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Reporting back: Weather and prices

cheshire, england
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Reporting back: Weather and prices

Well, we’re back safe and sound – and we’ve even brought a little sunshine home! As promised, I made notes of prices to report back..

But first the weather.. we arrived in Bardolino on Saturday 3rd September and it was uncomfortably hot, hazy and humid. The much-needed rain began the next morning while we ate breakfast then it seemed to clear up. A couple of hours later, though, it absolutely pelted down and Piazza Matteotti almost resembled a river – much to everyone’s amusement. The rain eased off and it drizzled for most of the evening then on and off the following breakfast-time (I watched the brollies going up/brollies down/brollies up…) Monday turned out glorious with sun and scattered clouds. Hubby was keeping an eye on the weather forecast on his i-phone and The Weather Channel was saying more rain that evening. It didn’t seem likely but sure enough, it rained later that night for a while. After that, we didn’t see a single drop of rain and the temperatures just got hotter and hotter each day. Even my husband was seeking shade towards the end of the holiday – and that’s a first! The only time I put on a light cardigan was on a 9am boat ride across to Salo. We always sit outside on the boats and that was the only time my bare arms felt cool.

Now on to prices.. I had never thought Lake Garda particularly expensive and I still don’t think that food is overpriced but after jotting down the price of drinks for 11 days, I’ve come to realise that the ‘pit-stops’ is what took up most of our cash! We found Bardolino to be a little less expensive than Sirmione (and generally more nibbles are given at cafes and bars).

Here is a detailed run-down of prices: Bar Marilyn, Bardolino: €6.50 for 1 Aperol spritz and 1 Coke (dish of cheesey puffs, dish of popcorn)

Cristallo Gelato: €1.40 for a one-scoop cone or tub; €2.80 for two-scoop cone or tub. Sorry, I don’t go any bigger than a two-scoop because I eat the stuff so often! You can get bigger portions, though..

Taverna Da Memo: €29.00 for 1 pasta dish with scallops & chanterelle mushrooms, 1 tuna & onion pizza, half litre house white wine, bottle still water (we had been given complimentary glasses of prosecco while we waited for a table)

Yatch Bar: €6 for 2 latte macchaito

Caffe Italia: €10 for 1 milk shake and 1 Aperol spritz (dish of olives, dish of salted peanuts, dinky little sandwich)

Caffe Bardolino: €12 for 2 latte macchiato and 10 mini pastries.

La Piccola Osteria: €40.50 for 1 grilled bass, 1 rosemary potatoes, 1 macaroni ragu, 1 mixed salad, half litre prosecco, bottle still water, 1 espresso.

Yatch Bar: €3.50 for 1 small cup of hot punch.

Miralago Bar/Gelateria: The gelato here is the same price – and very similar size portions as Cristallo already mentioned above. Of the two, I preferred Miralago (but still not my favourite..)

Caffe Catullo, Garda town: €7 for 1 medium beer and 1 Coke.

Manzoni Bar/Café, Bardolino: €7 for 2 latte macchiato and 1 toastie.

Ristorante Corte San Giovanni, Bardolino: €54 for 2 fillet steak with green pepper sauce (€16 each), 2 portions rosemary potatoes (€5 each), half litre prosecco (€5), bottle still water (€3) plus coperto €2 each.

Bar L’Ultima, Bardolino: €6 for 1 Aperol spritz and 1 Coke (dish of crisps, dish of monkey nuts – that’s peanuts in shells)

Gelateria Biancaneve, Bardolino: we paid €3.40 for 2 tubs of gelato. I think hubby’s was €1.40 and mine was bigger at €2

Eis Meeting gelateria: This became our favourite in Bardolino. They charge €1.30 for a small tub or cone. My favourite flavour is nocciola (hazelnut) and theirs is delicious!

Ristorante Corte San Luca, Bardolino: €35 for 1 macaroni bosciola, 1 baked lasagne, 1 mixed salad, half litre prosecco, bottle still water.

The least amount we paid for a large bottle of water for our room was €0.80 at La Rocco minimarket opposite Meeting gelateria. Shops nearer the harbour were charging €1.50 and €1.70 for the same..

Bar Bellavista, Salo: €4.70 for 1 latte macchiato and 1 cappucino.

Bloom Café, Salo: €7 for 1 Coke and 1 Aperol spritz (3 little dishes – olives, bread snacks and mozzarella balls)

I also had one scoop of gelato for €1 in Salo but I didn’t make a note of the name.

Café Pinguino Giallo, Gardone Riviera: €6.50 for 1 Peroni beer and 1 Milkshake.

Bar Marilyn, Bardolino: 1 tuna & salami bruschetta €7 (sounds weird but was delicious) 1 litre water €4

Bottega de Gelato, Bardolino: Their one-scoop cone or tub costs €1.40

Ristorante Catullo: €32.78 (no cover charge here, but they add 10% service charge) 2 spaghetti ragu, I mixed salad, half-litre house white, half litre still water, 1 tiramasu. (We noticed that their pizzas start at €4.50 - for a margherita).

Cristallo Bar: €7 for 1 ‘Grasshopper’ cocktail (dish of crisps, dish of pistachio nuts)

Bar Manzoni, Bardolino: €9.50 for 1 glass bardolino wine, 1 latte macchiato, 1 Aperol spritz, 1 Coke (we were given 2 plates of yummy pastry and bread nibbles – one with each ‘round’ of drinks). This is a great little bar for people-watching, on a narrow little street so no lake views but the prices – as you can see – are very reasonable.

Bottega de gelato/pizza: €3 for a square slice of takeaway pizza. I didn’t taste it but hubby wasn’t very impressed with it.

Pizzeria Agli Oleandri: €39 for 1 mixed meat antipasti, I penne arrabiata, 1 Deliziosa pizza, quarter-litre Lambrusco, half-litre house white, bottle still water. This turned out to be probably our favourite meal in Bardolino – and hubby had been reluctant to go there (thinking it might be too touristy). We noted that they have 45 different pizzas on their menu ranging from €3.50 to €8.50. The one I had was €7.50 and was absolutely delicious.

Caffe Italia, Bardolino: €9 for 1 latte macchiato and 1 Aperol spritz (dish of olives, dish of salted peanuts, dinky little sandwich).

Pasticceria Gelateria Lazise, Lazise: €9.50 for 1 medium beer, 1 Coke and 1 toastie.

Ristorante Biri, Bardolino: €33.50 for 1 pasta with wild boar sauce, 1 baked lasagne, 1 mixed salad, half-litre house white, bottle still water, 1 espresso (we were given complimentary lemoncello after our meal here).

Yatch Bar, Bardolino: €4.50 for a medium beer (dish of crisps, dish of salted peanuts) and €2.50 for a coffee with milk.

Phew! That covers our 7-night stay in Bardolino. We enjoyed all our evening meals and will try and leave a review for each restaurant. All restaurants except Catullo charged a ‘coperto’ cover charge which ranged from €1 - €2 per person.

If anyone has read this far – you deserve a medal! I hope it has been of some help.. Ask me any questions you like.

I will continue later with our 4 nights in Sirmione.

Or is enough enough??

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1. Re: Reporting back: Weather and prices

LOL I don't think anyone can ask for a more detailed report on the price of food and drink, it's great and am looking forward to your Sirmione report.

Toronto, Canada
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2. Re: Reporting back: Weather and prices

That's some detailed reporting!

I actually have a nasty habit of keeping all receipts, so I could technically go back and get all the info from my summer's trip, but that's just so much paper to actually look through!

Forest of Dean...
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3. Re: Reporting back: Weather and prices

Thanks! We often go to the Lakes but went to a diferent part of Italy this year, I was wondering how much the ferries cost this year?

cheshire, england
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4. Re: Reporting back: Weather and prices

The ferry fares seemed to be pretty much the same as last year. We were given ‘Welcome Cards’ at our hotel when we arrived, which gave us 20% discount on all ordinary fares except the lowest tariffe (so short journeys like Bardolino to Garda or Lazise remained at €2.30 per person each way). We saved on the fare to Salo – paying €6.20 per person each way instead of €7.50. I carried on using the card when we moved on to Sirmione. Don’t know if I was supposed to – the ticket man studied them and queried “which hotel? – oh, Hotel Catullo..” and gave the discount anyway (we paid €24.80 for 2 returns to Maderno)

Note: we only ever travel on the slower boats. There is no outside seating on the fast boats and the ride is too bumpy for my husbands comfort (we tried a fast boat on our first trip to the lake)

Boat tips: Get to the ferry point in plenty of time to buy tickets. We missed a boat to Torri after queuing for a full 15 minutes for tickets. The Bardolino ticket booth didn’t seem as organised as others – lots of people missed that boat. Buying return tickets does not save any money but can save you time coming back. The boat departed early on two occasions last week: on one occasion, we were already on the boat but the other time, we were not. I admit we were cutting it rather fine in Gardone but the boat pulled off just as we were approaching the ticket office. It’s really not like me to kick off – but I did, protesting that they had left early. They turned the boat back straight away to pick us up. The fact that my husband is disabled and the ladies at the ticket booth could see he was struggling probably swayed that decision..

It’s good to see a few of you made it to the end of the report without dying of boredom!!

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5. Re: Reporting back: Weather and prices

People often ask about the weather and prices around Lake Garda, your very detailed review will be very useful next time someone asks about said subjects.

Thanks for taking the time to share.

Dublin, Ireland
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6. Re: Reporting back: Weather and prices

Thank you Maudsters for you're excellent report. Prices look reasonable for a beautiful part of Italy. I'm pretty sure they look cheaper ythan what we paid in Positano. Thanks again.

Surrey, England
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7. Re: Reporting back: Weather and prices

Someone asked about ferry prices?

We took the Rapido from Bardolino to Sirmione and it was over 40 euros return for two of us.

I don't remember it being that much when we were in Bardolino 3 years ago.

I felt a right idiot holding a 20 euro note thinking that would be enuff. I shudda checked the fares on the back of the timetable first!

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8. Re: Reporting back: Weather and prices

Hi maudsters, great report! It will be very useful as we often get questions asking about food/drink prices. Did you get to Torri this time?

The current boat prices are here:


Paris, France
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9. Re: Reporting back: Weather and prices

The prices in the cafés are the prices for being on the terrace? I assume that there are 3 prices applicable: bar (al banco), table inside and table outside...

cheshire, england
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10. Re: Reporting back: Weather and prices

rcsmit - I wasn't aware of different prices for different areas of the cafes. I know in cities such as Venice that is the norm but I'm not sure about lake garda as we always sit outside when weather permits. Perhaps Scozzese can advise on this one?

Scozzese - yes, we did get to Torri (eventually - after missing the boat once!) and we're so glad we made it. What an absolutely beautiful town! I was totally enchanted. We only spent about three hours there - so only saw a little bit - as we went from Sirmione via Maderno and the car ferry. Would definitely visit again (actually wouldn't mind staying there - it had such a relaxed and friendly feel). I thought of you while we were there soaking up the beauty and realising why you love it there.

Thanks for your kind words about my very long-winded report! I do think it better to be given *actual* prices rather than "you'll pay anywhere between 2 - 5 euro for a cafe latte" - hence the war and peace of prices!