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Scotland/England tour

Beaumont, Texas
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Scotland/England tour

My family and I are planning a tour of Scotland and England in May of 2015. What attractions/things to do would you suggest and how long should we allocate for each? We like history, castles, estates, scenery, and shopping. We are not big city/night life people. Many thanks in advance.

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1. Re: Scotland/England tour

How many of you?


How do you intend to travel round England and Scotland?

How long have you got?

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Stanley, Falkland...
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2. Re: Scotland/England tour


Can you tell us what made you think of visiting Scotland and England?

There are literally thousands of attractions. You've got over a year to narrow them down to a few dozen. It's probably easiest if you do some initial research, and see what takes your fancy, and then come back with specific questions.

EG. " I like the Tudor dynasty and am visiting Hampton Court Palace. How long should I allow for this visit, and is there anywhere else I could visit that is nearby and related to the Tudors?"

The danger of asking total strangers "What do you suggest?", is you can end up with a vast list of other people's preferences, which may be of no use to you, and which are scattered all over the country....

Decide what you want to see; plan a route; work out how long in each place; book accommodation; decide whether you are driving or using public transport or a tour.....

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3. Re: Scotland/England tour

Can you tell us what research you have already done? What guidebooks you have read and what other websites you have seen?

If you haven't done that yet then that is where I suggest you start first. People will be happy to help you as long as you have a better idea of what you want to do and see.

Cambridge, United...
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4. Re: Scotland/England tour

Well it's two whole countries so a bit difficult to give you any sensible advice !

Look at some guidebooks to see what appeals to you . Come up with a rough itinerary and we can tweak it for you.

Beaumont, Texas
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5. Re: Scotland/England tour

There will be 4-6 people, all adults. There really will not be a budget per say. To put a dollar amount on it in between 2000 - 4000 dollars and we would want to spend about 14 days touring. We have put a preliminary itinerary together that has us touring Scotland for 7 days and England for 7 days. We would fly into Edinburgh, and fly out of London. We would not be driving around ourselves but plan on having a private chauffer take us around. do you know of any and would you suggest any? who?

Beaumont, Texas
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6. Re: Scotland/England tour

The list of attracations we would like to see are:


Edinburgh Castle

Rosslyn Castle/Chapel

Holyrood Palace

Arthurs Seat

Scottish Parliament Building

St Giles Cathedral

Edinburgh City Center Building

National Gallery of Scotland

Urquhart Castle, Loch Ness, and Drumnadroicht

Falkirk Wheel

Scone Palace

Falkland Palace

Wallace Monument

Stirling Castle

Glamis Castle

Culzean Castle

Manderstons House

Drumlanrig Castle

Balmoral Castle

Hopetoun House

Beaumont, Texas
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7. Re: Scotland/England tour

List of things we would like to see/do in England:

White Cliffs of Dover


Stratford on the Avon where Shakespeare was born

Peak district

Lyme Park

Chatsworth House

Lake District


Highclere Castle


Hadrians Wall and Roman Fort

Warwick Castle


Globe Theater

Westminster Abbey and Big Ben

Crown Jewels and The Tower of London


Buckingham Palace

London Bridge


Hampton Court

Windsor Castle

British Museum

Portobello Road and market

Albert and Victoria museum


Stanley, Falkland...
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8. Re: Scotland/England tour

Good list.

So, say about 8 of those places are in and around Edinburgh, you can then work out that it will take 3-4 days to see them (unless you just "drive by".) And a simialr amount for the rest of the list, plus travelling time.

Which leaves little time for anything else. But you have plenty of time to refine it. Some of the places are close together, eg Stirling, Wallace Monument, Falkirk Wheel, etc. So, you could easily find them on a map, and start to plan your route between them, and work out the travelling time (eg using google maps or viamichelin.com), and then work out where you want to stay each night. Have fun.

Sorry, I don't know chauffeurs.

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9. Re: Scotland/England tour

Edinburgh Castle/Rosslyn Chapel/Holyrood Palace/Arthurs Seat/Scottish Parliament Building/St Giles Cathedral/National Gallery of Scotland/Hopetoun House - Apart from Rosslyn and Hopetoun all walking distance from each other.

Rossyln easily reached by public transport

Not sure what you mean by " Edinburgh City Center Building"

Urquhart Castle, Loch Ness, and Drumnadroicht - any particular reason, long way to go given all the other things you wish to do and see.

Falkirk Wheel/Stirling Castle/Wallace monument can all be done by public transport again

Scone Palace/Falkland Palace/Glamis/Culzean/Manderstons House/Drumlanrig Castle/Balmoral Castle would benefit from a car - but you are going to run out of time before you see them all.

You will need to work out what has to give as you can't do it all.

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10. Re: Scotland/England tour

So you want food, accommodation, entry fees to a huge list of attractions and a chauffeur for about £30 per day? Please tell me that budget is per person and not for the whole trip!

Even $4000 per person is only about £170 per person per day at current exchange rates. Does that include air fare? Even if not I think you will struggle to be in budget if using a chauffeur. Most people who use chauffeurs probably don't pair it with budget accommodation and food either.

People have posted here about going on privately driven day tours and they appear to cost at least £250 per day. Probably more like £400 in the south of England. If you want a car big enough for 6 people plus luggage, probably an awful lot more.

In any case you only have enough time to do about 20% of your list. Why on earth did you think you needed more sights to visit?

You are going to need about 5 days in each of London and Edinburgh to complete your list of sights. Take away arrival and departure days. You now have two days left for anywhere else (if you do an overnight trip by sleeper London to Edinburgh. Or you could spend two days driving between the two).