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Trip Report (ME CABO) 8/22-8/29 Super loooong!!!!

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Trip Report (ME CABO) 8/22-8/29 Super loooong!!!!

Trip Report 8/22-8/29 loooong

Yeah! Happy to be back… especially because of the weather! K so this is the first time I do a trip report but I’ve been to Cabo before and loved it so I decided to take my BF and we brought 6 more people. I never imagined the sun to be soooo strong and powerful! It was HOT!!! I have been everywhere in Mexico (Cancun, Acapulco, PV, Veracruz…etc) but never have felt this Freakin HOT!!! We stayed at the ME Cabo through my sis timeshare and it’s exactly how it’s described on TA( That’s what I love about Trip Advisor)! Great location, Super Trendy, small boutique hotel, great service and expensive. A SMALL bottle of water is $5. But the location and area is fantastic close to everything; food, clubs, bars, downtown. My fave hotel is still The Hilton but we decided to stay here because it was a Party Atmosphere! So don’t take your kids cause we saw some crazy stuff there, if you want to have a good time than this is the place! K so Food, we went to Lorenzillos, Mi Casa, Tesoro ,Ole Ole, The Sand Bar, Mango Deck, The Office, La Taquiza (MY FAVE!!!) and some other places but I cant remember. Before reading my food critiques I just want to warn you that I’m Mexican but raised in US and was deprived of authentique Mexican food so every chance I get I try to find AUTHENTIQE food and same goes for the atmosphere too. And I have been EVERYWHERE from Tijuana to Cancun, so don’t get mad just take it in!

Lorenzillos: (Marina)

This is a really nice romantic place but it does not compare to fine dining in San Francisco! Its way over priced and I have had way better sea bass in SF! I think my plate was like $30 and I got a medium size piece of fish with spinach crème and a small shrimp side.

Mi Casa:

Very disappointed! Everyone I would spark up a conversation in Cabo was like “You have to go to MI CASA” and so we went and the atmosphere was nice, Dia de los Muertos type with music. But I saw the menu and it said “Authentique Mexican Food” and it was soooo not. I ordered chicken enchiladas and I’ve had better at CHEVYS! Actually I thought I was at Chevy’s for a second but this place is EXPENSIVE!

Tesoro: (Marina)

I think this was the first restaurant that was priced more reasonable in Cabo! We had breakfast here and it was tasty but not authentique. The restaurant is really nice and on the Marina but the food was way better here than Mi Casa.

Ole Ole: (Marina)

This was my 3rd time here and it’s like Spanish Cuisine but they have tons of seafood plates. I’m a ceviche fanatic so we ordered the Acapulco ceviche and the shrimp cocktail. It was tasty but sweet and that I did not like. But the Sangria was delicious. This is a good restaurant if you like to people watch.

The Sandbar: (Next to Me Cabo)

This was our first meal and it was good! I had the fish ceviche and it was delicious! My BF had the “Camarones Al Mojo De Ajo” and this was GOOD! Super spicy and the shrimp was fresh. We did talk to the waiter before and did tell him we were mexican and wanted our food “good and spicy” so that might have been the cause to the good food.

Mango Deck: (Medano Beach)

This is a great restaurant to drink at with a good atmosphere. We did breakfast here and it was like $13 for a buffet. It was really good. They had everything from French Toast to chilaquiles! I did ask for eggs with “machaca” which is spiced dried meat (its popular in other states in Mex) but it was not good. But everything else was really good.

The Office: (Medano Beach)

Wow this place was not as good as everyone pumped it up to be. Don’t get me wrong the service was great; actually the service was more than great at every place we went to eat!

But I ordered the seafood cocktail with everything shrimp, octopus, etc. and it was tasty but not as great as everyone says this place is. I don’t remember what we paid but I know this place was expensive.

La Taquiza: (Its on the street directly in front of the mall, a couple of blocks in)

If you want AUTHENTIQUE Mexican Tacos than go here! The pool guy from ME Cabo told us to go here. Tacos de Pastor were sooooo good!!! I had like 12 tacos and a Vampiro! Must try!!! This is a place where the guys that are serving your drinks by the pool go after work so if your looking to eat in a restaurant with A/C than this is not for you.

The salsas were spicy and good not like the other restaurants. And I believe it was like $60 for 8 of us! And we ate like it was the Last Supper! Definitely recommend and they are open till like 4am!

Again please don’t get upset with my critiques. My parents had me in the US and deprived me of authentique Mexican food so I try to go to the places where locals eat to bond with my people and eat what I was missed out on! LOL! If you get a chance go to Wal-Mart and stock up on water, beer, tequila, food, fruits, try the sweet bread and tortillas! The food over there is magical! We bought Queso Panela and made quesadillas and took some beers down to the beach late at night and had the most romantic dinner!

Cabo is beautiful and I love this place! I was devasted to see how the streets were empty by 9pm. And the small restaurants and bars owned by locals closed. This place is too beautiful to pass up I definitely recommend anyone considering heading down to Mexico to go to Cabo! And for all of you on TA that head down and donate time and gifts to my people that I’ve read about, I want to say THANK YOU so much! You are truly BEAUTIFUL AND BLESSED SOULS who take the time out of your vacation to visit the true locals and help poverty. So thank you.

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1. Re: Trip Report (ME CABO) 8/22-8/29 Super loooong!!!!

Great review. Loved reading all the restaurants you went to. I agree with Mi Casas. Really pretty place but that is where it stops in my book. Just not that good of food and expensive for what you get. La Fonda is much better IMO.

Yep, go where the locals eat and most of the time you will not be sorry. :-)

You didn't make it to Gordo Lele's? Oh, I bet it is SOOO hot in his place even with all the fans. Best way to eat there and places like La Taquiza in this heat is to get it to go.

Thanks for the fun read!!

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2. Re: Trip Report (ME CABO) 8/22-8/29 Super loooong!!!!

Awesome Report!

My husband and I stayed at ME Cabo in June we had a timeshare room so we stocked up on a lot of food and beer.. I agree with your food report a lot of the restaurants are geared for tourist, we ventured out to a couple of local taco places and the food was amazing.

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3. Re: Trip Report (ME CABO) 8/22-8/29 Super loooong!!!!

Ditto on your restaurant reports. I also had the chicken enchiladas at MiCasa in May of this year and felt the same way about their food. The restaurant was colorful in their decor but that is about it. I will definitely try La Taquiza in 2010. Great report. Thanks.


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4. Re: Trip Report (ME CABO) 8/22-8/29 Super loooong!!!!

Nice report. Have to agree as well about Mi Casa its one of the most overrated places in Cabo. Decor is great but other than that I'd pass. Ole Ole, I thought was good as well.

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5. Re: Trip Report (ME CABO) 8/22-8/29 Super loooong!!!!

Outstanding trip report! I agree with you concerning Mi Casa and The Office. We once had lunch at Mi Casa and were not very impressed and The Office is not what it once was. We’ll give La Taquiza a try. Thanks for the tip.

Are you going to post any photos?

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6. Re: Trip Report (ME CABO) 8/22-8/29 Super loooong!!!!

Great Report.

next time try some local places,I think you missed gordo lele's tacos & La fonda, also El huarachazo for breakfast. and the new one Maria corona.El torito for seafood,El pollo de oro,Los michoacanos.El Faraon sea food.etc,ect,

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7. Re: Trip Report (ME CABO) 8/22-8/29 Super loooong!!!!

Thanks for your great report. Certainly no reason to get "upset" over your critique. Thats what this forum is about. Pretty much agree with you. Not sure of the Tesoro place you referred to. I think their fancy place is El Aquave or something like that. Glad you got to Mango Deck buffet bkfst. I really enjoy it on Sun. mornings. The Office, no thanks. My group of kids (30's) we took last trip actually liked Mi Casa the best...go figure. Haven't heard about La Taquiza before..gonna have to check that place out. I too prefer to visit the places the locals go....then you know you are eating authentic.

Thanks for filling us in on your fantastic trip.

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8. Re: Trip Report (ME CABO) 8/22-8/29 Super loooong!!!!

Thanks for the great report. What restaurant in the Tesoro did you eat at? I thought they only had the one place right off of the lobby and the small restaurant by the pool?

I agree with Mi Casa- glad we saw it and actually had a pretty good meal there but there is much better food at better prices. Glad we used vouchers there!

I will agree with the others. Next time instead of eating at all the touristy places, venture off the beaten parh more and you will find lots of great places! I will look for La Taquiza when I am there in October. It is always great to find a new taco place- thanks!

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9. Re: Trip Report (ME CABO) 8/22-8/29 Super loooong!!!!

Great report! I think we will skip Mi Casa after all the recent reviews. Definitely going to look for the little taco place. I can't wait to get there and eat!

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10. Re: Trip Report (ME CABO) 8/22-8/29 Super loooong!!!!

HH ~ maybe we can schedule a girl's lunch date during the tournament and go to La Taquiza. It's one of my favorite taco places. I've taken Lyndi there a couple of times. It's one block north of Comfort Inn on the down street in front of the mall. Very good food and really cheap!

See you soon...Marcie