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Speaking the language

Saco, Maine
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Speaking the language

We are heading to Playa in April. Although probably not necessary, I thought it would be fun to have my kids (17-22)and I learn the top 5-10 Spanish words most frequently used. Any suggestions?

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1. Re: Speaking the language

El Bano (the bathroom), mas tequila (they love to talk about their tequila), la cervesa (a beer), hola (hello), gracias, beunas dias or noches (good day or night), llamo (name), adios.

Where are you staying? I am taking my 18 and 14 year old daughters for Christmas and hope to find a fun place for teens.

Toronto, Canada
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2. Re: Speaking the language


Here's a great chart:

English Spanish Pronunciation

The Simple Stuff

Yes Si SEE


Please Por favor Pore fah-VORE

Thank you Gracias GRAH-see-ahs

You’re Welcome De nada De-NAW-da

No, thank you No, gracias No GRAH-see-ahs

Sorry Lo siento Loh see-EHN-toh


Good morning Buenos dias BWEHnos DHEE ahs

Good afternoon Buenas tardes BWEHnahs TAHRdh ehs

Good evening Buenas noches BWEHnahs NO chehs

Good bye Adios Ah dhee OHS

Hello/Hi Hola OH lah

See you later Hasta luego AH-stah LWEH-go

What is your name? Como se llama? KOH-moh say YAHmah

My name is… Mi nombre es Mee NOMBreh ehs

How are you? Como esta usted KOH-mo ehs-TAH OOS-THE-dh

Fine, thank you. Muy bien, gracias MOOay bee en GRAH see ahs


Do you speak English? Habla ingles? AH-bla een-GLASE

I’m Canadian. Soy Canadiense. Soy kah nah dheeEHN sehs

I’m American. Soy norteamericano Soy nohr the ah meh ree KAH noh

I don’t understand. No comprendo. Noh kohm-PREHN-dho

Please speak slowly. Hable despacio por favor. HAHbleh dhehs-PAH-see-oh, pohr fahBOHR


Husband Esposo Ehs-POH-soh

Wife Esposa Ehs-POH-sah

Son Hijo EE-hoh

Daughter Hija EE-hah

English Spanish Pronunciation


Where is/are…? Donde esta/estan…? DHOHN-dheh ehs-TAH

When? Cuando? KWAHNdho

Who? Quien? Kee-EHN

Why? Por que? Pohr kay

What? Que? Kay

How long…? Cuanto Tiempo? KWAHN-toh TYEHM-po

How much does it cost? Cuanto cuesta? KWAHN-toh KWEH-stah

How far? A que distancia? Ah kay dhees-Tan-syah

Can you help me? Puede ayudarme? PWEH-dhe ah-yoo-dh-AHR-meh

What time is it Que hora es? Kay OH-rah ehs

Useful Statements

I (don’t) like it (No) me gusta Meh GOOS-tah/No meh GOOS-tah

I don’t know No se NOH say.

I’m hungry Tengo hambre TEHN-go AHM-breh

I’m thirsty Tengo sed TEHN-go SAY-dh

I’m tired Estoy cansado Ehs-TOY kahn-SAH-dho

I’m ready Estoy listo Ehs-TOY LEEsto

Right now Ahora mismo Ah OHR ah MEES mo

Just a minute Un momento Oon mo-MEHN toh

Come in! Entre EHN-treh

It’s cheap Es barato Ehs bah-RAH-toh

It’s expensive Es caro Ehs KAH-ro

It’s cold (weather) Hace frio AH-say FREE-o

It’s hot (weather) Hace calor AH-say kah-LOHR

A little Un poco Oon POH-ko

A lot Mucho MOO-cho

Tomorrow Manana Mah-ny-AH-nah

Next week La semana proxima Lah-say-MAHN-ah PROK-see-mah

English Spanish Pronunciation

The Hotel

Bathroom Banos BAH-ny-os

Swimming Pool Piscina Pee-SEE-nah

Open Abierto Ah-bee-ehr-toh

Closed Cerrado Say RAH dho

Bed Cama KAH-mah

Towel Toalla Toh-AH-yah

Soap Jabon HAH-bohn

Pillow Almohada Ahl-moh-Ahdah

Shower Una ducha oo-nah DHOO-chah

Iron Plancha PLAHN-chah

Hair drier Secador Say-kah-DOHR

There are no towels No hay toallas Noh Ah-ee toh-AH-yahs

I have a problem. Tengo un problema TEHN-go oon pro-BLEH-mah

The Restaurant

Waiter/waitress Camarero/camarera Kah-mah-REH-roh/rah

I’d like…. Quiero KYEH-ro

The bill please La cuenta, por favor Lah KWEHN-tah, pohr fah VORE

Breakfast Desayuno Dhay-sah-YOO-noh

Lunch Almuerzo Ahl-MWEHR-so

Dinner Cena SAY-nah

Knife Cuchillo Koo-CHEE-yo

Fork Tenedor Tay-neh-dh-OHR

Spoon Cuchara Koo CHAH-rah

Tea Te Tay

Black Café negro Kah-FEH naygro

Coffee with milk Café con leche Kah-FEH kahn LEH-cheh

Milk Leche LEH-cheh

Ice Hielo Yellow

Mineral water Agua mineral AH-gwah mee-neh-RAHL

Wine Vino BEE-no

Beer Cerveza Sehr-BEH-sah

White wine Vino blanco BEE-no blawn-coh

Lemonade Limonada Lee-moh-NAH-dh-ah

Juice Jugo HOO-go

Egg Huevo WEH-boh

Scrambled eggs Huevos revueltos WEH-bohs reh-BWEHL-tos

Cheese Queso KAY-soh

Butter Mantequilla Mahn-the-KEE-yah

English Spanish Pronunciation

The Restaurant continued...

Butter Mantequilla Mahn-the-KEE-yah

Bread Pan Pahn

Fruit Fruta FROO-tah

Salt Sal Sahl

Pepper Pimienta Pee-mee-en-toh

Sugar Azucar Ah-soo-kahr

Fish Pescado Pehs-KAH-dho

Salad Ensalada Ens-sah-LAH-dha

Soup Sopa SOH-pah

Dessert Postre POH-streh

Ice cream Helado Eh-LAH-dho

Days of the Week

Sunday Domingo Doh-MEEN-goh

Monday Lunes LOO-nehs

Tuesday Martes MAHR-tehs

Wednesday Miercoles Mee-er-cohl-ees

Thursday Jueves HWEH-behs

Friday Viernes Bee-HER-nehs

Saturday Sabado SAH-bah-doh


1 Uno Oon-o

2 Dos Dhos

3 Tres Trehs

4 Cuatro KWAH-tro

5 Cinco Seen-koh

6 Seis Say-ees

7 Siete See-EH-the

8 Ocho Oh-choh

9 Nueve NWEH-beh

10 Diez De ez

If you give me your e-mail address, I can send it to you in a printable chart form and it's much easier to read.

Saco, Maine
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3. Re: Speaking the language

SunnyDee Thanks for the list! My email is


Johnsburg, IL
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4. Re: Speaking the language

SonnyDee.........THANK YOU that is a fantasic list! I am going to print it and begin learning as I had a problem at Walmart in PV trying to inquire where the bathroom was. Until the 3rd clerk said "banos" I hadn't a clue where they were sending me nor did they have a clue where I was looking to be pointed to. And by that time I was almost doubled over! haha! Good thing I remembered what banos meant after they said it!

Thanks again!

Toronto, Canada
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5. Re: Speaking the language

Hi pmm2811,

You're right, it's a great list and the nice thing is, it tells you how to pronounce the words properly. I have it with at all times and it really comes in handy.

LJR, I e-mailed you the chart. If anyone else would like a copy in the chart form, send me your e-mail and I'll glady forward it to you.

Mesa, Arizona
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6. Re: Speaking the language


why not make learning some spanish a family project. You have plenty of time.

- if you have CABLE, start watching a spanish language station.

- get some flash cards and use them in the house. You could also get some beginning spanish tapes.

- Get a spanish dictionary and use post-its to identify the spanish name for common household items.

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7. Re: Speaking the language


Great list. We have teens that have taken some Spanish as have I but this list would be great.

Please send to hoffer@charter.net

Thanks much, Mike

Saco, Maine
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8. Re: Speaking the language


We're staying at the Iberostar Parisio Beach.It's our first time but have seen other reviews for this AI and my kids thought it would be great.

calgary alta
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9. Re: Speaking the language

Great list...please send me a copy


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10. Re: Speaking the language

Dear SunnyDee

Could you please email me a printable list as well? Much appreciated..........Muchos Gracias!!

email: idocrafts@aol.com