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Wedding in UK

Chicago, Illinois
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Wedding in UK

My fiance and I are planning to get married next July and are considering a small scale (less than 50 guests) wedding in the UK. None of us have been to the UK and would appreciate some recommendations on where to hold the wedding.

We are thinking either in London or in a castle at Scotland. We would prefer a place with easy transportation and is not too remote so that our guests can have some site seeing activities. Any recommendations on castles, villa/hotels, and farms would be highly appreciated.

Please let me know if there is any good website we can read more about wedding at UK. Any recommendations on wedding specialist would be helpful too.

Thank you.

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1. Re: Wedding in UK


I'm afraid that I couldn't begin to suggest a venue for your wedding, as it all depends on personal taste, budget, if you want a religious or civil ceremony etc.

I can recommend a couple of websites that may be useful to you though, try www.confetti.co.uk for an extensive guide on venues and advice as to loads of other aspects, including the legal requirements for a wedding etc. Also you may want to look at www.hitched.co.uk and www.forbetterforworse.co.uk. These should give you inspiration on venues as well as other advice.

I'm getting married in 4 weeks time in a small family-run hotel in Somerset (West Country) - like you, I only want an intimate 'do' so this is ideal. So many of the bigger venues don't really want to take on board smaller parties as they don't make as much money, and can be rather arrogant in dictating what you can and can't do - very impersonal. Whatever you decide, make sure you get exactly what you want, as it's your day!

Congratulations and best wishes!

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2. Re: Wedding in UK

I'm not sure if you have picked up on this: if you are coming to the UK simply for the marriage ceremony and not to live here and if you are not a European Union or Swiss citizen, then I believe you will need a "marriage visit" entry clearance for the UK issued in advance by a UK embassy or consulate - there's one in Chicago. There are other requirements if you intend to settle. Strongly recommend you contact them and tell them precisely what you want to and take their advice. Could save a load of trouble later on.

London, UK
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3. Re: Wedding in UK

Also suggest that you move on this quickly as the civil Registrars (for marriage) are booked up well in advance for summer months.

You have three challenges:

Completing the paper work on both sides of the pond in good time**:

Booking the Registrar:

Booking the venue.

The venue organisers will give you the contact details for their local Registrars.

Church weddings aside, in London you can be legally married in a civil ceremony in either the Town Hall OR a premises licensed for marriage. The Town Hall will be cheapest for either a room or the Council Chamber.

We regularly see wedding parties moseying down the main street from the TH to the smart restaurants for the reception.

You can hire a red London bus to ferry your guests from the ceremony to the restaurant & then maybe on for a round London tour - memorable for all invited !

Some smart restaurants are licensed for marriage - this means that the local Registrars can come out to marry you legally in situ.

Try this General Registrars Office web site:



From 1 February 2005 if you are subject to immigration control you will not be able to give a notice of marriage unless:

You have an entry clearance granted expressly for the purpose of marriage in the UK;

Entry clearance is the granting of permission to enter the UK by an Entry Clearance Officer in the British Embassy/High Commission in the person's country. It will usually be shown as a visa in the person's passport or travel document.

Or you have the written permission of the Secretary of State to marry in the UK - this will take the form of a certificate of approval which can be obtained from the Immigration and Nationality Department;

This will usually only be issued where the person has been granted leave to enter or remain for over six months from the date on which they entered the UK and that leave is still in force. The certificate of approval will have to be surrendered to the superintendent registrar when notice is given.

Or you fall within a class of persons specified by the Secretary of State.

This will be someone with settled status in the UK.

Further information about obtaining a certificate of approval and the class of persons who will be exempt from these provisions will be available shortly.

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4. Re: Wedding in UK

to be honest most decent places ie castles and or nicer places around scotland tend to get booked ages....maybe 2/3 years in advanced. YOu may be able to book a local reg' office though at shorter notice but some of them leave a lot to be desired and in any case you normally need to have the banns read which involves your itention to marry being posted up on a board or in a church being read out 3 weeks ahead.....now if this is different for overseas people I dont know! but thats the rules for people who live here!

London, United...
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5. Re: Wedding in UK

EmParr is correct. The very first thing you must do is contact the British Consulate in Chicago. However, actually getting a real person via telephone is next to impossible and I don't know when but sometime in the spring, the enquiry calls were taken by a third party, not the consulate itself.

If you go to the British Consulate website there is an email function for contacting them. I would start there.

Getting married and the requirements are much different than what we know in the US! In the end we (husband is British) had a small but lovely wedding in the US, it was MUCH easier than all of the red tape involved in getting married in the UK. Even if you are only coming here to get married and the going back to the US, it still isn't easy. I'm sure you will still have to do what is called 'Give Notice' to marry and you can't do that one day and get married the next in the UK.

I'm sorry to sound negative but having just jumped through all the hoops trying to get married in the UK this spring and applying for my Settlement Visa was exhausting, I felt almost like a criminal on trial during the process.

Glasgow, UK
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6. Re: Wedding in UK

You mention that you are interested in either marrying in England or Scotland. Did you know both countires have different laws regarding marriage.

A web site to look at if you are interested in marrying in Scotland would be :- http://www.gro-scotland.gov.uk.

There is a section for people from outside the UK in the following PDF :-http://www.gro-scotland.gov.uk/files/rm1text.pdf

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7. Re: Wedding in UK

Try www.weddingvenues.com

or confetti.co.uk

Both very useful for finding a venue for your requirments!


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8. Re: Wedding in UK

How exciting!!! I can't think of a more wonderful place to get married than England or Scotland. Too bad the powers-that-be make it so complicated. But it can be done. I saw a show on tv ("Wedding Story" I think it was). The wedding and reception were held at Leeds Castle. I think the guests/family took a charter bus from London in the morning to the castle for the afternoon wedding. Good luck and best wishes.

Evesham UK
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9. Re: Wedding in UK

Hi Iris,

Having just celebrated my daughters wedding this weekend I can throughly reccomend "The Nash" in the Village of Kempsey, just outside Worcester. Only an hour or so from Birmingham International Airport, and just two hours from Central London it is the absolutely perfect spot for any wedding,country house that dates back to the Elizabethan age it specialises just in weddings. It has a licence for the local registrar to conduct weddings on the premises. The food is good and the accomodation is first class with all the furniture and features of a grand historic house.

They even have their own vineyard and wine to offer!

My wife and I, and more importantly my daughter and son in law could not fault the service, accomodation, or ambience in any way.

If you want to know more let me know and I can send you more details and photos.



Southlake, Texas
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10. Re: Wedding in UK

I'm not sure if you're aware that there is a residency rule for being married in England - at least one person to be married must be resident in the area in which you wish to marry for a minimum of two weeks... this pesky problem put the kabosh on a good friend's wedding recently as they live in Houston.

However, Scotland does not have these requirements.

My husband and I were married in the Paris Las Vegas and then had our marriage blessed at Dalhousie Castle, outside of Edinburgh. It was fantastic, can't recommend it enough!!

Please anyone pipe up if my info above in incorrect, but I'm pretty sure it's correct.