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Planning to visit Caramoan

Caramoan is quite difficult to plan. I am trying to gather all information i can find online but i still havent found answers to some questions.

1 - i am coming from Legazpi. Obviously the most popular route is to go to Naga City, get on a van to Sabang Port, then board an outrigger to Guijalo Port. But on a bus to Naga City, i can get off somewhere near Sagnay (Nato Port) instead, possibly Tigaon or Goa. Looking at the maps, i saw the coastal road to Sagnay via Tiwi, which will be the scenic route. Here are the questions - does anyone know if there is any public transport that will take me from Tiwi to Tigaon/Goa/Sagnay? If i decide to take my own motorcycle, will it be allowed on the RoRo ferry?

2 - with regards to accommodation, i kind of like the look of Hazel's Beach Resort plus their stone baked pizzas might be the deciding factor. all i need is a clean bed and a hot shower at the end of the day. Im not fussy about this. Is there any campsites with shower blocks in Caramoan?

3 - Island hopping. Im only planning a 2D1N trip to Caramoan, can one see all the islands in a short period of time? i would like to see as much as i can in the few hours i have on the day i arrive. about the fees, is it per person or per boat?

Thats all i can think of right now... any information will be much appreciated. thank you.