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Palace Premier Members

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Palace Premier Members

I am a Palace resort member... lots of weeks....

Do you have trouble booking RCI weeks?

Did you get free airfare?... not free .....cost me $$$$

Just wondering if I an the only person having trouble...

How many weeks did you purchase? Did you get Free RCI

week? or Free airfare? cafemocha54@hotmail.com

los angeles
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1. Re: Palace Premier Members

Hey we are here in cancun and wondering if you are happy with your membership. I was almost about to join the palace resort membership.

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2. Re: Palace Premier Members

We had several free airfares, which we used last year for our wedding guests. We had several free weeks to use at Palace Resorts which we also used for the wedding. We got several free RCI weeks, but we have only used 1 so far. We also recieved approx. $1,400 free spa money which we have used. We have had no troubles receiveing any of the free items. We are more than pleased with our membership.

We are Palce Premiere (Foundling) Golf Members with 200 weeks or 100 Presidential weeks.

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3. Re: Palace Premier Members

We bought our first membership four years ago and have been very pleased with it. We had no trouble using our free airfare certificates, and yes they were free so long as you used one of the airports on their list. We were so happy with our membership that we upgraded to a suites membership in January and have already used two of our air fare certificates with no problem.

We have never tried to use RCI to trade a week so I can't comment on that.

Orlando, Florida
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4. Re: Palace Premier Members

We are presidential members also and are more than pleased with out choice. We did it, though, because we knew airfare would continue to be a bargain from our home airport. The whole vacation can be too expensive if you travel from a region that is not heavily marketed by the airlines. As for RCI, I don't think we will ever use it. I'm not pleased with the alternative hotels that all seem to be a far cry from the amenities Palace resorts offer. Not many are AI, for one thing. I don't have enough vacation days to justify it.

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5. Re: Palace Premier Members

I've been a Palace Premier member for over 11 years, have a total of 598 remaining weeks, access to 4 presidential suites per year, and have been given 12 "free" (part of the money spent for the membership) r/t airfare certificates. As far as RCI, we recevied 3 free years of subscription and reduced costs for transfers. I used RCI once a couple of years ago and found the the value was not there.

I've also used the Palace Resorts travel agency and have had both good and bad experiences. I prefer to book my own ia the internet or use frequent flyer miles for my travels and give my "free" weeks away to family members.


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6. Re: Palace Premier Members

I didn't receive any free airfare. I haven't had any issue booking with RCI -- although I don't think it's worth it if you are booking an AI. Seems to be cheaper if you want to stay at an AI that's not a Palace place to book online. We did receive 2 weeks free when we first purchased. We purchased a small package, only 30 weeks for now. Good Luck!

Northwest Ohio
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7. Re: Palace Premier Members

We have traveled all over the Caribbean using RCI trades. Sometimes the hotels are not as nice as Palace Resorts-St. Thomas Bluebeard's Castle and the Pelican in St. Marteen- but I would still trade to see other locations. Altho Mexico is still my favorite.

Yale, MI
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8. Re: Palace Premier Members

We just became Palace members...we formerly owned at Hollywood Beach Tower in Florida and NEVER stayed there...we always exchanged through RCI. We had stayed at the Sun Palace in Dec. of 2002 and we loved the resorts so much that we just returned to ASP this past January...that is when we "equity exchanged" our Florida timeshare for the Palace Premier.

I was just looking over the papers again last night and I am afraid that we may have done something we might regret. We LOVE MEXICO, but we will always have to fly there, which is expensive, and we have 5 boys. It's not feasible to fly 7 people to Mexico.

We own 80 weeks...we received a "free" week, which we can use after we pay it off...10 rounds of golf free....3 nights at LeBlanc free...and a "1/2 off" week.....We paid about $7500. Did we get a good deal? We are 31 and 37. I don't think we'll even use all of our weeks. Also, I know that when we exchanged through RCI, we always got a heck of a deal on the all-inclusive rate...which included the "passport" with the tours. Now that we own, it looks like we are ALOT more limited on tours...only 2 and they are specific ones per resort. The all-inclusive rates are more money too, but the sales people told me that RCI was only offering us "special discounted rates" that aren't always the same.....well, sure they're going to tell us that!

We love the Palace resorts, but we sure aren't "rich" people. We are a middle-class young couple with 5 kids...my husband pays child support of about $400/week!! I just hope we can really use these weeks like we planned to when we bought.

We'd like to meet other couples that are like us to maybe "hang out" the next time we go. Throw us a line! --Mary Jo

Yale, MI
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9. Re: Palace Premier Members

In response, we did NOT get any free airfare....I see that we have "membership" with some company that will offer us discounted airfare and hotel rates...ever wonder how many of these "clubs" you actually are a member of that you simply forget about?

No free RCI week either...they paid for one year of membership to RCI for us.....

WE got FREE: one week at any Palace resort (probably not Punta Cana).....10 rounds of golf....3 nights at Spa palace, Moon Palace or Le Blanc Spa Resort...I think that is it.

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10. Re: Palace Premier Members

When you become a member do you pay a large lump sum in the beginning or do you make payments. Sorry this is probably a stupid question. Just wondering exactly how this works since we will be at Sun Palace in a few weeks and was wondering if sitting through the presentation is even worth it.