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Safety on Isla Mujures?

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Safety on Isla Mujures?

Is it safe to walk around everywhere on Isla? How about Golf carts also? Can you park anywhere and have the cart be safe. Is there anywhere you should not go? How long does it take to see the whole island on a day trip?

Chicago, Illinois
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1. Re: Safety on Isla Mujures?

It is totally safe to walk around anywhere on Isla. Just remember to use common sense as petty crimes do occur. Golf carts can be locked up by the locks provided by the rental companies.

As far as how long it takes to see the whole island i cannot tell you that as i am never in a hurry to see the sites and i drive my cart slow so i do not miss anything!

The island is not that big so it depends on where you drive the cart. If you just drive around the edges of the island without stopping i guess it would take about 1/2 hour or so? I walked through the colonias and never felt threatened and walked around at all times of the night with no worries.

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2. Re: Safety on Isla Mujures?

I have spent some of my time alone on Isla the last 3 years. I have walked around Salina Grande as early as 6:00am. My apartment is mid-island. I have walked back from LaGloria as late as 9:30pm. I have walked home from the ball fields by Chedraui as late as 11:00pm. There's more, but my point is, I have never been nervous or felt threatened. There are many people around late at night. Lots of kids out playing and families sitting out talking.

That being said, I would avoid places with long stretches of desolate area. I am always aware of my surroundings. There have been a couple times that there were 3 or 4 young men walking toward me. I just look them in the eye and say Buenas Noches. There have been a few things happen, just like in the town that any of us live in, but I would feel safer here than in almost any town or city in the US(not counting mine..the pop is only 1100..,lol)

Just be smart and you will be fine.

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3. Re: Safety on Isla Mujures?

Yes, very safe. Just be smart. Don't leave valuables laying around, don't flash cash, leave the expensive jewelry at home, etc. I've gone just me and my mom and just me and my 11 yr old son. Lots of families out after dark. Don't leave anything in the golf cart if you park it. Also, while driving the cart, keep your stuff close to you towards the center of the cart. Few instances of people on motos grabbing stuff. But just a very few. No violent crimes, more just crimes of opportunity. Just keep the opportunities to a minimum.

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4. Re: Safety on Isla Mujures?

I agree with all that has been said. Isla is very safe, but like anywhere in the world today you should always be aware of whats going on around you. Most of the time I travel to Isla alone and I walk through Centro every evening by myself. I have never been bothered by anyone. Listen to jetskigirls comments on leaving stuff lying around. I learned this lesson the hard way on one of my very early trips to Isla. I was on Playa Norte and I had my camera with me. I wanted to take a quick dip to cool off. I tucked my camera under my towel and was in the water no more than 5 minutes. When I returned to my beach chair the camera was gone. Lesson learned. Other than that, which was my own fault I have never had a problem

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5. Re: Safety on Isla Mujures?

Ditto all others - Never ever felt unsafe anywhere on Isla (walking or driving at all hours.) I think the locals feel that way, too. For example, I ALWAYS marvel at the numbers of locals who keep their scooters running out in the street when they go in to stores (especially mid-island) to shop. My theory is that there is literally no where to go on such a small island - and everybody knows everyone else.

Unruly, inebriated tourists excluded...

: )

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6. Re: Safety on Isla Mujures?

Fotodude, your last comment is right on. I once brought a friend with me KNOWING her history of losing keys, purses, and anything else important. THANK GOD I demanded she hand over her passport, I.D., and anything else we needed to get back into the U.S. The very first night there, she insisted on staying at a bar when it was probably wayyyy past time for us to go 'home'. We were within 5 minutes walk to hotel, so I went there, and went to bed. Wake up 7 a.m., and guess who's NOT there?? I checked EVERYWHERE you can think of, and she finally shoewd up around 10:30 a.m.....after being "passed out on the beach somewhere" (her words). And guess what??? Of course she had no purse, no shoes, etc. I was really upset with her for being so stupid....and took off on the golfcart and left her at the hotel. Needless to say, she has never been invited, again. Sorry for rambling...just showing a point. I have NEVER felt scared walking alone at night, or in any other way. I come to Isla to escape that, actually. I live near Dallas...and the crime rate FAR exceeds most places in Mexico!

ft worth
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7. Re: Safety on Isla Mujures?

heynurse1999.. i had a similar experience with a friend in Cozumel a few years ago.. I was so mad at her for making me worry like that. would never travel with her again!

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8. Re: Safety on Isla Mujures?

My husband once left an OU tank top on the golf cart and it was gone after we came back from a restaurant. He was upset, but I reminded him that it was probably an American that took it! Many times we have over paid in pesos, and they just chuckle and give us money back, even though I know they need it more than we do. Most people are very honest.

Chickamauga, Georgia
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9. Re: Safety on Isla Mujures?

LOL. The only thing I have ever had taken was a soft side cooler from our unattended golf cart. Empty....and had the 'Hospice of Chattanooga' logo on the side. Not something I thought was a high liability item!

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10. Re: Safety on Isla Mujures?


Place is safer than Key West and Punta Cana and Woodstock

Recommend you read a few week's posts and decide yourself