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smoking properties

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smoking properties

there are some properties in hawaii that you cannot smoke at all you have to go out by the street.Is there any properties like that in cancun.also what are the usual guidelines.thanks, hack.

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1. Re: smoking properties

Rules are pretty much the same as most places in the states, smoking is prohibited in most indoor areas of all buildings as of 4 or 5 years ago. How much that is obeyed depends on the guests.

Ithaca, New York
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2. Re: smoking properties

On my trips to Cancun, I agree indoor smoking is not allowed. However outside places around the pool and beach do allow smoking. If not allow, they don't don't prevent anyone from doing this. I am noting this because these crowded out door spaces would also be smoke free in the US, at least they are in NY.

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3. Re: smoking properties

In general, the nationwide law in Mexico only bans smoking in indoor workplaces and enclosed public spaces such as offices, schools, hospitals, and on public transport. Smoking in private businesses such as bars and restaurants can be allowed if special, ventilated smoking areas are set up or on open-air terraces. However, you will find most restaurants and bars are smoke free now. Furthermore, guest rooms in hotels and resorts are not considered public and smoking is allowed unless the hotel or resort has their own private restrictions (most hotels and resorts allow smoking in the guest rooms that are designated for smoking and the rest of the rooms are designated non-smoking rooms). Smoking is allowed outside in most places unless there is a restriction applied at the discretion of the property owners.

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4. Re: smoking properties

Well then, so where does a smoker go to enjoy a smoker friendly resort? It is so sad that the nanny state has now reached Mexico. We all pay dearly to travel. Vacation is supposed to be about relaxing and enjoying things we don't normally get to do, Keep the smoking areas indoors away from nonsmoking areas, like the old days. Worked fine until the liberal nosy peeps had nothing better to do than enforce there ideals on others. I assume I will be going to a different vacation spot because of this. Liberals are taking over our world, ugh! I expect mexico will now ban all large sized drinks next.

Cozumel, Mexico
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5. Re: smoking properties

Its all about you...and nothing but....

6. Re: smoking properties

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7. Re: smoking properties

The VIM allows smoking everywhere except inside the restaurants and maybe inside the rooms, but I smoked out on the balcony since my husband doesn't smoke and I was fine. I smoked at the pools and beach as well. I try to be courteous about it though and would NEVER throw my butts down. I always made sure I had a water bottle to put them in when at the beach/pool. They also had chairs with ashtrays at all the tables in the breeze ways outside by the lobby. This year I am taking an e-cigarette with me, but that is mostly for the layover and not wanting to go back through security if I go to smoke.

Toronto, Canada
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8. Re: smoking properties

Having non smoking and smoking areas indoors together NEVER worked for non smokers - the old adage was that it was like having a non peeing section in the pool!

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9. Re: smoking properties

Quenkath, it amazes me how the simplest of things can be turned into a political issue, smoking indoors is obscene, just as hitting women over their heads with clubs and dragging them to the cave is prehistoric, I am an ex-smoker, I know what its like to want to smoke, but the minute you use your right to smoke, you are infringing on my right not to smoke. Second hand smoke risk are real, you are free to stay home and smoke inside all you want. The issue has nothing to do with liberalism, I'm sure there are many of your gun toting, gay bashing, republican friends that do not want to smell smoke while they are enjoying their shrimp risotto! We wonder why the southern states are always last in education!

LOL! Emma, perfectly stated!

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Belpre, Ohio
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10. Re: smoking properties

I too am an ex smoker, smoked for 14 years...a lot I might add. Not sure what this has to do with government. However, i have been wondering about smoking areas myself because since I don't smoke now, I don't want to be in a tight space having to smell the crap.