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You never leave your AI. Do you get bored?

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Colo Spgs
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You never leave your AI. Do you get bored?

I often read about people staying at an AI for their entire stay and never leaving. Doesn't that get boring? For those that stay confined to an AI, do you prefer to just relax?

Help me understand. Note that my need to move around is just one reason why I have no desire to go on a cruise.

New York City, New...
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1. Re: You never leave your AI. Do you get bored?

I agree Co-Pilot, I have taken many cruises and felt confined. I often wonder how people wouldn't simply want to explore Cancun's Hotel Zone, being that there is a plethora of fabulous restaurants, shopping and nightlife located a short distance away.

212eric V.P.

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Wisconsin Dells...
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2. Re: You never leave your AI. Do you get bored?


We always stay at an all inclusive but always venture out into town. It is the convenience of having a drink anytime you want and food anytime you want at the resort and no tipping if you don’t want too. It is also nice that other resort guests are much easier to talk to at the swim-up, etc... because you do not feel obligated to buy them a drink after become friends. WE always go out to dinner or lunch during our stay and see the local sites. We have been going to AI for over 8 years and we love it. You mention a cruise and I agree you we would feel confined. We are trying one this winter with our group of 40 in February but it is an all-inclusive cruise which includes drinks and all the tips plus stopping at 4 ports (full days). Hope this explanation explains why we do that. It is not a money thing it’s a convenience thing. See everyone in 46 days... T&JWisconsin

Bonita Springs...
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3. Re: You never leave your AI. Do you get bored?

I have to confess to never getting bored just staying on the resort. We "discovered" the Yucatan about 4 years ago and have been on vacation there about 10,11 times since then........husband and I were there in April and August and I just booked for us to return in December)). We did some of the "tourist" excursions the first couple times we were there.......now, basically, we stay on the resort - apart from going into Playa Del Carmen to wander the streets, have a drink and/or a meal and soak in the atmosphere. Generally, we pick a resort where we can either walk into Playa, or pick up a collectivo on the highway.

My husband has quite a busy work schedule where he travels a lot, so now we generally hang about the beach (we are "beach people"))).

We lived in Brasil for many years and have visited lots of countries and tourist attractions throughout the world......now, perhaps, it is a case of "been there, done that".

My hubby used to be like you....hated to sit still for a minute! (I, on the other hand, had, and have, NO problem with that)). Now, we take part in activities in the resort, go to the shows, socialize with other guests and the time flies by. And, I have my own personal waiter to fetch me drinks when he gets antsy and has to move about)).

We went on a cruise 11 years ago for our 25th anniversay.....I didnt like it....cos I couldn't spend my days on the beach......However, I did find lots of activites to do every day! My hubby said he needed a holiday when we returned!)).

Perhaps it's an age thing....we are in our late 50s, and although we like to have fun, enjoy sitting on the beach relaxing too (with a drink in our hands, of course))

Cleveland, Ohio
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4. Re: You never leave your AI. Do you get bored?

I would go insane if I never left the resort....which is why I also have no desire to go on a cruise and will never go back to Punta Cana.

We somehow always find a great deal on an AI....we like being able to grab a quick breakfast and lunch and drink whaterver we want....but we go out to dinner almost every night.

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5. Re: You never leave your AI. Do you get bored?

What a great question!

When I was younger, I wanted to see and do everyting. Not so anymore.

Now, a truly perfect vacation for me is to never leave our resort, which is always the Omni Cancun Hotel. OMG.....I/we love it there so much! The Omni staff treats us like royalty and we just love them.....they are truly awesome people.

I have been to Cancun well over 20 times. I/we have done all of the tours that interests us, which is actually quite a lot. Been to all the usual spots and enjoyed them all.

We have four kids, hence we run non stop for all their activities, school and such. My husband travels all over the world for business. That said, both of us, and even our kids, are PERFECTLY happy never leaving our resort. All six of us LOVE to just kick back and chill. We all need the down time in a big way. That's just our paticular family.

I think if we didn't run around at home ALL OF THE TIME, we'd probably enjoy doing more activities outside of the resort. But like I said, we've done MANY tours and now we're just happy chilling, even our kids.

We have the awesome beach, big pools, activities at the resort and all the food/drinks that we desire..........and we're very happy with just that.

I know many people who are not happy unless they are doing something all the time, and I used to be that when I was younger. That is just not us......anymore that is.

Chilling at the Omni for our entire vacay is PERFECT for us.

NO, we never get bored just staying at our resort!

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6. Re: You never leave your AI. Do you get bored?

Well, I think that if it were in a place that I was already familiar with, and I only had 4 days tops, then I might be okay. But any longer than that, I would go crazy.

Plus, the idea of a mega-resort doesn't appeal to me.

I would NEVER dream of going to a fascinating country like Jamaica or the DR and staying at a resort. If that were the kind of vacation I craved, I'd go to Florida. No reason to leave the resort there! At least for me.

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7. Re: You never leave your AI. Do you get bored?

You wouldn't believe how many people we talk with at the AI resorts that have never been off the resort! And it's not even their first time to Cancun! Yet, we can't seem to talk them in to going off with us. We like to leave the resort at least once a day.

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8. Re: You never leave your AI. Do you get bored?

On our last trip to Cancun, we did not leave the resort that much. After dinner each evening we went for walk and ventured out to do a little shopping. We were exhausted from our jobs and life at home and just opted to hang out at the resort. We had planned on doing a few excursions, but never got around to it.

In a Little Cafe...
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9. Re: You never leave your AI. Do you get bored?

Along the way, over the years, I've done both the EP and AI Resorts and have always tried to find a happy medium between them as far as on site, at the resort and outside activities. On one hand, there's not much value in staying at a 4-5 Star Resort and spending most of your time off site while paying for it and on the other hand, there's not much upside to visiting a foreign country and spending the days locked in a compound that could be any Caribbean area, insert name here, type place.

Personally, any one that knows me would tell you that more than a day or so in any resort would have me bouncing off the walls looking for ways to escape. Hence, most of my trips are usually, resort breakfast, AM beach/poolside, quick lunch and out and about away from the resort if not sooner. Evenings are spent in much the same way, often out but around enough to take advantage of the best entertainment, dinner and party nights at the resort.

Often, I get from other guests, the "but you're paying for it at the resort" remarks and I tell them I'm also paying for it when I'm out, I just don't care and I'm fortunate enough not to have to worry about it.

One thing I couldn't ever imagine is being trapped inside some compound resort, no matter how glorious, pretending I was on vacation from the real world. I suppose it works for some folks but it's just not my thing.

I don't want to swim in a roped off sea, it's just not for me. ;-)

Fort Myers, Florida
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10. Re: You never leave your AI. Do you get bored?

Having been to Cancun for over 20 years and experiencing lots of the necesary events (Chichen Itza, Tulum, Xcaret, Xel-ha, Mercado 28, Mercado 23, Coral Negro, etc.) --- we prefer to stay at our resort and have personal interactions with our workers at the hotel. They have become family to us and this is our main connection.