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Seagulls in St Ives

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Perth, Scotland
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Seagulls in St Ives

Thinking of going to St Ives on holiday next year, but as someone who is scared of birds (seagulls and pigeons in particular), is there a problem with seagulls swooping down on you in St Ives or are you generally okay as long as you're not eating outside?

San Francisco...
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1. Re: Seagulls in St Ives

Unless you walk around by the harbour with an ice cream or pastie in your hand you should be OK.

If you do eat outside somewhere maybe get a table with an umbrella.

There are a good number of these flying rats around but it's not quite Bodega Bay a la Hitchcock.

Manchester, United...
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2. Re: Seagulls in St Ives

I remember a few years ago thinking somebody was trying to steal bag handbag, but no it was a seagull after my lunch. There are hundreds of them.

Not really a place I would go if I had a fear of birds. most British seaside places have this problem.

Cala d'Or, Spain
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3. Re: Seagulls in St Ives

Yes, there is a big problem with sea gulls in St Ives. Unfortunately, eating an ice cream or any other food out doors will in a very short space of time attract these vermin. Strolling along the beach front in St Ives with an icecream use to be one of the pleasures of life.

Until the local authority take the issue seriously and stop blaming the stupid tourists for feeding the gulls the matter will only get worse.

Fowey, Cornwall
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4. Re: Seagulls in St Ives

Who can blame the seagulls? Because their natural habitat is being built on by ever increasing housing developments, they are forced into the towns for food. Places like St Ives, Padstow etc. all have an increasing amount of seagulls but it doesn't make visiting them unpleasant. As you say in your post, you're generally OK as long as you're not eating outside. Don't let it put you off and just feel a little sorry for the seagulls ...

Salem, Oregon
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5. Re: Seagulls in St Ives

St. Ives is a paradise for seagulls, that's probably why they all live there instead of on the cliffs of the Coast Path for miles in both directions from there. They're not stupid, but they are aggressive.

I had been warned about the gulls there, but was still absolutely shocked when one of those blasted birds knocked the ice cream off the cone before I even got turned around from the hand-scooped ice cream window. I was just putting my hand up to protect it when whoosh! it was gone.

They also make lots of noise all night long on the rooftops. They kept us awake more than one night during a week-long visit in 2000. It was worse than the week in 1998, or the first visit in '93.

Aside from that, St Ives is one of our favorite places in all of Britain.

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6. Re: Seagulls in St Ives

I agree the local authority does need to take this issue seriously, but I have to say that some tourists continue to insist on feeding the gulls despite the many signs asking them not to. The gulls very quickly become aware that it's a great place for free grub and then get forcefull about it!

Cambridge, United...
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7. Re: Seagulls in St Ives

Yes, as others have said, if you're eating outside the gulls are a problem, but if you're not, you should be OK. They'll be there, of course, but if you've not got any food you won't be of any interest to them, they'll be too busy thieving other people's pasties ;)

I don't much like them - little beady eyes and sharp beaks - but I really think if you're not eating (or with people who are eating) they'll barely notice you!

Berkshire, England
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8. Re: Seagulls in St Ives

i had no idea of this problem when we went last year and i got my pastie stolen! i wondered what on earth happened it happened so quickly! i was quite fed up as i had only just started it and it was the only veggie one left in the shop so i couldnt replace it :-(

saying that they are only trying to survive, but do be aware of it.

on a much better note last year (and i hope they are still there) have 2 seals visiting the harbour almost daily once the fishermen come in with their catch. it was probably the best thing that happened on our trip. we were sitting on steps leading into the water and one popped up right infront of me - magical! we brought some fish and fed them. they stayed around for ages.

Devizes, United...
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9. Re: Seagulls in St Ives

Hi there

"stop blaming the tourists"- why? - it's their fault that the birds are now totally unafraid of humans and are so bold. If the tourists placed their left over pasties and cakes in the bins instead of thinking how much fun it is to feed the seagulls, the birds wouldn't have got the way they are. What's easier or tastier for them? - picking up some carrion or a fish from the water or grabbing an easy meal from a passer-by?

Of course it's the tourists' fault....

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10. Re: Seagulls in St Ives

"because their natural habitat is being built on"

What , cliffs? Those houses must have great views!

They are just taking an easier route to food, thats all.