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If I Liked Cornwall Then, Would I LIke It Now?

Cary, North Carolina
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If I Liked Cornwall Then, Would I LIke It Now?

I toured Devon and Cornwall in the early 1990's. I'm considering doing it again in October. Judging from what I've read here and elsewhere, the region is going after tourists with a vengeance. Sometimes, that makes a place less attractive. Anyone been around long enough to comment on the differences between then and now?

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1. Re: If I Liked Cornwall Then, Would I LIke It Now?

You wont find many tourists there in October, unless its school half term......not sure of the date, maybe the last week?

Cornwall, England
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2. Re: If I Liked Cornwall Then, Would I LIke It Now?

I do think this is a very valid point to raise and would say that there are some attractions in Cornwall these days that people who actually live here can't justify spending money on, although they may be able to afford to. Nevertheless, the things you enjoyed once in Cornwall are still here, you don't have to get caught into the tourist trap unless you want to. The beaches are still free, the coastal paths, the fantastic views you suddenly stumble across, the flora and fauna, the villages, the harbours, spotting a dolphin or a seal, enjoying the fresh air, etc. etc. and particularly for this summer, walking in the rain! Cream teas and pasties are always reasonable and there are lots of very trendy upmarket restaurants selling local fresh food without paying London prices, if you look for them. Ask here there are lots of local experts.

You will notice a difference with the traffic, so for a more relaxing holiday, get to where you are going, then walk or bike.

There are some places, Truro in particular, which are now quite cosmopolitan and you you may find you enjoy it more now than then!

Devizes, United...
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3. Re: If I Liked Cornwall Then, Would I LIke It Now?

Hi there

Bear in mind though that although the traffic in specific areas may have increased, the recent alterations and rerouting of the A30 across Goss Moor have really reduced travelling times and relieved the Duchy of one of it's principal bottlenecks as well as trucks getting wedged beneath the railway bridge there.

I've been travelling (and lived there for 8 years) to Cornwall since the late 70's and the place has changed in some ways. Competition is always there in the main resorts; after all, these shopkeepers and restauranteurs have at best 5 months to make a year's living but as with all competition, it's the consumer that comes off best.

As the other poster says, the best of what Cornwall has is still free for the visitors to enjoy and it still has some of the best beaches in Europe if not the world as well as stunning picturesque villages/towns like Polperro, Port Isaac, Mevagissey, Charlestown and St Ives as well as it's huge diversity of scenery.

Some areas of the Duchy are just timeless irrespective of nearby development. Should the time ever arrive when Tesco's build a superstore in Polperro (highly unlikely I know!), then that will be the time for me to stop visiting my favourite county in the UK.

Cary, North Carolina
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4. Re: If I Liked Cornwall Then, Would I LIke It Now?

Thanks, guys. Appreciate the perspective, especially about traffic. I intend to stay off the main roads as much as possible and take things at a meandering pace.

I had a chance to live in the UK for a while and enjoyed visiting a region armed with a good map, exploring on the B and unclassified roads, inevitably getting lost, and finding my way out. Great fun. I remember using Ordnance Survey paperbacks that focused on a very small area -- maybe 30x30 miles -- providing very detailed maps along with sightseeing photos and commentary. They targeted drivers, not walkers. I'll look for something similar in London.

San Francisco...
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5. Re: If I Liked Cornwall Then, Would I LIke It Now?

"....lots of very trendy upmarket restaurants selling local fresh food without paying London prices..."

There might be one or two but most seem to try and slip in the 'London prices' aswell.

And Truro is becoming so cosmopolitan you'll find it there the most.

Cornwall, UK
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6. Re: If I Liked Cornwall Then, Would I LIke It Now?

I think Cornwall seems to being going after a different type of tourist than the early 90's - much more so with the middle / upper class UK tourist, and definitely seeing more and more german / dutch cars on the roads these days. The quality of tourisy offering is probably improving, unless of course you think of Newquay which continues to cover the late teen, early 20's market to the fullest extent!

Some really nice restaurants and bars along the coast, not just Padstow (which seems to turn into Surrey every summer) and as mentioned elsewhere in the responses, you can always still find lovely secluded beaches and coves or countryside at any time of the year. I genuinely think that Cornwall has more to offer now, and as Truro was rightly mentioned as being more cosmopolitan now - some restaurants actually serve food after 9pm now!! - other areas are also starting to catch up.

Truro, United...
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7. Re: If I Liked Cornwall Then, Would I LIke It Now?

The downside of the growth of the cosmopolitan "Lundunner" type of eatery is that the little local caffs have all but died out - bit tough on us locals who just want a cheese sarnie for less than a fiver! Surely there should be a place for both to co-exist.........

santa monica
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8. Re: If I Liked Cornwall Then, Would I LIke It Now?

Hi! I recently returned from a 3 week vacation in England and had a wonderful time in Devon in a small village called Beer. We stayed at a lovely B&B called the Belmont House for 2 nights and we used public transportation to get around. The nearest train station is at Axminster.

Beer is still small and intimate but has at least five restaurants and is along the Jurassic Coast Path. From this place you can visit 3 different geological times! The walk from Beer to Branscombe is breathtaking. We had lunch at the Mason's Arms- excellent food and ales. Go to Charmouth at low tide and walk to Lyme Regis. Along the way pick up fossilized small ammenites in the wet sand between the rocks. Do not waste your time renting a hammer and pounding rocks unless this is your idea of a good time.

We could have spent at least a week in this area- would have liked to hike up to Golden Cap (highest point on the Jurassic path). Mr. Gooch, who runs the B&B, can pick you up from the train station, drop you off/pick you up at points where you want to walk/hike. He is a "West Country boy" and knows everything about anything in the area.

I think you can find the England from your memories here.


Barry, Vale of...
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9. Re: If I Liked Cornwall Then, Would I LIke It Now?

I think most of the changes are positive though pricy. We've been coming to the Newquay area for 20 years and used to enjoy strolling the Newquay gift shops when the kids were small in the evenings however those days have sadly gone and I definitely wouldn't want to take a family into Newquay in the evening these days. The low point for me was when the kids favourite toy and gift shop started selling bondage teddy bears!

That said there are wonderful places like Crantock which appear to have remained unscathed and we shall be visiting there again shortly, can't wait.

Cardiff, United...
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10. Re: If I Liked Cornwall Then, Would I LIke It Now?

Think Cornwall has changed - for the better in way of facilites, such as attractions & accomm standards in general as I think it was behind the times. Personally I think prices have gone up considerably, but you have improved standards. Popular coastal resorts such as Newquay, & also St Ives, Padstow & Polzeath area have attract many outsiders to buy property & prices have become far too high for food drink, etc - in general. This is the down side of places of such beauty, as you seem to acknowledge.

However, think south coast resorts are still more competitely priced & Cornwall still a fantastic destination.

I think South East Cornwall has some stunning scenery, walks & very uncommercaliased, yet easily accessible from Plymouth & Saltash, Liskeard. The area has hardly changed over the years & still difficult to find a supermarket / main shop in some parts.

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