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Trip Highlights and All my pictures, videos, 7/10-7/19

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Douglas, Georgia
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Trip Highlights and All my pictures, videos, 7/10-7/19

(aka “Trip Report, Part One”) with COMPLETE details later. The following are the top HIGHLIGHTS of our trip and an outline of restaurant visits and activities for detailed information to be filled in later. We got to meet geoman at Salvatore’s and since he always prompts for pictures, we put ALL the pictures and some videos (Gordo performing part 1 and 2 and three more) identified by day and date, UP FIRST on our website. It is running again with the Go-Daddy password requirement error permanently eliminated. When you download Gordo’s two performances be PATIENT, since they each take several minutes to load. But, THEY ARE WORTH THE WAIT! The other three videos are tacos al pastor preparation at Guacamayas and two driving rules, instructions, and helmet preparation at Cabo Karting Center. Three more in our group were taking pictures. Hopefully, they recorded any moments I missed. We will add their pictures to the website after I receive their CDs.

Slytrader’s master picture page:



I decided to start with the HIGHLIGHTS first, with ALL the pictures and videos, so I could get this project started. The personal highlight was having my blue eyed grandchildren along on their first trip to Cabo San Lucas; 11 month old Rylin, Kassie 9, and Tyler 12, and his friend Ty. Without question our Monday fishing, relaxing 8 plus hours on the Luxury 83 foot Nordlund Yacht, “KAHUNA”, with bartender (Maria) and chef (Marcello) was an UNFORGETTABLE CLASSIC! Captain Juan Carlos and deck hand Miguel deserve special recognition also. Three in our group stepped up big time and splurged for this charter. It was a total surprise announced to our group during our Saturday night Osso Bucco special dinner at Salvatore’s. While the fishing was slow, the relaxing was splendid and the four tuna we caught were icing on the cake. Marcello prepared breakfast and appetizer after appetizer during the day and super tuna steaks with one of the fish we caught for lunch. Maria kept us all well supplied with beverages. The plush craftsmanship, comfort, and service on this craft are something you will never forget. There are plenty of pictures of the yacht and this memorable outing on the Monday picture page on our website and also pictures of the yacht on their website referenced below.

For further information in case you get delirious like my three 83 ft. Luxury Yacht benefactors, THANK YOU, Randy, Mark and Bill, from all in our group, here is their website:



The second HIGHLIGHT was Salvatore’s restaurant (phone # 105 1044). Matt Galluzzo (The Little Prego) and Tim Galluzzo (The Big Ragu), our new favorite owners and their Salvatore’s restaurant have moved to our number one favorite restaurant in CSL. It is also the number one rated restaurant here on Trip Advisor, and deservedly so. Thanks, Matt for helping make our trip a memorable one!!!!

While staying at Siesta Suites on Friday night, we went downstairs to have a few drinks before leaving for dinner. We made reservations for all 14 of our group coming in for Saturday night. We also checked to see if an Osso Bucco dinner was possible. Matt said that was the “Special” he already had planned for Saturday night. We got lucky!

We were pleasantly shocked with an early Lasagna appetizer at the bar before we left for dinner. Randy wanted a taste since he had heard so much about it. He asked Matt for a tablespoon from the end of the pan for a sample. Matt brought out a complete serving (see Friday Salvatore’s pictures) and the four of us agreed it was the best ever. I will add it is a mistake to have his lasagna entrée as an appetizer before you go anywhere else to dinner because it is so large, tasty and filling! Matt and his dad, Tim personally make their lasagna recipe every Wednesday and Friday. The rest of our group didn’t get this experience and will have to wait until next year.

The quality of their food, service, hospitality, attention to detail, and very reasonable prices were excellent. Our group loved the fare and service on both visits, Saturday and Tuesday. We did the sharing of salads and some of the entrees. Saturday night six of us had the Special and the Osso Bucco veal portions were excellent and very large. There was NO sharing of this entrée. I didn’t get any pictures of this feast. My immediate hunger took precedent over photos. Maybe one of the other cameras got some dinner meal pictures. I couldn’t believe the price was only $16. I have always paid 30 plus dollars for this meal. Randy asked for and got their recipe for Raspberry Chipotle Sauce and has already used it on one of his lamb recipes. Another entrée many tried and thought was great was their Sea Bass. We asked Matt why the portions were so large on his entrees. He said he and his dad had decided early on, that was going to be their “niche”. I hope he sticks to his guns down the road. If he keeps the quality and food volume the same and even at some point has to raise his prices a little, then the entrees will remain an excellent value!


The third HIGHLIGHT was the Baja Cantina Beach Bar at the bottom of Cabo Villas Beach Resort. It was special largely because of Alberto, the bartender and the sushi. Randy gave him two nicknames, “Jackie Chan” and “Alberto the Great”. He called Randy, “BIG POPPI” the whole time. That name might stick!! Alberto has his own slight magical twists to many drinks. For example, someone wanted something a little different than their strawberry margarita, so he brings a different one and said try this. It was a mango strawberry margarita which was very good. He made a Pina Loca in a dressed up Mr. Pineapple (see Wednesday 7/16 pictures) after removing the meat. He then served the removed pineapple with a hot sauce on it with the drink. He also brought a Sunshine and his version of a mai-tai, once again both were very tasty. His regular margarita during 11-6 two for one time, was highly rated by our group. His bloody mary is very good even though he didn’t have any celery salt. He has asked the kitchen manager for it several times and still doesn’t have it. That was one of my two complaints on the survey at the end of the trip. The other was no hot water from time to time.

Early one morning after two bloody marys, I decided I wanted one of my other favorite morning drinks, a blended New Orleans Gin Fizz. I asked Alberto if he could make one. He said; of course! The first one was OK, but it wasn’t right, although it did have the cream and egg white. So, we started an experiment to get it right. First, it didn’t have any orange flower water in it. That was understandable since it is even very hard to find in the States. You only use a very small amount, but it makes a difference. He was using lime juice, but it should be lemon. It didn’t have any vanilla. Even though the original recipe doesn’t call for it, I like to add a small amount.

So, we started and named them by number. In “tres” he used grated orange peel to simulate the orange flower water. A good idea but it was too orange strong. He straw tested each one with me. By “siete” it was as close to the original as we were going to get. But, it had only one shot of Tanqueray. So, we added two shots of gin in “ocho”. I bought several “ochos” and served them to several of our group at the main pool for their morning wake up drink. From then on I ordered either a “siete” or an “ocho” New Orleans Gin Fizz. The “sietes” were $6.50 each. Obviously, my bar bill was a little steep that morning.

I did have one coconut pancake later in the morning to help offset the drinks, and just to say I had one since I had read so many comments on them. It was good, but just coconut in a pancake! I finally got 3 favorite local restaurant recommendations from Alberto; Michoacano’s for carnitas, Pepe’s for tacos al pastor with pineapple, and Mocambo’s for the best fresh seafood. And, I agreed with him on Michoacano’s carnitas and gave him Guacamayas for tacos al pastor! Next year I’m going to bring Alberto some orange flower water for the “ochos” and celery salt and horseradish for the bloody marys. Muchas gracias, Alberto para hace nuestro viaje una memoria!!

A lot of different sushi items were ordered by the group during the week. The discount coupons came in handy for these and other food items at Baja Cantina Beach during the week. My favorite was the Chile Gueritos. It is a lightly tempura battered chile fish item that has some very HOT Chinese spice infused in it and deep fried. You get a tasty six of them on a plate, a slightly burning tongue, and watery eyes for $9 (pictures on Friday 7/11).

RESTAURANTS VISITED (* = first visit):



*LOS MICHOACANO’S (on Leona Vicario street)












DRINKS ONLY (* = first visit):


CRAZY LOBSTER, Bloody Mary, 2 for $4.50

CHEETO gone, but another small bar across from Gordo’s is open





GROCERY SHOPPING (* = first visit):

Three Little Stores at the east beach street side of Cabo Villas (pictures and menus, see convenience stores Friday 7/11):


(food, tacos, tortas, wraps, soft drinks, water)


(food, tacos, tortas, soft drinks, our group, lots of locals bought here)

We called it the “middle store”, and used it the most for food.


(beer: Pacifico $1.10, Budweiser $1.50, water $.80) this is a close convenient store for water and beer purchases.










In part two later, I will fill in as many meals with prices that I can remember. I will also add the activity prices which were discounted about 10% using my Cabo Villas Beach Resort VIP card.

Olympia, Washington
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1. Re: Trip Highlights and All my pictures, videos, 7/10-7/19


I admit that I jumped the gun and started looking at the pictures from this year's trip early this morning. They are great!

First, how did you get your name on your TA hat?

Second, I didn't know (or forgot) that you were spending a couple of nights in the penthouse at Siesta Suites. We will be staying there in October. So, how was the shower pressure and how was the stair climb? BTW, those are the best photos I've seen so far from the penthouse.

Third, I was wondering if those were your grandkids. They are very cute, especially Rylin. How many of your group was family?

Fourth, The Kahuna is georgous! Like a four-star hotel, I read. Lucky you!

And then again, on Saturday, with the Osso Bucco you had been hoping for as the special. You must be living right. What's your secret?

Last, (for now) I see you made it to Guacamayas but I didn't see one of their t-shirts in your photos. Do they have them at the CSL location?

Thanks. I'm looking forward to reading more.

PS. Note to self: Bring Alberto, at the Baja Cantina Beach Bar, some orange flower water for the “ochos” and celery salt and horseradish for the bloody marys. See if I can trade him for one of each (and tell him Muchas gracias, Alberto para hace nuestro viaje una memoria!! from slytrader)

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2. Re: Trip Highlights and All my pictures, videos, 7/10-7/19

Great report... I am going to have to print your iist along with Trapper's - we go in 2 weeks.

How was Cabo Villas? We are staying there and I have read many mixed reviews. We usually stay at Solmar and I am really looking forward to staying at Medano Beach and being so close to the marina.

Boise, Idaho
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3. Re: Trip Highlights and All my pictures, videos, 7/10-7/19

Great pictures....I had to laugh at the Clamatos one. We walked across town because we thought it was a new bloody mary bar. No clue what it is though.... Looks like you had a great time...Thanks for the report

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4. Re: Trip Highlights and All my pictures, videos, 7/10-7/19

Slytrader, all I can say is WOW!!!!!!!

Amazing time you all had, and the food, Awesome!!!

Did you get a chance to meet my buddy Bernard at Cabo Villas?

Did you make it to Todos Santos?

The Yacht is spectacular!! Thanks for Sharing!!


Portland, Oregon
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5. Re: Trip Highlights and All my pictures, videos, 7/10-7/19

WOW! What a trip! Those children won't have any trouble writing about their trip when they return to school! What wonderful memories for your grandchildren...although Rylin is probably too young to remember much. It took me over an hour to go through your pictures and videos. It made me wish I was there with all of you.

The video at Guacamayas was interesting...a place I will definitely have to try in October.

The Kahuna voyage looked like a wonderful way to spend the day!

Although I don't go to Cabo to eat sushi...(I have my favorite place that can't be beat in price and taste in Portland) it looked pretty yummy!

THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR TRIP! Glad you finally made it to Gardenias and Michoacanas! Just think... if you had gone on a Wednesday and gone to the one out on the highway...you would have gotten either twice as much or half the price!

Douglas, Georgia
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6. Re: Trip Highlights and All my pictures, videos, 7/10-7/19

Dave, a little embroidery shop that does custom baseball hats at times, put the name on front and back for $8.

Randy and Cindy stayed up there, and we were on the second floor. They had no complaints except some wise remarks about the climb. I went up twice, it wasn’t bad. Next year I think I will stay early at Casa Raphael, so we can walk a few steps east and use Cabo Villas Beach Resort the days before we check in. I have already put in for a September 12 start week.

It was all family except Randy and Cindy, but they are like family.

Three are my grandchildren. Kara, my daughter has Rylin. Mark, my shaved head son has Kassie and Tyler. The three blue eyed trio. Ty is a friend of Tylers

We bought 8 t-shirts Wednesday when we were there for $80. They don’t have them there. They brought them over from San Jose Thursday night at 6pm. We walked over and picked them up after our carnitas feast (2 kilos) at Michoacano’s. We put up pictures for you of the logo front and back at the bottom of the part 2 Guacamayas page. The front logo is a lot smaller than the picture. I didn’t think it was any too special and forgot to take a picture earlier.

Sparty, the only complaint I had was no hot water from time to time which I put on their end of the week survey. It was lukewarm tolerable when not hot. I was like you even though I own a timeshare there, at times after reading some of the reviews before we left. This was our first time in our unit. However, all the people and our rooms were super nice, and while there was some timeshare pressure they understand a direct polite not interested. Karla in reservations was super in answering ALL of my very many e-mail questions. If you have any problems I would ask for Fredrico. He is a tall thin very nice supervisor that constantly wanders the resort. If you talk to him he WILL get your problem handled.

DJ, maybe someone will clue us in, what they are doing with all that Clamato!!!!!

Chicamundo, we didn’t make it to Todos. We met Bernard and talked to him almost every day. A nice guy and very helpful.

JJJ, I think tou will like Guacamayas, especially their tacos al pastor that you watched being prepared on video. The carnitas were excellent at Michoacano’s as was the service. Two servers at all times and very attentive but not overly attentive. The only mistake I made was in ordering. Having never ordered kilos before, I ordered two kilos, which was too much. Next time for the same number of people I would start with one kilo and then add more as needed. They bring them very fast. I took a large to go box and Friday night when some splurged at Ruth’s Chris, I had ice water and several more carnitas!!!!

It was a first at Las Gardenias and I had 3 different tacos and all three were very good.

The Chile Gueritos at the Baja Cantina Beach Bar were excellent and VERY SPICY!

The "KAHUNA", THE PICTURES TELL IT ALL!!!!! There is nothing left to say about that experience!!!!!!!!!!!!

Olympia, Washington
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7. Re: Trip Highlights and All my pictures, videos, 7/10-7/19


You have a beautiful family and it sounds like they know how to treat you right. Yes, I'm talking about the Kahuna. What a great suprise!

About Siesta Suites, I've heard stories about the climb to the penthouse. Some people say the staircase can be treacherous. No, not really, just a long climb.

Thanks for pointing out the photos of the Guacamayas t-shirts. I don't know how I missed that. The link even says "includes shots of T-Shirt, front and back". You knew I'd be looking for them didn't you?

OK, on to Trip Report, Part Two ... at your convienience of course.

PS. Thanks for the hat trick tip. That's a great idea.

Long Beach...
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8. Re: Trip Highlights and All my pictures, videos, 7/10-7/19

Hey Dave (Dreams),

Don't worry about the climb up the stairs...all of us at Siesta Suites will join you for after dinner cocktails on your patio over looking Cabo...

That way "you're already home"...and don't have to climb up 4 flights of stairs drunk...

We'll all just slide down the stairs...much better

(don't worry we'll also help carry the booze up)...:)

Long Beach...
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9. Re: Trip Highlights and All my pictures, videos, 7/10-7/19

By the way SLY....Great report ...!!

Fun Photos....!

Olympia, Washington
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10. Re: Trip Highlights and All my pictures, videos, 7/10-7/19


I think that's a great idea. That deck looks like it's as big as Salvatore's upper level. We could all go up on the roof ... and at night, the stars, they put on a show for free.

Maybe I can get a few of you to help me up there on the way?