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Tipping at the resort

So my future wife and I will be at SMB for our honeymoon July 10th - 17th (anyone else gonna be there?)

I've only been on an all-inclusive once in my life, and that was about 10 years ago, I dont really remember how I tipped, so I'm looking to you seasoned travelers for advice.

Is it customary to tip at dollar for every drink?Is it better to tip $5-10 ahead of time? For meals, I figured 20-25% depending on the meal, as high as 30% if the service exceptional.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. I can't wait for our honeymoon!

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1. Re: Tipping at the resort

ha ha. you are in for a treat. Very sore subject!!

Playa del Carmen...
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2. Re: Tipping at the resort

Some will say that you are Bribing if you tip well. I feel you should be generous if you wish and if that provides you great service then who cares what anyone else thinks. I would not tip beforehand...you have not received any service yet. We will normally give our beach server a couple better tips throughout the day vs tipping every drink.At an AI we will generally tip 50-100 Pesos for an a la carte meal for breakfast or lunch. For dinner we will generally leave 100-200 peseos for 4 adults. Up to you what you tip and how much.

Berware that all the non-tippers will be here soon telling you if you tip generous and often that you are "bribing" just ignore the Non and do what you think is right. There is no right or wrong.

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3. Re: Tipping at the resort

Thanks for the quick response. I will definitely keep that in mind

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4. Re: Tipping at the resort

IMHO, a tip given BEFORE a service is rendered is a bribe. A tip given AFTER you've received service is just that, a tip.

Everyone has their own views on tipping amounts, here's mine:

- $1 or so per round or so of drinks; more if the drinks are the frou-frou type that require more effort to make and/or the round is large;

- $1 minimum for EVERY round that a pool or beach waiter/waitress brings;

- $2 - $5 for buffet meals, depending on how much waiting was actually done;

- $5 - $10 for a la carte meals;

- $2 - $5/day for the person making up the room;

- $2 - $5 for the person refilling the fridge;

- bell boys - $1 per bag; and

- private transfer - airport greeter $1 - 3; driver $10 - $20.

I should probably add that I ONLY tip when I feel I've received good service. If I get service that is, IMHO, above and beyond, I'll definitely tip more. By the same token, I have no compunction whatsoever about not tipping at all if I feel the service I've received doesn't warrant it.

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5. Re: Tipping at the resort

Eh, I tip in advance a lot. If I don't have any small bills, I might give a server a $5 or something (I do this in Vegas too) for the first drink and then start again later. Or sometimes I'll give a bartender a $20 if we are keeping a tab open. If that's a bribe, so be it.

I pretty much agree with the other amounts posted above.

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6. Re: Tipping at the resort

We tip but not everyone does. Technically your tips are included in your all inclusive package at Secrets Maroma. FYI, some people on this forum like to try to make you feel like a horrible person for daring to give a tip - Please ignore them. Do as you wish, it's your money :) Enjoy your vacation and congrats on your wedding!! We loved SMB, can't say enough great things about it!

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7. Re: Tipping at the resort

Wow, thank you for your responses everybody. Tripadvisor forums are very active and informative, I will be on here more often leading up to my trip!

Prescott Ontario
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8. Re: Tipping at the resort

I agree with Smokey, once I develop a rapport with the beach waiter I give him $10.00 for the day and tell him to keep the drinks coming. You'll never have to flag him down again.

Brampton, Canada
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9. Re: Tipping at the resort

AHHHH Not again!!!

Let's see we have the people who swear they tip $100 a day even though nobody believes it

We have the people who won't tip at all

We have the people who tip (bribe) before to get preferential treatment

We have people who tip for good service

We have people who tip regardless if the service is good or bad

We have people who read the brochure and when it said "tips included" they believed it

We have people who don't

We have people who have a guilt complex and feel that they are feeding the families of the down trodden with the tips

We have people who say the cost of living is low and so should the tips

We have people who have never seen a tip given and those who have

The back handed tippers, the end of the week tippers and the obvious "here is $20 now fetch me a drink tippers.

Anyone I missed from the last thread feel free to chime in.

And as I said the last time,

Tips are not expected but are appreciated. Tip for good service, but don't tip to get good service before it has been given. Tip what you feel like you can afford and not what anyone else tells you. And please tip with Pesos, your in Mexico leave the American money in the USA.

Glasgow, United...
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10. Re: Tipping at the resort

Well said.