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Are you A.I. or non AI "Elitist"?

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Cleveland, Ohio
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Are you A.I. or non AI "Elitist"?

On topic "Cozumel for a Day", people who do not stay at AI's are termed "elitist" by a poster. I have stayed at both AI's and not. I prefer the environment and company at the non AI's.

AI's are handy if you want to feed kids or family without worrying about the costs. That is nice.

Why I like non AI's : there are less kids, noise, contrived events, and less people more concerned about the ins and outs of that particular resort rather than experiencing the local flavor and culture.

So if I am an "elitist", so be it. To each his (or her) own.

Seattle, Washington
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1. Re: Are you A.I. or non AI "Elitist"?

Well, it seems kind of silly to call someone who prefers the non-AI experience as elitist. We have done it both ways and highly prefer the non-AI route...we just like a less manufactured experience and like to go where the breeze takes us day by day.

It's nice to have your food and booze all paid for in advance, but we like the vibe away from the resorts much better.

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2. Re: Are you A.I. or non AI "Elitist"?

You can certainly count me as an "elitist" I guess. I have never stayed at an AI and at least for now have no intention to ever stay at one.

They are too expensive and I don't see the value for my dollar. I read on here all the time that people spend about $150 extra on tips over and above their AI fee.

I have posted my figures on here before. We stay at the Melia. Their AI fee is $60 per person per day(which is low for most AI). That is $840 for my husband and I. During our week on Cozumel in Feb. we rented a car for $200 for the week. We ate and drank at all our favorite local places, did breakfast and some lunches in our condo all for $175 including tips. At least 3 times we had leftovers for lunch from the night before.

Just doesn't make sense to me.

Cozumel, Mexico
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3. Re: Are you A.I. or non AI "Elitist"?

I stayed at AI's my first two trips to Cozumel, then non-AI my last trip and my upcoming one. It has nothing to do with not liking AI's or being "elitist", but with the kind of vacation I want to have. I don't spend a lot of time at the hotel, and I'm not a big drinker, so why pay for AI? I just need a place to sleep and somewhere to hang out near the ocean during my down time. I spend way less on my hotel and food than I would at an AI. So if "elitist" is now a euphemism for "cheap", then I guess I qualify.

North America
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4. Re: Are you A.I. or non AI "Elitist"?

I guess it is whatever floats your boat. We first started coming to Cozumel in the late 1980's in pre-internet days. Stayed at the Plaza Las Glorias (currently Cozumel Palace). We made a lot of friends, got to know the island, and ventured out a bit. The last dozen years or so, we have rented various homes in town with pools and love it, and wouldn't have it any other way. We enjoy shopping for food, meeting locals, having friends over, grilling and chilling at night when we don't feel like heading out, hanging out at the pool or going to the beach, discovering neat little stores and places to eat, exploring different neighborhoods and really getting a good understanding of daily life in Cozumel, including the sounds of the gas truck, knife sharpener, cheese man, various vendors on their bicycles, water delivery truck songs, etc.. We have formed lasting and close friendships with both ex-pats and locals and feel so fortunate. We have stayed at AI's in other parts of Mexico which we have enjoyed, but a week was enough and we always find we can't wait to get back to Cozumel where we feel as though for a short time we are part of a community. We don't think of ourselves as elitist, just damn lucky.

Davie, Florida
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5. Re: Are you A.I. or non AI "Elitist"?

When I think of AI's my hands start sweating and I start feeling the bile rise in my throat. What a disgusting excuse for a vacation. The good part is the herd is largely penned up on the AI property and doent get in others way.

Let the fun begin.

Edited: 07 April 2010, 02:11
Detroit, Michigan
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6. Re: Are you A.I. or non AI "Elitist"?

Ok, I'll bite

An elitist is one that thinks their OPINION is fact and if everyone else was more educated, they would agree with them. In other words, everyone would stay at non-ai properties if they weren't so ignorant.

Elitists are always fun because they are actually the most closed minded people out there. If something doesn't fit in to their understanding of the world, then it must be invalid.

I happen to view AI resorts as a means to an ends. I want the most luxury possible without having to worry about large bar tabs at the end of the week. It doesn't make me more informed or less informed than anyone else. It is simply MY PREFERENCE.

I really love the comments form people that lecture everyone else about the necessity of experiencing the REAL MEXICO.

1. Are the people working at the resorts not real Mexicans?

2. If you really want to experience the real Mexico, what are you doing in Cozumel, Cancun or PDC? I am sure there are much better places to experience Mexican culture. Sure, they may be pretty far from a beach and they may not have the best margaritas but those things aren't important - you are want to experience authentic Mexican culture. I have a friend that is completing her doctorate in Mexican culture. Funny, in numerous trips to Mexico she has never been to Q-Roo. Mmm

At least I tell the truth. I go on vacation to sit on a beach, sit be the pool, drink and relax. I prefer Mexico because the resort selection is fantastic, the prices are great and the people are friendly. I don't hide behind some pseudo-intellectual quest to experience far off cultures. For those that do, I suggest one of the many countries around the world where you can eat your fill in goat eyeballs and and bash American commercialism until the cows come home. Haiti has nice beaches I hear.

In short, a trip to Mexico is different for everyone. We go for different reasons and we have different preferences. No one is right, no one is wrong. An elitist thinks they are right and everyone else is ignorant.

Rant over.

Edited: 07 April 2010, 03:23
Frisco, Colorado
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for Frisco
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7. Re: Are you A.I. or non AI "Elitist"?

<<<<What a disgusting excuse for a vacation. >>>>>

That is a rude comment Katzgar. AI's can be whatever you imagine. There are huge herd-like spring breaker AI's, and there are small luxury boutique AI's. There are resorts all grouped together, ones for budget backpackers in hostels, and some on private islands in the middle of nowhere. I have traveled all ways, and have never had a bad vacation, EVER. Who cares what 'category' someone falls in - just have fun and get past the narrow-minded judgment on various vacation styles.

Edited: 07 April 2010, 03:28
Columbus, Ohio
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8. Re: Are you A.I. or non AI "Elitist"?

I have been all over the world, vacations are extremely important to me and my husband. Two years ago we did our first AI vacation ever at the Cozumel Palace. I am now hooked.

I like to drink more than he does, don't have to worry about the bar bill.

When we stay at condos and even hotels, I am the one picking up the food for meals and snacks and arranging for restaurants and reservations. I feel like I am constantly "working" on my vacation. I am an excellent cook and thus at home we rarely go out. I love not worrying about food or drink, knowing someone else is taking care of that for me.

Sometimes I want to order room service and sit on the balcony with a drink and watch the ocean. Sometimes I want to explore. My choice, my diva vacation.

I don't feel like I am inferior or that MY CHOICE of vacations is "a disgusting excuse for a vacation" and I am very glad I never have come across rude people such as Katzgar on my vacations, but wait, I wouldn't, I am enjoying an AI.

North America
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9. Re: Are you A.I. or non AI "Elitist"?

Actually, Katzgar, I thought your comment was hilarious, I got a real chuckle reading your message. I have read a few comments regarding food at some of the AI's, and a common thread seems to be that you won't starve , they don't go on vacation for the food, and the like. For us, a big part of the vacation and fun of Cozumel is trying all the neat little places off the beaten track that our local friends will take us to that we would never have discovered on our own. and going to fabulous Sunday afternooon/evening barbeques locals have invited us to at their homes that include grilled whole fish, fresh ceviche, grilled veggies, lots of good cold beer,etc. Beats standing in line making reservations at 7 a.m. or trying to figure out what is safe to eat at a buffet any time. There are so many good bakeries as well, so dessert lovers can easily satisfy their sweet tooth. Plus we don't have to put up with blaring music, thin walls, over-enthusiastic activites directors, trying to reserve a chair, and the like. But again, staying non-AI is what we prefer and works for what we are looking for in a vacation.

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10. Re: Are you A.I. or non AI "Elitist"?

I don't know why I feel the need to reply to this but I do. I would love to get to the point where I could stay at non-all inclusives and feel that I am getting a good deal. For right now as a family of 4, this is our best deal for our money. We have been lucky enough to stay at El Coz at the times when our kids (now just one for the last time) are free and that saves us lots of $$$ I priced it out for us staying in a condo versus El Coz and El Coz has been consistently about $200 more for a week for the 4 of us. I go on vacation to get away from home and do things that I don't do at home and don't do things that I do at home (cook, clean, make my own drinks) I want to be waited on but feel that if I stay at a condo, I will have to make at least some meals to save money. My kids are also kind of picky eaters and I don't know that the restaurants we would eat at would have something that they would like. I know I would like it but their tastes are far different.

I still feel that we get a feel for the "real" Cozumel by renting a car and getting out and about. We have checked out quite a few things off the all inclusive property and are always up for more. Just because we stay at an all inclusive does not mean that we are stuck there.

This is why I chose Cozumel to bring my family - it is the ONE island that I have been to that I feel safe to bring the family and venture out on our own.