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World Nomads Travel Insurance??

Melbourne, Australia
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World Nomads Travel Insurance??

Hey guys

My partner and I (both Australians early 20s) are planning on going to Canada for a working holiday. From what I gather, it is essential to have travel insurance for a working holiday. Ive done a bit of research and World Nomads Insurance seems pretty good – has anyone used them before? Any other suggestions for cheaper or best value insurers? Nomads charge $1,450 for 1 year for a couple – is this a good deal?

Is it necessary to have health insurance for a working visa also?

Thank you all!!


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Vancouver, Canada
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1. Re: World Nomads Travel Insurance??

Hi, I'm not sure a Canadian forum is the place to ask this question. Is this something you are buying in Australia, because that is where you live? As Canadians, we would buy Canadian based insurance so I would be very surprised if anyone could speak to this company.

I think you might post in the Australia Forum where others may have bought it and even made claims on it. In fact, I would go so far as to suggest you search for this company in the Australia Forum and the Budget Travel Forum.

Bottom line for insurance is that you read the policy very carefully, was for excluded coverages, pre-existing conditions. Personally, I would not buy from an online company because there is no one to ask the hard questions.

Here is the Forums Directory, just expand the right hand list of Beyond Destinations Forums to see the lot of them. Maybe you will see another forum that you want to post on:


Here are some search results on the Aust Forum. Seems this company has been discussed a bit:


Melbourne, Australia
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2. Re: World Nomads Travel Insurance??

ok i will do! thank you for your help :)

New York City, New...
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3. Re: World Nomads Travel Insurance??

I had an serious knee injury while in Helsinki in August of 2014, which required surgery and rehablitation. Although World Nomads was slow in responding (claiming that my claim had gotten sort of misplaced after I submitted it), they eventually reimbursed me for all the expenses, which amounted to over US$12,000. I was quite stressed while waiting for the verdict from them, because I was in no way given assurance that my claim would be honored, but ultimately it was, and I now feel like a satisfied client. A couple of years ago, however, I had a kidney stone while traveling in Colombia, which required a visit to a hospital. I was NOT reimbursed for that, but this was a very inexpensive thing, so no problem really.

West Grey, Ontario
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4. Re: World Nomads Travel Insurance??

Wrong forum.

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5. Re: World Nomads Travel Insurance??

If going overseas for 31 days, UK 16 days + Europe 15 days, they tell you to take UK cover as most days travel there. Change your travel when overseas, to Europe 16 days + 15 days UK, if you have a claim, their attitude and Customer Service, YOU ARE NOT COVERED and your problem

Their destination selection is so complicated

Check WORLDCARE TRAVEL INSURANCE, simple destination selection, excellent Customer Service and same policy for period is $160 cheaper with no excess

United States
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6. Re: World Nomads Travel Insurance??

My experience may differ significantly from others' because I was dealing with World Nomads in the US, but as a consumer anywhere in the world, I would NOT support WN. The following is a post I put on Trust Pilot, which gave WN a shocking 4 out of 5 stars (8.5 of 10) rating.

Loved World Nomads in 2013-14, but STAY AWAY FROM NOW ON

On an 8+ month trip in 2013-14, a few electronic items were lost (stolen) or irreversibly damaged and I had one medical visit in India. Prior purchase invoices showing what I'd originally paid for the items, receipts for the medical visit and letters from witnesses (when theft occurred) were submitted, and I was very pleasantly surprised that World Nomads (WN) efficiently reimbursed me for my losses upon my return to the States.

Given my prior positive experience with WN, I didn't hesitate to purchase a new plan for another trip in 2015. However, my experience this year was the polar opposite from 2014. Claims are now handled by TripMate, and with this 2015 trip unfortunately affected by another theft and medical visit in a different part of the world, I discovered that there are now FAR more and FAR higher hurdles to jump over to process your claim(s). I fastidiously submitted all requested documents and proof, and ultimately, WN very aggressively depreciated items well below their replacement cost and did not address my appeal in a professional manner.

Yes, I understand that the company says they will honor the lesser of the replacement cost OR the Actual Cash Value, so I inquired about how this Actual Cash Value is determined, given that that detail was "murky" and that the Actual Cash Value of my lost items were in great contrast to the replacement costs. Here was their disappointingly unprofessional email response:

"Thank you for your question, we would be happy to respond. ACV Pro is a program used by the insurance industry for depreciation.

Like many programs, this insurance program is available for purchase. It appears that single-user pricing begins at $995 for a stand-alone system and $1,495 for a single user license on a network system.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us.

Best Wishes,


Trip Mate Customer Service Team

On behalf of WorldNomads.com

Never again will I use World Nomads, and never again will I recommend them to fellow travelers. They are not a company to trust and support now as a consumer.

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7. Re: World Nomads Travel Insurance??

Since most people only get online to post negative reviews, I thought I should pipe in my experience. Last year I took my family of 6 (four kids) on a round the world trip for 4 months. On the day we were to fly from Milan to Phuket, I needed an emergency appendectomy. My husband obviously needed to stay with me and we couldn't send 4 kids on their own, so all 6 tickets had to be re-booked. The airline would not refund anything, but World Nomads bought us 6 new tickets to leave 4 days later. They paid for additional expenses in Milan for housing and transportation, lost car rental and housing expenses in Phuket, in addition to all of the medical expenses. It was a very simple and straightforward process. I simply emailed them the documents and they mailed me reimbursement checks. I most definitely recommend World Nomads as a great travel insurance investment.

New York
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8. Re: World Nomads Travel Insurance??


I had to cancel a trip for medical reasons months ago, and I am still trying to get my claim looked at. The staff that manages the claim ('TripMate', which is absolutely NOT your mate...) is utterly uncooperative, and they do nothing to push your claim. THey keep asking you for 'missing documents' when actually I have sent them the documents several times. I have to do most of the work (contacting the airline etc..) myself, to hopefully one day get compensated. I am very close to talking to a lawyer about this.

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9. Re: World Nomads Travel Insurance??

Don't choose world nomads. They would not even refund me the remainder of my travel insurance when part way through a working holiday my travel companion/girlfriend had a family emergency. It was her immediate family and she was very upset. Most companies will refund a remainder of insurance if you cancel trip part way through for emergency. Insurance should help you in these unfortunate situations, and usually does. But when I submitted a claim they gave me no money, not even refund for remainder of policy. My girlfriend's company had refund policy no questions asked. Please choose another company.

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