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Cheese, ice cream and dairy

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Cheese, ice cream and dairy

We're headed for Playa next week, for the first time. Staying at the Porto Playa Condo Hotel. Two adults, two kids.

We're prepared to drink bottled water (adults are pretty seasoned travelers, just not to these parts). But now we've been told not to eat cheese or ice cream since they may not have been pasteurized. That would probably extend to all dairy.

Any experience or advice on the topic? I've learned a lot already from all of you out there, so I'll take this opportunity to say Thank You!

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1. Re: Cheese, ice cream and dairy

Do drink the bottled water, unless your condo has reverse osmosis for their water supply. But, I've never heard anything about not eating the ice cream, cheese and dairy products. If that were true I would have died years ago in Playa. Maybe you should just stick to the gelato, it's really good. There are gelato shops all over Playa.

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2. Re: Cheese, ice cream and dairy

The dairy products are safe and delicious especially yogurts.There can be a slight taste difference to butter and milk compared to home. There will likely be a large purified water bottle in a dispenser of some kind in your condo for drinking and making your own ice cubes. Keep your empty pop bottles to freeze or half freeze for use the next day on the beach. We also bring some old cottage cheese or margerine containers as disposable tupperware for take out or left overs.

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3. Re: Cheese, ice cream and dairy

Dairy products if purchased in sealed containers are mostly pasteurized in Mexico. Products from small vendors and are local production it could go either way. Don't be surprised if You recognize a lot of labels, different names but same trade mark. I've traveled to Mexico a dozen times for both work and pleasure an around Central America and in my experience it is the water that will get you and what you need to be most careful of. Different people have different sensitivities. My first time in Mexico I remembered about not using ice and eating only cooked and peeled fruits and veg, but I didn't even think about rinsing my toothbrush off in the sink. It hit me hard and was down for a week! Don't let this scare you, you will have a great time. As old traveller said. Eat the gelato. Yum!

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4. Re: Cheese, ice cream and dairy

All I know is if you skip Mexican ice cream, you will seriously be missing out. Even at the AI resorts, it is out of this world! It blows away the high fat stuff in the US. May favorite at home is Oberweiss and it doesn't compare. http://www.oberweis.com/web/default.asp

And if you like coconut ice cream, it is everywhere.

Been to Mexico aver 10 times and I only got sick from Domino's and Hard Rock and it wasn't even that bad. Don't worry. If the place you are eating at looks gross, its probably gross. Just like it is in the States. Be sure, however, not to base your opinion on curb appeal. There are great places that don't look like much from the outside that are really great.

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5. Re: Cheese, ice cream and dairy

Have been traveling to Mexico for 30 some years and have never gotten sick. Drink bottled water and use it for rinsing your toothbrush, If you are staying in a condo go to WalMart or a large grocery for daily shopping and you will not have a problem with the food you buy. Agree that if you skip the ice cream you will have missed a great treat. We have eaten from the street vendors and not had any problems. Enjoy

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6. Re: Cheese, ice cream and dairy

For a good icecream shake I recommend johnny rockets! Its an american diner but very tasty.

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7. Re: Cheese, ice cream and dairy

I love the fruity popsicles that you can find in the little storefronts. They're made with fresh fruit and are so refreshing in the heat. However, once I made the mistake of buying the red popsicle I thought was either watermelon or some kind of berry. Turns out it was a chile popsicle. What a surprise when I bit into it and I cannot tolerate any kind of heat. Gave my husband a pretty good chuckle, though.

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8. Re: Cheese, ice cream and dairy

Just got back from PDC yesterday, and my favourite food is dairy - and no it did not make me sick.

Best gelato I had was at Corsi's on 5th Ave - it's probably the closest or just like the gelato I've had in Italy.

In my opinion I wish they had unpasteurized cheese and milk, as I prefer the taste to the pasteurized.

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9. Re: Cheese, ice cream and dairy

I love cheese, yogurt, flan, milk, etc., and never got sick from any of it in Mexico. The only thing I don't like is the taste of Mexican butter. It's pretty awful, lol.

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10. Re: Cheese, ice cream and dairy

Even if the dairy is unpasturized I am sure you will be fine, plenty of countries do fine without heat treating dairy. I really miss raw milk cheeses a lot!