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Sun screen problem!

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Sun screen problem!

Serious question which I’ve posted on a few different forums.

I use Boots own brand of sun tan lotion and whenever I’m lying round the pool and the sweat runs in my eyes, they sting all day!

I’ve tried using an eye wash, which helps a little.

My question is ‘what sun screen do you use’?

Better still, have you had the same trouble and changed your sun screen…..did it stop the stinging?

It’s starting to bug me.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

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1. Re: Sun screen problem!

my daughter who is 10 now always complains about this. I use a baby hypo allergetic on her face. I find that the "baby" version does not sting and I have used several different brands and have found them all to work.

Newcastle, United...
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2. Re: Sun screen problem!

A bit like Johnsons 'no more tears'....good idea

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3. Re: Sun screen problem!

I totally understand what you are saying. Perhaps you know this, and are already doing it, but I learned over the years that sunscreen for the body is not good for the face, for the reason you just mentioned.

Most brands also offer a sunscreen for :"faces only". These are usually a 50 or 60 SPF factor, and for whatever reason, they do make a difference.

I have to be a bit careful because I can, for no known reason, have a mild allergic reaction to some brands. That's why I always, when purchasing a different brand, try it out at home a couple of times before depending on it at our vacation destination.

Hawaiian Tropic is one brand that my body "likes" LOL, and they do make a small container labelled "for faces". Neutrogena does the same. These are only suggestions, as there certainly are others.

Speaking to your pharmacist is very helpful as well. Mine has also recommended for me an Ombrelle faces product, which I have yet to try.

I really do suggest you try your products at home before hitting that beautiful beach and sunshine in Mexico!

As an aside, if you do get into the scenario of burny, runny, eyes, etc., the application if chilled cucumber slices does help a lot. A few years ago at Royal Hideaway I was in the situation you describe, and was in the beach washroom, leaning on the vanity, holding wet paper towels to my stupid watering eyes. The dear little washroom attendant, who spoke almost no English, was most concerned, as she thought I was ill! Bless her heart, she went to the closeby restaurant and returned with a little dish of very icy cucumber slices and proceeded to help me apply them to my eyes.

She initially refused the tip I offered, but I finally persuaded her it was OK to accept it. I sure gave her another one on our day of departure!

Sorry to ramble on so. Not what you asked, but to answer your question, check out the products especially made for faces.

Happy Travelling!!

Newcastle, United...
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4. Re: Sun screen problem!


That's great advice. For years I've walked in, picked up my usual and never gave a thought that there may be a one just for faces.

Looking forward to Mexico in January much more now.

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5. Re: Sun screen problem!

We use Hawaiian Tropic Silk. Good sunscreen and smells great. I always wear a hat so maybe thats why I don't have a problem with it running in my eyes. I also use Banana Boat Sport. We never buy anything above 30 SPV, unless the higher spv is on sale (which is never is). Plus you don't more protection for the 50 or higher and it's always more expensive. I can only suggest that you apply as early as you can so it has more time to soak in and dry so it doesn't run in your eyes. No facts just a suggestion

Boulder, Colorado
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6. Re: Sun screen problem!

Use a the sunscreen sticks. I use that for my kids and i've never had a complaint.

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7. Re: Sun screen problem!

Best sunscreen, hands down, is Blue Lizard. My dermatologist recommends it and it is the ONLY sunscreen that we don't burn through. All of the others sting eyes, like you said, and on about day 2, we still manage to get pink to red. It is a little pricey (Amazon is pretty good) but a little goes a very long way. It is thick, so you don't need much. It has zinc oxide in it, which really helps protect you. Plus, they have cool bottles that turn pink or blue when the UV rays are strong. On our last vacation, my 4 year old nephew was having a fit because his eyes were burning, so I had him ditch his baby sensitive sunscreen and come try the Blue Lizard. It saved the vacation! Hands down, my favorite. The only one I pack.

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8. Re: Sun screen problem!

The Blue Lizard sounds great. But I always just buy the kids sensitive and never have trouble with any brand I buy. Any regular lotion causes my eyes to really burn.

Livingston, Scotland
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9. Re: Sun screen problem!

As said buy face specific cream - our local Asda has it pretty cheap or if you have a Home Bargains/B&M they. Have a factor 50 One for 99p!

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10. Re: Sun screen problem!

Here are some facts on sunscreens from the July Consumer Reports.


1. Up & up (target)

2. Equate (Walmart)

3. Coppertone

4. Walgreens

5. Hawaiian Tropic

6. Coppertone (sports high performance)

7. California Baby

8. N-Ad

9. Neutrogena

10. Kiss my face

11. Badger

12. All terrain

The top 6 are all $1.67 per oz. or less Coppertone it the most expensive. The others are as high as $6.90 per oz. and are at the bottom of the list.. Note Blue Lizard is not on the list.

We use the Equate spray 50 spf for .47 cents per oz. We ended up using this because it because it does not burn the kids eyes, and that's the only reason.. How lucky that it's inexpensive! Not only that it works good. We used every other brand b4 we found it. They all burned the kids eyes.

I made a comment to my wife that the Equate brand was ranked #2. ( when I read this upon receiving the July issue, which came in late April or early June.. ) Just goes to show you that you do not have to spend the big bucks to get something that actually works.

For those who are not familiar with Consumer Reports, they do not give a rats tail who comes out on top or the bottom. Non bias studies on every thing they analyze If I'm not mistaken you can view the Consumer Reports issues online. .

Edited: 20 July 2013, 14:15