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penalty charge notice

Hythe, United...
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penalty charge notice

i recently visited Chatham .

As a stranger in your town I unfortunately got lost and drove into the bus station whilst trying to find the dock area,

For which i received a penalty charge notice from the council for £30-00.

it seems that it is the shop keepers

who will suffer the most, as we shall not be visiting this area again.It is a sad state of affairs when strangers who wish to visit new areas have to worry about receiving fines because they get lost partly due to one way systems put into place by the council.

I truely feel sorry for the poor old shop keepers who have to pay charges to the council only to have the council deter people from shopping there. Its the world gone mad.

Cardiff, United...
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1. Re: penalty charge notice

I'm pretty sure they didn't fine you for 'getting lost'.

Getting lost is a completely different issue from driving through signposted no entry signs which, presumably, is what they did actually fine you for.

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2. Re: penalty charge notice

Why would visitors not being able to drive into the bus station affect the local shopkeepers ?

You say you are a stranger to the town, so how would the introduction of a one-way system change your ability to navigate, since you had no previous experience of it anyway ??

Devizes, United...
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3. Re: penalty charge notice

How peculiar.......most people would find it relatively easy to determine which is a bus station and which is the docks

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4. Re: penalty charge notice

Stuff happens, I once drove into a bus lane for about 50yds due to some roadworks and very confusing signage and had a policeman step out and yell at me that I'd get fined due to the bus lane camera (which he seemed to delight in doing to other cars as well rather than figure out that obviously lots of people were being confused by the same set up and redirect them).

Anyway, point being I didn't then say to myself "Oh I'll never drive on the Bath Road again" so your reaction seems somewhat extreme especially since as you now know where not to go you presumably wont make that mistake again and if there are particular shops you wish to visit, the old adage spiting ones face springs to mind :-)

Why don't you write to the council, say it was a genuine mistake due to poor signage and you wish to dispute it on these grounds?

Canterbury, United...
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5. Re: penalty charge notice

I recall from local news that the Chatham road layout change was quite controversial and has caught out many other drivers, see the news articles I've found at:



However I myself was driving in Medway at the weekend and did see the signs in Chatham town centre instructing drivers not to follow SatNav although if you feel they weren't clear then I can only suggest the above suggestion about contacting Medway Council in order to dispute the charge.

I know that before the construction that shopkeepers were reported as unhappy about the proposals to amend the ring road layout for the new bus station but I think ultimately demolishing the concrete flyover could only have been a good thing for any town centre as it was pretty hideous before. As the dockyard is not within walking distance of the town centre shops anyway, and there is an outlet centre next to the dockyard I don't think there's really too much correlation between visitors being put of the dockyard because of this affecting the town centre's shops. Medway, and Chatham in particular, is not an affluent place and I'm sure many town centre shoppers actually arrive by bus rather than drive and so benefit from the new bus station.

Such penalty charge notices are becoming more widespread, I remember recently a TV feature about similar action for drivers blocking box junctions in London when caught at traffic lights, even just for a few seconds. It just seems the way things are going in busy urban areas and I can't see the point of actively avoiding such places, it can only reduce your choice of places to visit.

Edited: 28 October 2013, 19:52
Canterbury, United...
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6. Re: penalty charge notice

Eric T: I feel for you. The last time I tried to get to a specific part of Chatham, I had the same problem, but mercifully escaped the penalty by reversing back out of the bus station. Like you, I now avoid Chatham if at all possible!

Come to Canterbury instead. It's much friendlier!

Edited: 27 February 2014, 01:01
London, United...
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7. Re: penalty charge notice

I've used the area for 19 years and the ridiculous one way sytems they have put in still confuse me. I've done the same thing as you and I supposedly know the roads!

London, United...
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8. Re: penalty charge notice

You've missed the point, the signs are so confusing you don't even reaslise you've strayed into one. It's been poorly thought out and badly executed, just like the one way at the other end of the high street.

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