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heh i feel like im losing it

Atlanta, GA
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heh i feel like im losing it

ok this is off topic - but im walking around my apt like a mad man!


trying to get everything ready to go - i swore that i would have the suitcase packed today!

i sure hope i dont forget anything... this is a trip im trying to pack less than i normally do so its hard


ok im done! i wish i had a more set itin... but its ok - i can always just ride the tube all day

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1. Re: heh i feel like im losing it


1) You will be fine, no matter what. I promise.

2) Sounds like you need to take a break for a bit. Just do something different, and remember to breathe. :-)

3) If it were me having your experience, and I have, it would be time for me to sit down and make a list of what remains that is "essential" for me to do before leaving. All the rest can wait, and don't worry about it. Just list what must be done before you walk out the door.

4) See #1, above. Enjoy your trip!

somewhere out there
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2. Re: heh i feel like im losing it

Allen, sit down, take a deep breath count to 10 then do it again!

Relax, everything will be fine. Just make sure you have: Passport ;Tickets; money Credit Cards and you will be fine.

Forget anything and you can buy it there.

Itinerary? they are made to be broken.

It's part of the fun of travel to make itineraries and then just go with the flow when you get there.

You will see everything that is important to you and what is important may change once you arrive.

Don't worry so much and start enjoying it, it's your vacation after all!

Vancouver, Canada
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for London
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3. Re: heh i feel like im losing it

What anemone said.

I always forget something, when going on holiday - usually something small like a book or hand lotion, a comb or the like. This nags ++++ until I remember what it is - then it's all gone - unless you're going into outer space, You Can Buy What You Need When You Get There.

I promise you'll find enough to do - buy that copy of Time Out and let the good times roll.

Newport, RI
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4. Re: heh i feel like im losing it

allen you will be fine

you are going to have a great trip and then tell us all about it when you get back

don't forget to shut the iron off before you leave and everything else will take care of itself :)

Atlanta, GA
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5. Re: heh i feel like im losing it

thanks everyone - i will just keep breathing and hope the plane makes it

im basically packed.

now im watching reruns of samantha so i know what to do hahaaahah

Austin, Texas
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6. Re: heh i feel like im losing it

i know what you mean. My family is on my case because I'm spending so much time on the internet researching and trying to book hotels and train tickets. It seems to take hours and hours. This doesn't even include itinerary!! My choice of hotels is kind of narrow because we need AC and a lift (elderly fellow traveler) so it is time-consuming. What do other people do- hire a travel agent to do these things and pay extra? I'm fine but I'm getting tired of the ribbing from my husband on this. We have traveled before in Latin America and always bussed or drove into places and looked around for a hotel, etc. But I've been told that in Europe you need to take care of all the transp and lodging stuff way ahead of time to get the best prices. We will be going June 29.

Rochester, New York
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7. Re: heh i feel like im losing it

Hey, I feel your pain!

I am leaving next sunday and will be a basket case all week!

Good Luck, it will be a great trip.

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8. Re: heh i feel like im losing it

I feel your pain too although....It's my mother in law here. She is heading to Denmark tomorrow and she's gone completely neurotic.

I think she has taken three breaths between nattering in the last 24 hours. sigh...tomorrow is the flight and sanity will return to my home again.

At least until we pack up to Rome in 4 weeks!!!

Tampa, Florida
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9. Re: heh i feel like im losing it

Allen, I totally understand with both your points.

I AM losing it- my whole weekend has been me trying to get the final details done, get my house ready for my housesitter, and get some packing done. Unfortunately when I called my hotel to confirm the reservation I was told by the front desk they only have my original reservation for 2 days (not the entire 8 days). I was told to call back Monday morning when reservations desk is open to see if they have the entire 8 days. So I've been in a panic all weekend. And I also ordered $30 worth of minutes on my international 'pay as you go' phone, but the phone is apparently broken. So now I have to overnight my phone & hope they fix it and return it -- all by Friday. So its been completely crazy weekend for me.

And I dont' have much of an itinerary either. I don't have tickets to anything, I"m just 'winging' it all. I have a list of everything I'd like to do, and generally which days I'd like to do it, and thats about it. I'd like to see a play, but I'll probably just go to TKTS in Leicester Square.

And you know its funny.. from my March trip to London, I've told people that what I saw the most of in London were the TUBES! I spent sooo much time on them, it was crazy.

San Diego...
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10. Re: heh i feel like im losing it

Allen and Holly - London is more enjoyable without a set itinerary. The great thing about London is there is so much to see and do there you won't have any problem finding things to do. I'm getting ready for my 9th visit and there is still a lot I haven't done. Take time to just enjoy being in London. Have a picnic in a park - go for a walk along the Thames.

Holly take a look at whatsonstage.com - it will give you all the plays going on in London right now. I reserve plays I want to see months in advance - the rest of the time I play it by ear. I go to the TKTS booth and see what's available. Or I'll look in Time Out to see what's playing.

There are days I don't do any sightseeing at all. I might just hang out with friends and go see a movie. Or spend time in one of many favorite bookstores. One of these trips will just be the bookstores of London!

Packing - I do the night before. I only take one suitcase - takes less than 10 min to pack. One trip I packed 5 hours before I left.

The key to a great vacation is to relax and enjoy it not rushing around trying to cram in as much as you can in as little time possible.

Have fun - as mentioned it is your vacation and they're supposed to be fun!