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etiquette on tipping at AI

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etiquette on tipping at AI

Can I please get some advice on who you tip and how much at an all inclusive. We will be staying at Hacienda Tres Rios. It is a very $$$$ AI. Hope it will be worth the money. Saw some very negative reviews recently and am hoping within a year they will get their kinks out.


toronto, ontario
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1. Re: etiquette on tipping at AI

Hi there. Here is a list of what we usually tip when staying at AI's:

Baggage to room (at hotel, on arrival): $5

Transfer bus to and from Airport: $5 each way

Maid: $3-$5/day (I pre-make an envelope with the $ in for each day of our trip. Just grab 1 out of the safe everyday to leave on pillow before we head out)

Mini-Bar Server: $1/day left in fridge

Bartender: $5/day for day and $5/day for night

Breakfast and lunch buffets: $1/Dinner buffets: $2

A La Cartes: $5

We will also usually tip a pool cleaner/grounds maintenance/beach cleaner here and there. They are hard workers and almost always overlooked from what we see. I gave a pool kid $10 last year after I watched him clean the pool every morning and he was just beyond thrilled!!!

Generally we budget in about $200 for tips(for 7 nts). They make so little and are so appreciative of anything they get to top up their wages. But everybody differs on tipping. Just wanted to let you know how we do it.

Have a great trip!

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2. Re: etiquette on tipping at AI

$1 per bag bellhop

$2-3 per day housekeeping

$1 per day mini fridge restocker

$1-2 buffet breakfast

$2 for lunch

$5 for a la carte dinner

$1 every couple rounds of drinks for bartender or server throughout the day at beach or pool.

These amounts are flexible and can go up if service is exceptional. Or down for lack of service. Sometimes at the buffet we get no actual service of any kind. We get our own coffee, beverages, food, etc. I don't really see a need to tip for no service. LOL

I will also tell you that this is a bit of a controversial topic. There was a recent thread either here on on the Cancun board about tipping at an AI and people gave all sorts of ranges of when to tip, how much, how often, etc. Decide what is right for YOU and do that.

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3. Re: etiquette on tipping at AI

your tips are included in the price you pay,thus the name all inclusive.many people enjoy throwing their money around.that is up to them. i do tip, but it is not required and should be a personal choice based on service.

Quebec, Canada
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4. Re: etiquette on tipping at AI

I agee that it's AI, including tips. We tip always, but the amounts and to whom depends. Example, last trip our two teen boys spent the entire week helping 3 young men run the kids' club at the Viva Maya and we ended up giving those young fantastic men about $20 each - they refused at first but we insisted. Yeah, I know we tipped them when our boys were "working" on the resort lol....it was their best trip yet and they still communicate with each other. We are going back to visit in Feb. and they are still working there!!! our boys can't wait to see them again. So yes we tip depending on the situation, but we always give a litte something to everyone who services us.

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5. Re: etiquette on tipping at AI

hi there,

i agree, i tip when i get good service, not to get good service.use your own disscreton and tip how you like and who you want!!i dont agree with set tips for people, we are going for two weeks and could not afford another $400 dollars extra just for tips, we can barely afford the holiday now with the prices and credit crunch and all!!!

jacdav xx

Oshawa, ON
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6. Re: etiquette on tipping at AI

We tip around the same as meg27599, but if we get bad service we do not tip.

While some people figure they are going AI and the tips are included, are the tips getting to the employee?

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7. Re: etiquette on tipping at AI

I think its important to remember that you should only tip if you feel you have had great service, you shouldnt feel the need to tip regardless of what the service has been like, and you shouldnt tip in advance to get good service. All visitors should get the same leve lof service.

I do tip myslef, but in defence of the pople who say tips are included, in the UK (not sure about US or canada) the brochures and travel agents tell you tips are included. Many people dont have access to a good resource like trip advisor, so if their travel agent tells them tips are included they put their trust in that and believe it.

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8. Re: etiquette on tipping at AI

I just noticed on my RCI confirmation that the resort is charging 12% per person per day for taxes and services. That seems very high. Children are $52.50 per day and is is $150 per adult per day. Does anyone think the service fee is for "tips"

Moncton, Canada
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9. Re: etiquette on tipping at AI

I understand that the tips are included in the AI price. The bottom line for me is I doubt very highly that these "included tips" ever reach the people that do the real work ie the bartenders, maids, grounds people ect.The bottom line is that tipping over and above what is built into the price of your trip is a matter of personal choice. I also think it is important to remember that the "kinks" that some resorts need to work out are not the fault of the front-line workers. The guest to staff ratio's are up to management. Sometimes the poor service we encounter is not the fault of the bartender that is breaking his back under a workload no one could manage. I think there are a lot of factors to consider. I have made the personal choice to tip over and beyond what I pay for the resort itself.

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10. Re: etiquette on tipping at AI

For me, one of the things that appeal to me about going to an AI is not having to carry money around all the time. That said I do tip the bellhop who gets the bags to the room, leave a tip for the maid daily and do tip at the restaurants. As far as the bartenders go, I usually don't tip for the first few days. I like to see who is giving good service and after a few days I decide it will be "tip day" and give fairly substantial tips to those who have been providing good service. Usually go for two weeks so do this about the 5 day mark and then again around the 10 day mark. I don't like to carry cash when doing the pool or beach thing so I find tipping after every drink or after every 2nd drink to be a pain.