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Is Tulum for us?

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Is Tulum for us?

First a little background: My wife and I are in our mid twenties. My best beach vacation thus far has been to Aruba, specifically Eagle Beach where the low rise hotels are and the beaches are quite empty. I hate high rise hotels and too many tourists during the day, which you can find in Aruba's high rise area. The Aruba forum directed me to Playa del Carmen as another great destination. However, my research gives me the feeling that Playa is too crowded for us. And I hate being approached on the beach by vendors, which is a deal breaker for me.

This led me to Tulum. My biggest fear at Tulum are bugs at night. Are there any beach low rise hotels/Cabanas without bugs? I can put up with fewer amenities like lack of electricity, but I simply hate bugs. If not, can someone recommend another city/hotel in Maya Riviera. We like to go explore, and need to be near good restaurants (no AI).

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1. Re: Is Tulum for us?

There are some hotels where you can minimize your chances of encountering bugs, but I can't say you can avoid them altogether.

Basically you'll want a solid walled and ceilinged structure - no palapa roofs.

Look at the ground floors of La Conchita, Ana y Jose, Tita Tulum, Los Lirios.

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2. Re: Is Tulum for us?

Sounds like Tulum's low-rise character and empty, pretty beaches meet your needs. We had no problems with bugs at all at Neuva Vida de Ramiro.

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3. Re: Is Tulum for us?

I agree, sounds like Tulum would be a good fit for you. The only encounters we had with bugs was our very first night at Tierras Del Sol. There was a line of termites walking across the spare cot and one huge cockroach on the wall. We sprayed the areas down with some bug spray that we brought (though I probably would not do the same, cuz the spray is not exactly eco-friendly) and had no issues for the rest of our stay. We only had to use the mosquito net one night and that was because there was not much breeze (we stayed beach front).

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4. Re: Is Tulum for us?

bugs are my fear too. I'm okay with the little ones but the jumbo's are another story. Any hotels/cabanas specifically recommended in addition to ones mentioned? I think it is likely difficult to completely avoid bugs in the tropics, especially if you are in a jungle setting....we would not be going until late November / early December.

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5. Re: Is Tulum for us?

During our last stay we had no bugs at all until the last night. I think they spray the room before your stay and at the 6th night the spray did not work any more. Either that or the crisps we ate in the room were very attractive for this cockroch.

there were mosquitos all nights even with a lot of wind, but under the net we had no problems with them.

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6. Re: Is Tulum for us?

I have been to Tulum 8 times and have never had any problems with bugs. I have never seen any large bugs in the cabins at Nueva Vida or Tita Tulum...ever. I have gone in November, April, and May.

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7. Re: Is Tulum for us?

You're in the jungle, there is no way to completely eradicate the chance of bug encounters, especially in an environmentally sensitive/friendly area. Many places don't use chemical sprays the way the big all-inclusive resorts do.

Do not have food in the room, or if you do, make sure it's completely sealed and inside a larger container like a cooler.

I saw another guest freaking out because of a train of ants in their room, then we found out they had candy out in the open. So a lot of this is something you can control yourself.

These water bugs (OK, cockroaches) are ugly and can give you a start when you see one in the bathroom in the middle of the night, but there's not much to be done about them. I went for several trips without ever seeing one, then saw a couple two trips in a row at two different hotels (of widely varying prices).

Completely unscientific of me, but since water bugs generally come up through the pipes, when I saw some in a bathroom, the next day I covered the sink and shower drains before I went to bed and I didn't see them anymore. I don't know if what I did made a difference or if they just went away again, but I'll do it again if I see them next trip and I'll let you know if it works again.

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8. Re: Is Tulum for us?

I came back on day recently to my eco-chic cabana and saw a lizard scurrying up the wall near the toilet (again, it probably came in through a small hole I saw around the pipes). It gave me a start, but I accepted it as natural. After all, it was a jungle room, and I was the intrucer. Never saw it again though. I think I startled it more than it startled me.

If these things wig you out (lizards, bugs, ants), a cabana on or near the beach is not for you. Stay in town and drive to the beach. There's some great places in town, and there's more to do at night.

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9. Re: Is Tulum for us?

I live in the area and spend weekends in Tulum I agree that I have never seen bugs at Tita Tulum or La Nueva Vida but I am sure there are other hotels that are bug free as well. I ut like those two plces best....old Tulum...not new and chic with mattresses on the beach like Nikki Beach (i.e. Ocho)

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10. Re: Is Tulum for us?

We go to Tulum yearly in late Nov-mid Dec and stay @ Cabanas Copal in the sand floor cabanas.

We have not had any bug problems and they have nets around the bed.

The sand floor does allow little sand animals to share the cabana, but they are not bugs and they get away from you as fast as they can (not too fast, but the point is they don't want any part of you and are not around during the day.) The sand animals get into most all the rooms no matter what resort, but on a hard floor...well, I can't imagine they are fun to step on, but on sand floors, they just dig in so stepping on them just gets them where they want to go faster.

The beach has very few people, and getting unplugged is so wonderful, it slows your life down and clears your head. It has spoiled us, we no longer want; busy vacations, people/kids running around, oily pools, radios, TVs, and even clocks are a negative influence. We return home rested, tan, and happy.

We highly recommend this location.