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Obscure items packing list

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Obscure items packing list

Hi Everyone,

We leave for our first trip to PDC soon and I’ve been thoroughly reviewing the existing packing lists on this forum. I definitely know to bring things like swimsuits, sandals and sundresses, but are there any obscure items that you regret not bringing? For example, I’ve seen items like flashlights, clothes pins and biodegradable sunscreen, which I would have never thought to bring otherwise. If it makes a difference, we’ll be at Secrets Capri for 2 weeks. Any advice will be greatly appreciated!!

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1. Re: Obscure items packing list

Dental Floss. Got a sore tooth/gum, and was forced to use the thread from the sewing kit in my room one trip. Now I never forget it.

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2. Re: Obscure items packing list

The resort I stayed at last year had gone "green" so there were no straws. Normally that wouldn't have been a problem but I sunburned my lips. (yes I used lip balm with sunscreen..) Every sip I took out of their plastic glasses was painful. I would have paid for a straw! It will be the first thing in my suitcase next time.

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3. Re: Obscure items packing list

Obscure, huh? Well, I've got some IV drip bags and a big old sack of syringes I'm bringing this time. :)

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4. Re: Obscure items packing list

If you use a wash cloth bring an old one from home. They have nice towels, but wash cloths are hard to find. Definitely nice sun glasses, but you knew that one.

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5. Re: Obscure items packing list

OK, I got to know! Why the IV bag and syringes?

bemidji minnesota
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6. Re: Obscure items packing list

:) I'm bringing some things down for a nice lady who organizes donations for the pet shelter down there. I just thought they fit the obscure category nicely. :)

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7. Re: Obscure items packing list

I bring a pool float that they will blow up at the dive shop. When the trip is over I just leave it there.

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8. Re: Obscure items packing list

zip lock baggies in various sizes to:

keep liquid toiletries from leaking in the suitcase

keep a damp wash cloth for quick clean ups for the little ones

keep sand and water spray off items you bring to the beach or pool

keep snacks from attracting bugs to the room

keep wet bathing suits in to bring home

keep all your important papers together, then place in the room safe

and I'm sure there's plenty more uses

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9. Re: Obscure items packing list

I always bring a short extension cord. My hair dryer and straight iron will not fit in the same socket and usually there is only one in the bathroom. But I just read a great tip on the forum. When we go to PDC in November, I wll bring a rubber door stopper. There have been a few times on vacation that I'm in the room and housekeeping knocks and immediately opens the door. This can be very embarrassing :( This will prevent this. Have a great trip!

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10. Re: Obscure items packing list

Repost from a long time ago...

Mar 27, 2007, 10:47 AM

Allow 5 pounds per day, maximum is airline limit for one checked piece per person. Each person carries or rolls his/her own bag. Chivalry is dead! Anything more than that is not considered a vacation. It is called "moving". Exception: Bring any size bag of money, ...the host country adores it! Remember no one knows you in Mexico and what you do in Mexico ...stays in Mexico?


Old baseball hat - cut crown out if you want a sunvisor. Leave with Wal-Mart bag(below). Cuts glare when wearing glasses.

3 pens - One in carry-on, one in main baggage and the other in the front pocket of suitcase. Someone always needs one and you probably will lose a couple.

Electric Emersion Heater - Dual voltage type with 2 flat blade plug. (for soup, hot lemon water, tea, coffee, etc). Use to make sponge bath more pleasant if you can not get any hotel hot water. Also works to re-heat Mayan coffee.

Insulated cup with handle - Put your socks in it in the suitcase. Use it everywhere. I also carry a 32-64 oz version (packed with clothes) useful to hold 3+ bar drinks...but leave it behind in Mexico. They are 2-3 bucks for us but in demand down there. Go BubbaKeg!

Beach Bag - the kind that is mesh or thin cloth, dries easily yet can carry 2 liters of tequila when you go shopping. No knapsack or backpack. Put the Marq salt between the bottles to keep from clanking.

Locks for your suitcases - little ones, buy the ones that have one key fits set of 4 locks. Locking is a deterrent, not a remedy. Seems to baffle domestic staff. Use combo locks if you can afford them and they are small enough.

3-6 feet of light nylon rope - many uses...clothes line, tethering floating things together for rafts at Xel-Ha, hold together suitcase with broken zipper, etc.

Outlet Expander - converts 1 electric to 3 (The cheap kind with 2 prongs). If you bring a strip it'll save you diving under the bedside table to plug and unplug.

Ziploc Bags - 2 gallon (2 per person) and quart (3 per person), forget those 1 gallon (or the NEW XL or XXL Ziploc sizes.) ...they are either too small or too large. Also one 39 gallon garbage bag per person.(Use as suitcase liner if you like) Can make ponchos, sunshades, or Origami swan creatures that will baffle the maids. Also makes a handy ice pack if needed for that slip-fall thing.(Don't use 39 gallon one for ice pack)

Small flashlight with new batteries (I like the kind that becomes an electric candle, useful in power outages)

Copies of passport - Tucked in lining of every suitcase, carry-on, purse, etc. A couple extra to give to hotel, if needed, as they usually don't want to make a copy for you. Guys-Put one in your back pocket in a tiny Ziploc sandwich bag. No billfold, put money in front (preferably zippered) pocket.

Extra pair of (reading) glasses. - Hard to find in Mexico if you lose yours.

American Express travelers checks - For emergency only. Leave in safe with passport.

Phone numbers (and address) list - Both for you (Consulate, local taxi, etc) and for back home so others can reach your family. Keep with passport! Use the safe!

Paperback book - not plural, trade your book with someone else when you are done. If you can't find a trader try fantasizing about the characters in your book on the beach in Mexico. This works best after 3 or more adult beverages. Book can be Spanish/English phrase book if you are not bi-lingual but you will have to pick a guest to fantasize about.

3M "no-slip" adhesive strips. - Apply to bottom of flip flops, etc. Works great on wet tile floors in Mexico. Re-apply as necessary. (Lots of slip/fall in Mexico; bummer on a vacation)

Bar of soap - Leave in the suitcase for emergency use only. Medium size will service a family of 4. Anti-bacterial OK.

Wal-mart plastic bag - Useful to reserve beach chair, fill with sand and an old sunvisor. (You don't HAVE to wear the sunvisor)

Prescriptions - make copy of label (Digital camera photo?) and keep in separate place.

Signs - Pre-print and have in the suitcase 8x10's with Spanish wording for "Do Not Disturb", Keep Out, Sleeping, etc. Use as needed and hang with small piece of duct tape.

Duct tape - 3-12 inch pieces taped to suitcase lining. (Many uses ...shoe repair, wrap leaky pipe, use as sleep mask, etc)

Two bathing suits - I hate putting on a wet suit. Since it takes two days to dry anything... you'll either have to wear no suit on the 3rd day or go bar crawling in PDC.

Digital Camera with extra memory and rechargeable battery. Photos of everything including your food. Very good for later use writing Trip Advisor reviews.

Much less clothing than you think you might need. - The environment assures you will wear less.

Good attitude - You are on vacation.


Hand sanitizer -you are going to get the bugs anyway. I never carry it! Same with anti-bacterial wipes or gel.

Bug repellent wipes - Only if you can get the strong ones (with DEET). Wipe on ankles or socks so you don't get below the knee bites while sitting at bars. Happy feet mean less bites.

Pillowcase - Personal preference, maybe you sleep better with your own scent on the pillow. Old one please, then you can use at the beach also. Store your teddy bear in it and use him as a pillow. Clutch if insecure during trip.

Backscratcher - Personally I use a door jamb or a significant other.

Water shoes - can be useful, so can a pair of regular white athletic socks, swim fins, if it is rocky. If you are swimming you don't need them, if you are walking, the beach is not so hard on the feet.

Snap hooks (hang up bathing suits in the shower) - Never used them.

Earplugs or Sleep mask - only if medically prescribed. You'll miss the sound of the ocean and vistas of the sunrises.

Polarized clip-on sunglasses.

Cheap beach towel - The thin type to lay in the bottom of your suitcase. You can also buy for twice+ as much at the destination. Many uses!

Disposable Cameras - Almost better to buy postcards, those cameras take such lousy pictures.

SMALL jar of peanut butter - Remember the jingle? "Sometimes you feel like a nut?..." Get a craving for Cheetos? Leave them at home and suffer, try a tortilla chip or two.

Personal items such as Pepto, Vitamins, antibiotic ointment, Frizz-ease, Advil, Sunblock, foaming facial pads, shower scrunchy, artificial sweetener, safety pins and aloe vera gel or after sun gel - Believe it or not you are not on Safari, buy it when you need it at a store, they even have a Wal-Mart and Sams if you want the imported goods.

Bandaids - Prefer 4 x 4's held on with the duct tape. Gets more sympathy at the pool.

NO List!

Powdered laundry detergent - please no white powdery substances in any of the luggage.

Downey Dewrinkler, Fabreeze, Shout, etc - Leave your domestic impulses at home. A Tide Stick is not a solution. Wear your stain proudly. Add to it for show-and-tell at place of employment on your return.

Can of hazelnut international coffee - No cans in the luggage, if you need a hazelnut fix let the craving build so you have something to look forward to at home. Try Espresso with some flavoring in Mexico.

Jewelry you use to impress others.

Childrens toys for the beach. Children become very creative if left alone with an ocean and a beach.

Sirius radio for the hotel room, Ipod for the beach _ Leave them at home, Dude, listen to the waves. What about DVD's? Only as coasters for an El Sol!

Small plug-in air freshener or little tiny spray bottle of "oust" - If the room smells musty open the windows. It's going to smell worse after you leave for the next guest if you don't.

Candles - Please no open flames. The roof is made of grass!

Travel alarm clock in case your resort does not have a clock radio - These should be removed by customs and not allowed in Mexico. Maids should re-set them if found in the room to 3:30 AM and hide them under the bed.

Blow-up raft to float on - People float in water depending on fat content. Floating should not be a problem from my observations. Rafts look really dumb in the center of a pool plus ruin all the pool photo opportunities.

Dry box that you wear around your neck to keep money & credit cards - Looks shiek around the pool and the criminal element loves you to advertise.

Magazines - Not unless they have center fold. Great tip to bartender to get more top shelf houch!

And remember the words of my late father who would always say upon embarking "If you didn't bring it with you, you can't always buy it when you get there."

IMHO this list is subject to change.