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The Best of EDSS

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The Best of EDSS

My husband and I are going to EDSS for the first time June 21-27. I know a lot of you are EDSS experts, so what are the things you would consider the best of EDSS? What drinks, food, activities, places to relax, staff members, and any thing else you can think of makes the list? You are a very creative bunch...I am almost afraid of what you might come up with.


Halifax, Canada
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1. Re: The Best of EDSS

Ignatio, at Arricefes is truly a wonderful person. I can't believe I actually miss somebody at a resort I have visited, but I miss him and wish I could have learned all about his life and how he is now. Andy, at the V-Aquatics booth on the beach is so full of knowledge about the area, including the history of the Mayan People and can book anything you might want to do. He is the man to see for anything you would like to do, either on a tour, or on your own.

The signature drink, El Dorado, is delicious! Also the "green juice" at breakfast. It looks horrible and I refused it several times, only trying it in our last week there. It is awesome! Please try some, it tastes like really good orange juice, but not as strong. Very healthful!

The crispy fried burritos at the outside lunch restaurant.....oh my yummy yummy! On the menu for room service, the El Dorado burger. It is really, really good, and the club is outstanding. The sushi at the Asian restuarant also gets thumbs up!

You can relax all over the place but often overlooked are the many beds that are down from the resort, towards Hidden Beach that are not often used as they are away from the main part of the beach. Cold drinks are brought on a regular basis, and you can be away from the "crowd".

The best thing about EDSS is it's size. Small and cozy, romantic and quiet...it really is heaven on earth. It's location is also great, about mid-way between PDC and Tulum, making travel easy to anywhere, be it by taxi or colectivo.

And if you are very adventurous, you can venture next door on a day pass and try out the nude lifestyle at Hidden Beach, a sister resort.

I'll probably get blasted on here for saying this, but I peaked through the fence. I couldn't resist! And it really was no big deal. Just a lot of people being comfortable in their own skins.

The spa was ok. We had a great afternoon here, but in the end, I wouldn't do it again. It was really expensive (perhaps all spas are, I'm not into facials or massages as a rule)and I kept thinking what else I could have done with that money. The gym was ok too, but very small. Adequate if you know what you are doing as far as free weights.

Another thing, nobody bugs you on the beach. No braid people, timeshare people, partyboats, helicopters and beach vendors making you crazy. Just the spa kids and one little "no" makes them go away. Even I didn't mind that....and I really, really dislike my space being intruded upon, in case you haven't noticed! LOL

Have a great time, I'm totally jealous,


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2. Re: The Best of EDSS

Hi DarlinLoLo(and twoweeksnextyear),

We too loved Ignatio -always remembered our names. He knew my husband liked to read a daily newspaper at breakfast, so he always sent a waiter to the bellboy at the front desk to get a paper. Of course we tipped daily so I am sure he looked for us. On the last day, Ignatio shared that his wife and kids live over 10 hrs away, so he only gets to see them on his 1 week vacation yearly. Such a sad story for a sweet man.

Favourite dinner- beef tenderloin at La Vida

Favourite lunch- BBQ fresh fish at lunch on Sundays and Thursdays only at Sandwicherie

Favourite drink- Mojitos-lime and soda water with mint

Favourite activity-yoga or Spanish lesson every morning

Favourite part of beach to swim- south part near rocky pier where snorkellers enter the water for daily lesson

Favourite activity- quacamole cooking lesson

Favourite exercise - walking on sand to The Palladium 30 minutes south

Have a GREAT vacation,


Halifax, Canada
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3. Re: The Best of EDSS


That is so neat that you know who I am speaking of. He was so great at his job. We tipped him deadly too, especially when we left. He truly deserved it.

I look forward to returning to this resort yet again, and he, and the rest of the staff, are a big part of that.

We did the "Great Beach Walk" to the Palladium a couple of times....we kept on going right up the path right into the resort ...I know, I know. Did you happen to see the salt water pool beside the ocean? The waves hit the breaker and splash into the "natural pool". It was way cool. But not nearly as cool as EDSS...........lol!


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4. Re: The Best of EDSS

One evening hubby drank too much (shots with the Scots) and wasn't up for dinner, so I decided to try the Italian restaurant ALONE. I was seated at a beautiful table and had best service ever! The food was amazing (especially the pasta with truffles). I heard a beautiful song that I had heard before, but I couldn't remember who was singing and what the title was, so I innocently asked the waiter. He said he didn't know. A few minutes later he came back with a slip of paper that read "Andrea Bocelli. Ti Amo." Now THAT'S service. Even though I was alone in this very romantic setting with a bunch of other couples I felt very comfortable. When I went back to my room hubby was up and had ordered room service, which he really enjoyed. He didn't need to dress up to have a great meal which made him very happy! So in answer to your question, what I consider the best of EDSS is the SERVICE. It's hard to single out any one person because the entire staff was excellent.

Just wait and see!!!

Moses Lake, WA
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5. Re: The Best of EDSS

I have so long to wait for our first trip to EDSS, we go Oct 3 but already you all make me so excited to get there. Thanks everyone for all the "best of EDSS".....keep em coming! I have to live through you all for 4 1/2 months! :o)

We have been to the Sun and many other resorts in Cancun and PDC but first time to PA.

Pittsburg, Kansas
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6. Re: The Best of EDSS

I just booked EDSS for 6/23-6/30. Hope to see you there. This will be our 1st visit to EDSS but have stayed in 2 other Exotic locations and all were wonderful. What room type did you choose? I had a terrible time trying to pick.

Leicester, United...
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7. Re: The Best of EDSS

The service and the staff are great but the people you meet are truly wonderful. I am fasinated by different cultures and ways of living.

The people we met on holiday I will remember for ever. I even have plans to go and visit them over the next few years.

I wish I was back at the EDSS now.... :(

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8. Re: The Best of EDSS

We will be there June 24-28, so we will see you there Darlin. And FYI I graduated from UNT! I love Denton.

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9. Re: The Best of EDSS

for us it was sitting outside at Klay Talay in the evening having a cocktail and enjoying Sushi. There were plenty of tables available in the restaurant but sitting outside was a treat. we had a swimup sweet in a newer building and really wouldn't change a thing great bar, great sun, room service and your private bano. Great resort Enjoy. Lastly if any problems occur ask and they are fixed

Kirknewton, United...
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10. Re: The Best of EDSS

I am heading to EDSS on 4th July this year as part of our honeymoon and cant wait to get there. I have heard so many good things about it and it looks and sounds amazing and after a busy first week in Orlando, this will be just what we are looking for.