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Avoiding tummy trouble

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Avoiding tummy trouble

Traveling w/ young children. I know we shouldnt drink the water, but what else can we do to avoid getting sick? Can we drink w/ice , what about raw fruits and veggies?

Pueblo Colorado
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1. Re: Avoiding tummy trouble

My hubby and I are going in June, and I've read many articles and forums...I read that if you start taking acidophilus which is available at most pharmacies or health food stores that it will build up the good bacteria in your stomach, this can also be found in Yogurt and Yogurt drinks if I'm not mistaken...It's worth doing some research on, but Some people swear by it... Hope that helped, have a fun safe trip!

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2. Re: Avoiding tummy trouble

We were also worried about this as we travel with kids 2 and for the past 3 years we have always been taking probiotics - Bifidobacterium bifidum or Acidophilus. Yes they advertise some yogurt drinks and yogurts to have probiotics int it, but it is questionable. During manufacturing they do have very high potency of the good bacteria but if not stored correctly can lose a lot of its potency, so might not be as strong enough as maybe the capsules that you can get in the health store. I always buy mine in a health store as I know from the owner how they have been stored. (have to be refrigerated). Also its very important to start taking them at least 10 days prior to travel - throughout your stay and 10 days after you get home (thats if you are not taking them regularly already)

We have done this everytime we travel and touch wood have not been sick. My 5 year old has a very sensitive stomach, so I am always worried about her, but she has been fine - we usually travel for 2 weeks to a AI.

Hope this helps.

kansas city
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3. Re: Avoiding tummy trouble

the water at all hotels/resorts is fine. ice is fine. we have been going to Mexico for 10 yrs plus, Never had any stomach trouble at all -

St. Louis, Missouri
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4. Re: Avoiding tummy trouble

I have stomach issues all of the time, in general, but there is only one time that I can think of that I have gotten sick in Mexico.....and it was over just as quickly as it begun. I think it was from a piece of Sea Bass that I ate off of a buffet, but I wasn't careful. The texture seemed a bit 'off' but I kept eating it anyway and when I got to the middle, it was raw. So from then on, I made it a point to cut the meat or fish from the middle first.

Also, many will say to stay away from coconut, but I don't find this to irritate anyone in my family...and as I mentioned, I have a very sensitive digestive track. We ALL eat the coconut ice cream, which my kids LOVE plus indulge in many drinks made with coconut milk and/or coconut rum (no rum for the kids, of course, lol)

My kids also eat their weight in fresh fruit, salads and pico de gallo. Never once had a problem.

It is a good idea, as the above posters mentioned, to prepare your stomach with good bacteria starting about 10 days to 2 weeks before you leave. We just eat yogurt, but make sure you buy the kind (like Yoplait) that says something like "Contains live and active cultures"

Also, 2 out of my 3 kids plus my husband ate yogurt every morning at the resort.....probably overkill because my daughter and I didn't and yet we were all fine. But hey, they like it with fresh granola, so it didn't hurt. lol

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Tulum, Mexico
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5. Re: Avoiding tummy trouble

Other than in a AI water you drink should be out of a bottle, most places have their ice brought in from companies that make them with purified water.

Most people like trying the street vendors because it is super cheep. I dont eat in the street anywhere, just not smart if you have a week system.

Eating yogurt is a way to maintain a good source of bacteria. That is something to do just for everyday healthy eating and works.

I live/work in the Riveira and have a very sencitive stomach. Be smart and you should have no problem.

Most peole dont realise that they get sick because of to much drinking everyday and loose all that good bacteria that helps them digest and protect their stomach.

Mankato, Minnesota
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6. Re: Avoiding tummy trouble

Last year we did a colon cleanse and acidophilus tablets from the grocery store this year we skipped the colon cleanse and just did the acidophilus. Both years were the first times we didn't have any problems. Been traveling to Mexico for about 10 years and would have an "off" day or stronger stomach issues.

The acidophilus thing is easy to do and I recommend it.

London, United...
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7. Re: Avoiding tummy trouble

I always get minor stomach issues when I travel, which I put down to a combination of sun, and rich food and drink.

My top tips would be to stick to bottled water; water at resorts should be purified/filtered and will be fine for washing, brushing teeth etc, but because it is different to what you are used to, may cause tummy upsets if drunk it large quantities. At most resorts, bottled water should be freely available to I would stick to this.

It can be lovely to indulge in all the exotic fruits, but remember that many can act as laxatives when eaten in reasonable quantities, and remember that your stomach isn't used to it and might not agree! Be particularly careful with coconut as this is a well-known natural laxative.

It can be nice to experiment with new foods, or eat rich 3 course meals that you wouldn't have at home; again, be careful. You are best to stick to plain foods and foods you are used to rather than trying lots of new things.

Be careful in the sun. Where a high factor SPF, and stick to the shade, esp from 11am-3pm when the suns at it's highest. Sun stroke is nasty and some symptoms (eg vomiting, diarrhea, and feverishness) can mirror food poisoning. My partner had this 4 years ago and was very ill for about 24 hours.

Bring anti-diarrhea meds and replacement sachets just in case; hopefully you won't need to use them but better to be safe than sorry.


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8. Re: Avoiding tummy trouble

we have traveled many times to places that people might worry about getting a stomach thing, including, Colombia, Mexico, Dominican Republic ........

My rule of thumb is this and I was told this some 25 years ago in Colombia...

when out don't eat anything that isn't cooked, don't eat anything you can not peel and stay with the bottled water or hot drinks ie coffee.....

we have been very fortunate to not have experienced anything more than a cold on our vacations (who wants to spend a vacation in a hospital er)

listen to the locals and be mindful when eating off your resort...and you hopefully will only have wonderful adventures to talk about when you get home...

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9. Re: Avoiding tummy trouble

just reading Londons post above me.....

The Dominicans were very mindful of the coconut, as it is a wonderful natural laxative..........watch those pina coladas hehe......

have fun

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10. Re: Avoiding tummy trouble

My wife and I always use the bottled water when brushing our teeth too.