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Do employees get to keep their tips?

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Do employees get to keep their tips?

We just returned from Cancun and staying at the Cancun Palace and were treated like royalty by the entire staff there. Does anyone know if the staff gets to keep their tips, has to share their tips, or...heaven forbid...has to give the tip to the resort?

We tipped pretty good for the great service we received and hope the people who earned the tips were able to keep them.

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1. Re: Do employees get to keep their tips?

At the all-inclusives my husband has worked at (and of course, it may differ amongst hotels and hotel chains), they'd turn in their tips and then see them with their biweekly pay. Waiters have to share their tips with pretty much everyone and their mother..bus boys, stewards, the head waiter, and in some cases (not sure about AI for this one, but in restaurants) even some of the kitchen staff.

AI waiters get paid more in their biweekly checks than those who work at restaurants, but the difference in pay isn't terribly impressive.

I only have detailed info about how tips are shared in Mexico but I think it's pretty standard even in the US to pool tips. Right? And working at an AI does make it a little different.

Even with the fact that tips aren't required at AIs and therefore people aren't going to be tipping at the standard level for going out to eat or for drinks, my husband and all of his family members that are waiters still prefer to work at a good, busy AI hotel.

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2. Re: Do employees get to keep their tips?

GBCH - am I to understand from your response that tipped employees at AI's don't take the cash but that they turn it in to their hotel and it comes back to them in the form of a biweekly paycheck? There is controversy over whether to tip in pesos or US dollars. If they turn their tips in and get it in their paychecks, then is it true that they are not standing in line at banks, as some people have suggested? I already have my stack of 1's and 5's and was planning to just use them as tips, but was concerned because of some of what I've been reading about the difficulty exchanging lately. ( Also, I figured they would actually get more if I tipped in dollars because of the exchange rate ($5 rather than 50 pesos).

Cancun, Mexico
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3. Re: Do employees get to keep their tips?

Noup... you misunderstand gbc.

Most AI resorts paid every 15 days a "global" tip to their employees in a more technical way all their operational employees like waiters, stewards,kitchen staff, front desk , concierge, bell boys, maids, etc.

From the total of what you paid on your All inclusive a n% will go in this global tip. Like for example waiters may get from 250 to 300 USD every 15 days.

This is why a lot of AI's say that the tips are already included.

Now if you want to give something extra to the workers is always welcome but it all depends on every resort and their politics some of them don't even take tips cause it's not permitted but must of them do.

So if I as a worker get let's say 20USD tip by some guest that goes directly into my pocket not to the resort and it's the same for everybody.

Waiters on the other hand if they get extra tips by guest's they share it with the kitchen staff or bartenders in a way of appreciation for their help.

Hope this helps!

Birmingham, United...
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4. Re: Do employees get to keep their tips?

it depends on the employee sometimes, when i was in mexico previously we used to favour one of the small bars that had the same worker on every night, when we tipped him he put it into his pocket, he was the only one working the small bar so the tips he got were for him.....and when i tipped him it was meant to be just for him.

In the day the bar was a lot busier on the resort several staff used to work the bar all getting tips which they placed in a box, im assuming to split between them all later....

vancouver, BC
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5. Re: Do employees get to keep their tips?

good question because i have always assumed that any cash tips that i leave for our waiter/s is meant for that particular waiter only.....

omaha, ne
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6. Re: Do employees get to keep their tips?

As said before, all tips are pooled together. At the end of the day/week/15 days.. whatever, they are divvied up between everybody.

Of course, AFTER the management takes their cut.

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7. Re: Do employees get to keep their tips?

Is room service tip shared with everyone too? How about tip to the concierge?

Pearland, Texas
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8. Re: Do employees get to keep their tips?

I've asked some staff about this. They generally are closed lipped about it, probably under instructions from the management. From what I gather, tips are pooled, but if you give a special tip to a waiter or someone, they may be inclined to hide it away and not pool it. I also wouldn't be surprised if tips were skimmed before being turned in. Just human nature I suppose.

I highly doubt management takes a cut.

Dollars are as good as pesos in most places in Cancun. If you tip staff in dollars, there are plenty of places they could spend it without having to exchange it for pesos.

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9. Re: Do employees get to keep their tips?

Mostly deferring to ThinkG33 on this. :)

Asked the husband when he got home: he said that at one AI, he would keep any cash tips himself but as Think said, they also got the global tip. Like how you mentioned tipping out kitchen staff as an appreciation for their help. I got it explained to me differently. ;) But that's the general idea.

WallyWilson: managment always gets a cut...that's how they roll in Mexico. And yes, they take tips in either dollars or pesos, but we always exchanged them...can't pay your water or cable bill in dollars plus the exchange rate isn't so hot so I always got the dubious pleasure of exchanging husband's dollars for pesos because I had more time off than he did.

Tulum, Mexico
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10. Re: Do employees get to keep their tips?

My husband used to be the sole kitchen worker in a small beach club. It was his job to clean the kitchen, prep the food, cook the food, wash the dishes, order food for the following day, and clean the kitchen again at closing. The waiters walked from kitchen to table and delivered the food while schmoozing. Tips went into a box and were divided at the end of the day. I saw the waiters skim tips before dividing one day, so I know it happens. My husband got a cut of the tips but in this case the boss didn't take a cut. He has told me that friends working in AI resorts had to pool tips and the management did take a cut. Can't prove it, but that's what he's heard from friends.