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All Inclusive vs. European Plan

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Chicago, IL
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All Inclusive vs. European Plan


I am thinking of staying at the Marriott CasaMagna and I am debating if I should select the All Inclusive option or the European plan. What is NOT included in the all-inclusive plan?

What alcoholic beverages are inlcuded in the all-inclusive plan? Are beers such as Coronas also included?

How much would a Corona, Dos XX, or a glass of white wine cost at the hotel bars?

Does anyone have any suggestions one way or another (All-Inclusive vs. Euro Plan)?

Also, can anyone provide any prices for the food offered at the hotel?

What should I expect to pay for: breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

Thank you very much for your help,


kansas city
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1. Re: All Inclusive vs. European Plan

i am suprised you have not gotten alot of responses. everyone has an opinion on this- we do Ai. like to drink and try new things- we sitll go out almost every day. do breakfast at hotel- usually pretty good- can get made to order at most AI- we will do lunch or dinner out

or just grab a drink and chips out and head back for dinner

really personal preference. I like to try new stuff so if i try and don t like it i can try something else Cuz in my head it is free- i forget that i paid for it months ago

Buffalo, New York
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2. Re: All Inclusive vs. European Plan

Mike...I am not experienced at all when it comes to either type as I am going for my first time Dec1..but I have researched and read and read... I think it comes down to personal likes...I like the fact that I am not paying for each drink..which i plan on having alot of..and they will be mostly "froo-froo" drinks and where i come from..are very expensive for each one and i like the fact i dont have to pay for each meal and snack as well..if we chose to leave the resort we can but don't have to..the only money I have to worry about bringing is for tipping and anything i buy and having everything paid for in advance gives me more $$ to do that with. dont know if this helped but hope so,..good luck

Southlake, Texas
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3. Re: All Inclusive vs. European Plan

I don't believe room service is included in the AI plan - I personally, when staying at a Marriott, think it's the way to go - even when we venture off site for meals - we still save a ton of money instead of paying for each drink and food item seperately. Have a great trip!


San Antonio, Texas
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4. Re: All Inclusive vs. European Plan

I think it comes down to how much will you drink. If your a casual drinker then it might not be worth it. I stay at a timeshare and can stock up on beverages from Walmart to cut that cost way down. we enjoy dinning out experiancing new places.

long island, ny
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5. Re: All Inclusive vs. European Plan

It certainly is personal choice. 10 years ago my husband and I went to Cancun for the first time. We stayed at the Melia (pyramid) and it wasn't an AI. We hated the food options in the hotel district. We would get on the bus and head to the "real Cancun" for dinners. We just didn't want to fly all the way to Mexico to eat at Outback. The seafood place (can't remember the name but started with an "L") was good but overpriced. We didn't really enjoy the food choices right on the strip.

About 7 years later (2004) we went to Xpu-ha palace (before the hurricane that destroyed it) and loved it. The food was great. We stuck to seafood fresh off the grill for the most part or the seafood items at the sit down restaurants. It was calming and refreshing and relaxing to know we didn't have to have "what do you want to eat' Idon't know" what do you want to eat? discussion. You leave your money (except for tips) behind and there is no thought about it. The vacation is paid for before you even go.

I love food and I look at other vacations as my research and enjoy the local food...like a weekend in Philly and night in NYC, etc...

My upcoming (2 more weeks) vaca is at secrets (15 year anniversary). We are leaving two active lil' boys at home with grandpa and are looking forward to a calm and relaxing vacation. We chose secrets because the food quality is superior to that of many other options.

Well, that is my opinion. You will have to decide your priorities and make the decision that suits you...good luck and enjoy

Peoria, Illinois
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6. Re: All Inclusive vs. European Plan

The Marriott's are FANTASTIC....I was considering the CasaMagna, but wanted an AI, so I'm very interested in your post. When I check the usual websites I don't see the AI option. The Marriott website had it but for couples....and I'd be going alone.....do you have any information?


Hemet, California
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7. Re: All Inclusive vs. European Plan

We are planning 10 days in Cancun, 4 days EP, 6 days A/I. If you are going to be away from the resort, eating out anyways, then the EP plan would be better. We are doing 3 excursions in 4 days. If you are spending most of the time relaxing at the resort then the convenience of the A/I is tremendous. I have done EP (not in Cancun) that turned out to be not much cheaper than the A/I after factoring cab rides, finding the place to eat and trying dishes that I though would be fine but I didn't care for.

Bebington, United...
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8. Re: All Inclusive vs. European Plan

We like AI especially with kids, you don't have to keep diving into your purse every two minutes.

When you are travelling with or make new friends no-one has to worry about taking their fair turn at the bar. You can try things that you might not do ordinarily because if you don't like it you can try something else.

My son (8) tried snails last year, he didn't really like them but would never have had them otherwise.

We still like to go out and eat at other places, and probably will do half of the time, but the convenience of AI and not having to worry about your budget so much is great.

We went to Lanzarote this year in a villa and totally blew our budget. Once I am away I am not going to worry about it but the visa bill was a bit of a shock when we got home. With AI it is much easier to "fix" your expenses without having to miss out.

The downside is you definitely eat and drink more than you usually would. When on EP I eat when peckish, on AI I see someone else eating and think, "oh that looks good", I'll just have a taste.

Usually I never drink cocktails, but when on AI the speciality cocktail of the day always goes down well in the afternoon.

Denver, co
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9. Re: All Inclusive vs. European Plan

It absolutely boils down to how much drinking and eating you plan on doing. To get to the bottom of this conundrum, we just sat down and did a little math. For ex, at the Fiesta Americana (which is not AI), a beer will cost you somewhere between $8 and $10 bucks. OK, so we sit by the pool and swill down three or four each. Ouch. You can see how quickly that's going to add up, and that's not even factoring in two or three meals per day. From what I've read, most of the non-AI hotels charge similarly for drinks. That made the decision to do an AI very clear to us!

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10. Re: All Inclusive vs. European Plan

I like to stay AI. Not only is it convenient, but I feel that we are getting a good deal too. You don't have to worry about carrying a lot of money around with you all the time, usually only money for tipping when staying AI. Also, you don't have to second guess everything when you stay AI....should I get that extra drink? should I order this instead of that because this will cost more? It's already paid for. Trust me, it's easier.

Don't get me wrong, we still like to go off the property and eat out. Going AI doesn't mean you can't enjoy a meal out while you are on vacation. It just means that you don't have to eat every meal out and spend all the extra $$ because it was included in the cost of your trip you already paid for.

Let me put it this way. My boyfriend and I vacationed together for the first time this past May. We stayed at an AI resort. I, usually stay AI, he had never before. He was amazed and vowed that if he had the choice we would stay that way from now on. :o)