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Trip report Nov 23-Dec 7

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Trip report Nov 23-Dec 7

Really disjointed and disorganized because I have ICRS.

Nov 23: left Toronto a little late as we had to be de-iced. That means we arrived in CZM a little late, the second last of 5 or 6 other planeloads of people. Probably my worst immigration wait yet. We were lined up outside in double rows. On the positive side, our luggage was piled neatly and waiting and customs was fast. Got in our van and were the first stop…Flamingo! DH and DS were waiting outside for us, and we were warmly welcomed by the vendors, who all remembered me :o) We had dinner at my son's new favourite restaurant: Los Otates.

Nov 24: My son has a new beach bracket: PDC. He and DH had gone over for a day the week before, and he was dying to get there again, so that was how my first day was spent, and why I didn't get to the Mosaicoz meet-up. We were lucky enough to be over for the Taste of Playa AND I ran into a former co-worker there--she and her husband were volunteering. LOL We were hoping to meet up with them again through the trip, but it just didn't work out. Anyway, great day at the beach and YUMMY food at ToP. My DD loved Figaro and went up for many tastings. Not sure what my son's favourite was, either the Mexican (pastor) or the Lebanese. Easy ferry rides both ways.

Nov. 25: Tiger trip for Desmei and the Deslings! It was sort of cloudy, but not a bad day. $90 MX got us from Flamingo to Money Bar very quickly. We were way too early, so we just puttered on the wee beach next to Money Bay until 10. Warm welcome from Tiger and JJ and we were off. Water was a bit choppy, but nice and clear. Saw lots. Turtles, a nurse shark, divers, LOL. The highlight was the HUGE pod of dolphins we saw on the way back. Diego stopped the boat and Tiger and JJ hopped in and got some great video of them. AMAZING. My kids were thrilled. There was also a really pretty rainbow right around the dolphin sighting; all we needed were some kittens and unicorns! I have since learned that rainbows on Coz are rainbows of doom. We got back to the MB and shared some nachos and had some Cokes, as DH had said he was going to meet us after his long ride (3 laps). We sort of ran out of money though, so went back to the hotel ($10 back). DH got in just shortly after us, and right about the time we saw the rainbow, he got socked by rain. Rainbow of doom! Supper was at Al Pie del Carbon, DD's new favourite restaurant (I think the one cute waiterling is a big reason).

Nov. 26: According to iPhoto, this was our Hotel Coz day. We walked there, arrived very hot and anxious to get in the water. WARMLY greeted by the front desk and when we didn't have ID to show for the towel cards, she just shrugged it off and let us borrow towels for the day. That would NOT have happened at the Allegro. Just sayin'. Anyway, our privileges were explained well and the hotel layout was pretty easy to figure out, once we remembered which way the road/water was LOL. Drinks were very nice, with one really awesome bartender by the pool (Juan Alberto, I think. He even prettied up my girl drink really nicely). Other guests were very friendly. I have to say, I do prefer AIs for the friendly aspect. Flamingo was full of other Ironmen, but they weren't warm and fuzzy and bond-y. There were really only two that spoke to us through our stay. Mmm…food. We were only allowed to eat at the poolside buffet thing and it wasn't crazy with choice, but we didn't starve. The kids loved the pizza, I loved the fish and the chipotle (I think?) rice and the fresh fajitas were great. We did not starve. Neat snorkelling at this hotel too, surprisingly. It was really too rough to get in near the pier, so we stuck to the little "pool" area. Started to monsoon around 5 or so, complete with thunder and lightning. We just stayed in the hot tub till the lightning started, then scuttled for shelter. We were hoping to wait it out but NO WAY. I got a drink for the road, and we hit it. Some of us found that it was easier to walk home with no shoes, but I found a "high-knees" kind of prance kept both flip flops intact. It was a fun walk back. We sort of got snookered on dinner, because the buffet closed before we could eat, but I don't remember what we had…??

Nov. 27: Went for a 5 k run and didn't die, though I wanted to. Ports closed, water very rough. We went down to the beach by the governor's house and read in the sun and DS climbed a tree. Belatedly I thought maybe he shouldn't because of that one tree that makes you break out in a nasty sort of rash, but luckily it wasn't that kind of tree. LOL Maternal instincts of a cat, I tell you. I can't remember what we had for supper (are you sensing a theme?) but we may just have had Chedraui chicken, made into sammiches. We did this a couple times, for the nights we didn't want to go out into the rain). No. I'm lying. We did do sammiches, but I'm almost sure DH and I went out to Fratelli's and brought back pizza. They had a special where you get a pizza, spaghetti, and some weird garlicky flatbread. 2L of pop too, now that I think about it. Pretty good deal for $130 MX. DS **LOVED** it, I think DD liked it too, as did DH. I was just "meh". The crust was sort of a flatbread deal. Toppings were good, though; we went for the Mexican pizza. We got wet on the walk.

Nov. 28: Hm. Went for a 5 k run and didn't die, though I wanted to. Ports closed, water very rough. We went down to the beach by the governor's house and read in the sun and DS climbed a tree. Belatedly I thought maybe he shouldn't because of that one tree that makes you break out in a nasty sort of rash, but luckily it wasn't that kind of tree. LOL Maternal instincts of a cat, I tell you. Went to Puerta Langosta to pick up DH's race kit in the afternoon. Los Otates for supper. According to iPhoto, it was cold that night, as everyone is in sweaters.

Nov. 29: Ironman swim practice cancelled. Port closed. I think DH did some sort of practice. I took kids for walkies and we visited Zermatt for lunch. They were smitten. It monsooned some more, but I was all excited because it was MUSEO NIGHT!! Abraham playing!!! Yay! Made reservations and showed up at 8 all prettied up…to find out it'd been cancelled. :o( I can understand why, as Abraham's equipment is highly electronic and the museo is sort of open to the elements…but quelle bummer. After some discussion, they still let us have the special cena for $150 MX pp. So we settled in to enjoy our dinner at least. Then Chris (Facebook guy! lol) came over to apologize profusely and bought us a bottle of wine to make up for the lack of music. That's the way to MY heart, I tell you. Sadly, after the first course (spinach soup. mmmm) my son started to feel not so well. I walked him back to the hotel (still raining) and got him settled in and went back to the museo, after letting Ivan know where we were etc. Lovely dinner. Soup or salad, caprese salad, we all opted for the pasta con camarones (HUGE servings) and a two bite brownie that had to be eaten in little tiny bites because it was SO rich and so good. The guys had wrapped up my son's portion of pasta in one of their own plates for me to take back. <3

Nov. 30: swim practice cancelled, but ports re-opened later on. Walked to Margaritaville to see if we could snorkel/play on toys, but the answer was no. DS was very disappointed. Walked down to Hotel Coz for the race meeting. Took the back roads--nice walk. Didn't get rained on! Flamingo had a carb-loading pasta dinner, so we took advantage of that. Salad, skettis, and garlic bread for $7/pp all you can eat. Early to bed!!

Dec. 1: Ironday!!! Long day. Since the swim was changed, kids and I decided not to go to the swim, just because of logistics, etc. We had our breakfast at our usual time (Flamingo did early brekkie for athletes) and sauntered down to the bike course. We could stalk DH on Ironstalker or something like that so we knew when he was out of the water. We got to see him bike by, great big grin on hi face. Fool. :o) After that, we went to the VIP area and had some coffee/juice/snacks then DS and I went to Mega to stock up on beer for the athlete. We schlepped it all the way back, hit Sedena for some ice and another 6L of water…and along came the first runners. Holy crap. Got back to VIP area for rest of day. Saw a pretty rainbow, but of course it was a rainbow of doom. We got wet. The poor athletes got wet. Thank goodness the majority of them must've been off their bikes by this point. So. Much. Rain. They had to do the awards in the VIP tent thing, so we were all scrunched up with the mayor's family. They look really expensive, I've gotta say, from his wife and daughter (??) to the little princeling. Fast forward. DH came running in, but we had no idea what his time was at that point as the official clock was showing something like 42:89 (humidity may have been a factor). He shaved more than an hour off of last year's time. :o) We snuck him into the VIP area for something to eat (the food kind of sucked this year) but all there was were soggy fries, nachos, and pizza. Pizza it is! Walked back to the Flamingo covered in mud and happy. He enjoyed his icy cold Sol and I walked over to El Pie to order him a burger. It was delivered by my DD's swoon-worthy little waiter. Wish I knew his name, he was AWESOME.

Dec. 2: Mr. Sancho's. GREAT day. AI, fantastic service, adorable waiter who had boy-crush on "Esteban", so "Esteban" and family had even better service than usual…and the usual is amazing. Mr. Sancho's does not use a measured pour. Wow. Drinks very strong. And plentiful. Great food, as usual. Garlic shrimp, ceviche, fish fillets, shrimp cocktails, nom nom nom. I didn't eat enough to combat the drinks though. :o/ Found an old friend behind the bar--we'd met him on DH's very first trip, at the Allegro. So if you go to Mr. Sancho's give Isidro a cuddle. Anyway, we stayed till about 5, then tottered out to the parking lot. No cabs. No biggie, right, we'll just call one. No need! After some discussion, the four of us were poured into two employees' vehicles and GIVEN A RIDE HOME. It did not rain.

Dec. 3: I think I was in a slightly fragile state. Apparently I had been hash tagging at my daughter the previous evening, so if you can believe it, I am even more annoying whilst under the influence. #sorry Anyway, NICE day!!! We decided to walk to CCC. It was very hot and there was much whining. We were all glad to get to the gate, and we were nicely greeted by the security guard. He charged us our $100 MX pp and explained how it worked. We found a nice little corner and settled in. Our server was Pedro, and Pedro is a good man. We had a GREAT day at the beach and enjoyed the snorkelling and just relaxing. Nice big swimming area, too!! I forget what we spent, maybe $90 or so for the 4 of us? 2 buckets of beer, Cokes, the Mexican platter and fajitas…good deal, really. The walk back was easier than the walk there. Much

cooler. Stopped at Puerto Abrigo to look out over the water and nearly got hit in the head by a bat. They were working overtime--wasn't even quite dark and they were a-hunting. The Ironguy who had been "abducted" from the Flamingo was back. We'd have never have known about it if we didn't hear it from the horse's mouth.

Dec. 4: rerun of day before, though Hilario was our server. Not as good as Pedro. We had some cruisers sit next to us and we LOLd at them. They were so stereotypical. They wanted Bud Light, were afraid the iguanas were going to bite…but the man in the group had a really awesome pedicure. 8o0 Today we hopped in at the hotel and drifted back to the beach. It was sort of rough, nice big waves to play in, so the current seemed a bit stronger. Vow to bring fins next time. We only got one bucket, lemonade, horchata, I forget lunch, and some Cokes. Spent less. Would have had another bucket, but Hilario was never around when we wanted him.

Dec. 5: Rent a car day! DH and DS walked down to Less Pay for a Jeep and Mega for lunch while DD and I hit Los Cinco Soles for Christmas presents. Met up with the boys in the hotel room and got our stuff together and hit the road. Started at Chen Rio (well gas station was first, natch) and we had the place to ourselves. The new restaurant there looks AMAZING, but we had our sammiches. We moved along to the other Chen Rio, with the stairs. Waves were nice and big and there was no undertow, so the kids got to frolic for quite some time. We stayed till after 4, just in time to drive west into the sunset! Never fails. We went back to the hotel and DH decided to just return the Jeep, as there was nowhere to park it and he's too cheap to pay for the lot (srsly). I think we ate at La Mission. GREAT meal, GREAT price (50% off for IM and 30% off for companion!!!) We had the seafood platter between us and my son had garlic shrimp. DD had two appetizers. The drunk guys in the bar a couple of doors down said they were glad to meet me. I mucho gusto'd them on the way by, just to be nice.

Dec. 6: CCC! We decided spur of the moment, even though we were getting rained on while eating our breakfast. We did decide to get a cab, just to beat the cruise people. We got there and when the security guard saw us again he laughed (he's considering IM for next year. Encourage him!) Hilario was our server again, and he was a bit more on the ball. Beautiful day, and an amazing sunset. Wish we could have stayed for dinner, but none of us looked lovely enough for the surroundings. Walked back to the hotel and packed. Don't remember supper. I think we had Al Pie Del Carbon delivery. Yes. We were waiting and waiting for them to come back for the dishes/condiments and they never did, so DD and I walked everything back over and her waiter was sooooooooo apologetic (he wasn't the one who served us this time). She was all swoony because he'd touched her hand, she was never going to wash it, etc. but then she was petting Galleta (cat)…so she had to wash that hand after all. LOL 15 year old girls are awesome.

Dec. 7: Flight not till 2:20 or something like that so we hit the streets with our breakfast beer (had to drink all our leftovers). I'd promised the kids Flor de Michoacan at some point and they hadn't had any yet, so they got some ice cream. Coco for mi hijo y coco y pina for la hija, though it tasted more like mango than pina. Good anyway, if ice cream before 10 am is your thing. Went to the mercado and looked around for a bit, but it was kind of stinky and really hot out and I wasn't feeling so hot myself. Wandered towards the centro and stopped in at that art shop next to La Mission. Got sucked in because they had the Mayan Ironman outside and we were intrigued. Went in and chatted with the guys and bought two batik paintings (2 for 1). Good price, though it's costing me $74 to have the one stretched etc. for my daughter! LOL Dammit. Hit Mega one last time for hot sauce and plane snacks. Back to hotel and got cab. $14 from Flamingo to airport seemed just a little crazy steep (3 km). Got through check in and security relatively painlessly, though DH kept setting off metal detector and they swiped my cough syrup. I'm sure they'd have let me keep it if I did the puppy dog eyes, but I didn't have it in me; the security guy seemed reluctant to take it. Anyway, we heard the first boarding call for rows whatever to whatever. Then 4 minutes later the FINAL boarding call. LOL Okkaaaay…it was a good flight home anyway, except for the crying babies. Got through customs in Toronto SUPER fast--I like the new automated system, our luggage was boom! there already, and we were at the front doors in no time. Someone asked if we wanted a taxi, and my son automatically said, "No, gracias". LOLOL

Dec. 8: I woke up with the plague and was off work for 4 days. Good timing, eh??


I missed some meals. We ate at Casa Denis at some point (lunch) and we ate at most restaurants more than once, as we knew they were open. It was pretty frustrating this time around, finding things open. Burritos Gorditos was only open the once when we walked by, and El Chino Marinero 2 was closed that one day at lunch, but open when we walked by on our last day. I'd have to give this trip only a B-, I think, due to the weather (beyond anyone's control, I know) and the frustration factor AND the lack of live music. The only live music I got this time around was the kids singing Christmas songs at us. LOL I also don't necessarily like my stay at the Flamingo as much. It wasn't a very friendly bunch. There was an Ironwoman from UAE who talked to us, plus the kidnapping victim. He was friendly. The owners were in residence, and they're really nice BUT THEIR &%$$#! dog is a barky little fecker. We were on the third floor, right under the little blighter, and I was ready to fire it off the roof, into traffic. Hotel Coz next time.

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1. Re: Trip report Nov 23-Dec 7

Loved it! Thanks for sharing.

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2. Re: Trip report Nov 23-Dec 7

Yea desmei i am with you about the small hotels. I stay at hotel coz and after diving and spending the week with people i have made many great freinds. I have stayed at small apts in town and miss the great people and the story telling .

. 23 days Thanks for the report.

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3. Re: Trip report Nov 23-Dec 7


Just curious because I've read a few times about ports being closed. Does that include the ferry to PDC? Curious because we were there that same week and took the 6 am ferry on Nov. 30th. so we could catch the 7:20 am ADO down to Chetumal. It was very rough and I just wondered how close we were to not being able to take it across.

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4. Re: Trip report Nov 23-Dec 7

No, the ferry pretty much powers through anything short of a hurricane. Just little boats can't go out, like fishing, dive, etc. boats. :o)

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5. Re: Trip report Nov 23-Dec 7

Thanks for the great report, Desmei.

Correct about the ferry. They rarely cancel. I only remember for awhile before and after Hurricane Wilma.

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6. Re: Trip report Nov 23-Dec 7

Thanks, Desmei, I needed that! We won't be back to Cozumel until next year, so trip reports are the only thing that keeps me going sometimes lol !

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7. Re: Trip report Nov 23-Dec 7

Great report! Any pics to share??? Congrats to your hubby.. We were there 11/23-12/6.. May have seen you at CCC!! Thanks!

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8. Re: Trip report Nov 23-Dec 7

I've transferred them from the camera, but haven't uploaded them yet. Hoping to take my computer in to work to do so tomorrow. We spent all three days at CCC sort of in the far right (north?) corner, by the little snorkel (?) palapa that no one is ever in.

9. Re: Trip report Nov 23-Dec 7

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