on the beach to sleep at nights(cause you can hangout there all day if you chose) isn't a big deal you might wanna look into Los Arcos Suites

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2. Re: Playa Los Arcos & her "sisters" - LOVED it but not for all -

lopo123 ... good & fair review!! and a great follow-up by eltiburon.

.... course we're a bit biased!! :-)

Shawnigan Lake...
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3. Re: Playa Los Arcos & her "sisters" - LOVED it but not for all -

I love PLA so much and thought both reviews were very fair and spot on about the roominess....Our last vist we spent more and got a suite but honestly would seek out the other two sisters should we return to PLA.

That said, after discovering the roominess of condo life down the street....well......as much as Mr.QT misses his pool and beach service I have promised to be his cabana girl.

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4. Re: Playa Los Arcos & her "sisters" - LOVED it but not for all -


Great review; thanks for your input! You should cut and paste this into a review in the Hotels section. IOW: click on PLA and submit a review; I think they need all the positive feedback they can get!

Some people only use TA for the hotel review section.

The rest of us junkies hang out in the forums looking for a laugh or two.... (Like the Great White Shark controversy of the last few day! HA!! LOVE that!)

....and I'm just doing this to see if it triggers a link:

Playa Los Arcos Hotel Beach Resort & Spa

Wausau, WI
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5. Re: Playa Los Arcos & her "sisters" - LOVED it but not for all -

I had to read your review again for reassurance...

Someone just left a scathing review of PLA.....

I value the opinion of someone who has 1000+ posts over the one hit wonder.....

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6. Re: Playa Los Arcos & her "sisters" - LOVED it but not for all -

I think the negative reviews come from people who are used to staying a different kind of hotel and their expectations simply aren't realistic. For me personally PLA would be a big step up (from Posada Roger) -lol!

I'm pretty sure there are various sized rooms there? I know the small ones overlooking Olas Altas always get bad comments. But people seem to like the rooms overlooking the beach or pool.


Wausau, WI
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7. Re: Playa Los Arcos & her "sisters" - LOVED it but not for all -

Posada de Roger is rated #16 overall right now. And somebody just left a really bad review of that one as well.... Of course, it was the person's one and only post.

We stayed at Buenaventura a few years back. I'm guessing PLA will be along the same type of place. We were happy there and I'm sure we'll be happy at PLA. Location is way more important to me this year than the hotel's rating. I need to be able to walk to Que?Pasa and bug JR!!

Shawnee, Kansas
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8. Re: Playa Los Arcos & her "sisters" - LOVED it but not for all -

I don't pay much attention to the ratings. I look at reviews and Imo the truth is often somewhere in the middle of all the reviews for a particular accomodation. Really - stick with what you've been told here.

Like Suze said, sometimes people start out with high expectations. I think once they get miffed about something..... they see the rest of their stay through black tinted glasses. Some reviewers seem to be out to cause a lot of harm......they want to draw blood which is too bad.......because somebody else might be happy with the same place.

When someone sounds like they did in that scathing PLA review you mentioned.........you can tell they are white hot mad and out for revenge which doesn't do the rest of us any good. Don't let them get to you. :-)

Cheers! Just a few more days right?

Redlands, California
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9. Re: Playa Los Arcos & her "sisters" - LOVED it but not for all -

I've stayed in the small rooms at PLA and thought they were just fine. Nothing fancy, but perfectly acceptable. I'd stay there again, but love staying in a condo.

Quincytoo, the waiters at epoca will wait on you with a smile.

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10. Re: Playa Los Arcos & her "sisters" - LOVED it but not for all -

KansasPVgal, I agree with you on all points. I would not base my patronage on the reviews. I went back and read that last horrible review on PLA and what I noticed about it, once the reviewer slammed everything they could, was that while they said they weren't expecting much, yet when they DID leave, they went to a small boutique hotel with a personal chef. They said and it was only $30/night more, but my first impression was that they are happier with more "plush" circumstances and wouldn't have been happy at PLA