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Should I upgrade to Premium Class with Thomson

leicester, uk
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Should I upgrade to Premium Class with Thomson

Just wondering if anyone can advise if the Thomson Premium Class is worth the extra cash for the flight (from Gatwick) or if Standard is fine?

Barnsley, England
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1. Re: Should I upgrade to Premium Class with Thomson

Hi - just my opinion but I dont think the premium class is worth the extra money - we did that last year and the service going out was good but coming back from Cancun it was appalling! - you dont really notice the extra leg room and the meal isnt much better than standard class.

Apparently you are supposed to get your luggage first but that didnt happen either going or coming back, in fact in Cancun our cases were probably the last half dozen to come round the carousel!

This year we just paid for extra leg room in standard class and that was great - loads of room

Leicester, United...
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2. Re: Should I upgrade to Premium Class with Thomson

I agree with the above poster. I am 6ft 2 and manage perfectly ok on cattle class.

I would rather keep the £500 and spend it whilst on holiday. Travelling is not that important to me.

However, there are many people who will always recommend that you go Premium Class, and thats good as well.

Its all about personal preference.

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3. Re: Should I upgrade to Premium Class with Thomson

I've flown premium with thomson to cancun twice and am doing so again this year. I think it's worth the extra cash if you can afford it.

We always go online as soon as they release the seating plan and book the front seats too - that way you get loads of room and there's no-one in front of you reclining their chair etc.

I was impressed by the food(although its still plane food!) and its definitely better than what you get as standard. You also get all your drinks and other snacks free (ice cream, sandwiches before landing etc) and you never have to wait for service if you need anything.

We've perhaps been lucky, but have always had our luggage come off first both going and returning.

For me the holiday starts at the airport, and we enjoy the extras you get with premium

Newcastle upon...
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4. Re: Should I upgrade to Premium Class with Thomson

Yes, I agree it is all about personal preferences, but we wouldn't even consider travelling to Mexico if not in Premium Class. The fact that you breeze through Premium check in at both ends, which when paying departure tax, and have not only 3 suitcases,2 hand luggage and golf clubs is a God send. The cabin coming back is a lot quieter, which makes it better for sleeping with it being a night flight. We have not travelled "cattle class" so really cannot compare the two. We have not had any waiting for luggage either, so its probably been just one of those things. Also when arriving in Cancun, your the first ones off, which when arriving at Immigration is in your favour, the queues can be a nightmare.

Barnsley, England
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5. Re: Should I upgrade to Premium Class with Thomson

With regard to getting drinks, snacks etc - that was part of the problem coming back last year - we were only offered one drink for the 10 hour flight! - if you wanted any more you had to get up and get it yourself, not what we expected when we paid extra for premium. The cabin crew seemed to be more interested in discussing their previous night out in Cancun than looking after their passengers, maybe just an unlucky experience but it definitely put me off booking premium again.

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6. Re: Should I upgrade to Premium Class with Thomson

We've opted for economy as you don't seem to get enough extra to justify the cost (IMO)

On a slightly differnt note - we have booked ERC through Thomson which is billed as A La carte - part of the benefits is access to UK airport lounges - does anyone know if there is one at Gatwick and how we arrange for access as it doesn't seem to be mentioned anywhere else!

Edinburgh, United...
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7. Re: Should I upgrade to Premium Class with Thomson

Hi Tigerlily

We've been to ERC with Thomsons for the last 2 years, though from Glasgow not Gatwick. You get a voucher for the lounge in your book of travel tickets which you hand in. No need to make a reservation. At least that's how it worked at Glasgow. Make sure you get the right lounge - there are two at Glasgow and we were only entitled to use one of them.



London, United...
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8. Re: Should I upgrade to Premium Class with Thomson

IMO it depends how much they're asking and what your personal needs are.

We upgraded with Thomas Coo this year because the baggage allowance in economy was just 15kg, and they were charging an extra £20 per kilo for extra baggage allowance. In Premium you get 25kg so for us the baggage alone was worth it.

That said, we booked early and paid £1440 pp and our price came down, meaning we could cancel and rebook and pay £1540 (inc cancellation fees) for the upgrade, so we kind of only aid an extra £100 pp on what we'd already set aside, if that makes sense.

While it was nice to have the extras such as extra leg room, free drinks during the flight (they came round ALL the time, not sure if Thomson is the same), priority boarding, VIP check-in etc (plus our bags were offloaded first at the Cancun airport so we didn't have to wait around) IMO it was not worth the £250-300 that it typically costs.

We considered it for this year but as we have extra luggage included already due to the hotel we've booked, we felt we'd rather spend that £250 on a nicer hotel rather than the flight. We can buy drinks during the flight and while the extra leg room made some difference, IMO it didn't make £250 worth of difference. Likewise the things like priority boarding; personally I could care less how soon I get on the plane.


Birmingham, United...
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9. Re: Should I upgrade to Premium Class with Thomson

We are flying to Cancun in Thomson Premier Class in a couple of weeks. We have flown to Mexico with other airline upgrades (Monach and MyTravel - pretty good), but that was a few years ago. This will be first time with Thomson Premier, so will see how they comapre.

Thomas Cook charge £250 to £300 for their Premium Class??!! Good grief. Thomson was nowhere near that and I have heard Thomsom Premier is superior to Thomas Cook Premier. Just what i've heard, haviing only flown standard class with both in the past.

I also agree that a holiday starts at the airport, and enjoy the extras Premiere Class brings. Worth it if you have the cash. What does annoy me though, is we have had to pay the same for our 6 year old daughter as we have paid for us. I suppose to the airline though it 's a bum on a seat regardless and they treat it the same as a sheduled flight.

Christine :o)

Livingston, Scotland
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10. Re: Should I upgrade to Premium Class with Thomson

We're travelling to Mexico on our 7th trip in September and have upgraded every time after the 1st year travelling normal class - it was a nightmare!!

I have long legs and the person in front of me didn't put their seat back up the whole flight - even had to get the cabin crew to ask him at meal times which cause a huge arguement!

I have always had a great experience on the flights in Premier - drinks any time, the extra things like chocolates, snacks and ice-cream plus the little pamper pack and the noise reducing headphones are a nice touch. I arrived at Cancun last year with about 6 mini bottles of Baileys cause people round about me didn't want then and were passing them on! The extra baggage allowance for cabin and hold luggage is great too.

We gladly paid £169 each this year and will continue to do so.